Mentoring, writing, and what we’re all about

Welcome to Tuesday. I’m Lisa and I’ll be sharing weekly insights into grammar, vocabulary, and other writing-related references for this group. I’m always learning something new, so look forward to sharing what I come across, and getting your feedback and insight into things I haven’t figured out yet.

New Hampshire Writers’ Network is here for writers in any stage of their writing life. We’re a group of writers supporting writers and hope our circle expands to such a degree that whatever help someone needs, he or she can find within this group.

So, since we’re just starting out, I thought I’d get us all on the same page with a couple of definitions.

Mentoring: helping and giving advice to someone who has less experience. Each of us has strengths in some area(s) that others don’t yet have. As an example, I’ve been writing fiction since I can remember and feel I can offer some advice on creative writing, but as I try out personal essays, I struggle. So I’d love to find a mentor with personal essay experience.

Writing: the act or process of one who writes; the profession of authorship. There are many reasons to write, just as there are many types of writing. Writing can be public or private, personal or creative. I’ve loved writing since my first diary and find that if I don’t write for a couple of days I feel off balance, or out of sorts. I write in various types of journals (gratitude and personal, for example), as well as for the public (short stories and New Hampshire destination articles, for example). Writing doesn’t necessarily have to be pen (or pencil) and paper. A rare few still use typewriters, but I think a majority of writers now use PCs or laptops. I prefer a pen and notepad to be most creative, but there’s definitely a great speed to getting my thoughts on paper when I can type on a screen!

So whether you are just starting out in writing, or you’ve been writing for decades, we’d love to get to know you and have you join NHWN. We’ll share our experiences with you and hope that you will share your experiences with us and others.

We welcome writers of all genres and interests from anywhere in the world, and if we can’t help you right away, we are confident we can find the right resource for you.

Welcome to New Hampshire Writers’ Network, where we live to write and write to live.

Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor.  She’s passionate about writing, anything to do with New Hampshire, being a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and enjoying life on her terms.  She writes fiction as Lisa Haselton and has a blog for book reviews and author interviews and is on the staff of The Writer’s Chatroom where she gets to chat with writing professionals on a weekly basis — and you can too! ©Lisa J. Jackson, 2010

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