Weapon of Choice

Pens in a cupWhen we talked about imagery for this blog, we debated keyboard or pen? All of us are computer literate, but we all agreed there are times when the pen is mightier than the keyboard. I think it was Lisa who said she particularly prefers the pen when drafting fiction. I have to agree. There are times when the thoughts just flow more freely from the pen to the paper vs. the fingers to the keys.

To be sure, pen selection is a very personal decision. Just walk down the aisle at any office supply store and the choices can be overwhelming, from ink color to tip size, to ink delivery method, it is all there.

My personal preference is blue ink with the occasional red for editing. I also keep a supply of purple pens on hand for notes. I know many who like a fine line (OMSH for example), but I prefer a bolder line. It is easier for me to read. I keep a few Flairs around, but the ink tends to smudge too easily. I’ve tried Sharpie’s new line of pens and they have their uses, but my preference is a roller ball.

Hands down my favorite pen right now is the Jetstream Retractable rollerball pen from Uni-ball. The pen sits in my hand well and the ink flows like a smooth stream of melted chocolate. It comes in fine and bold point, blue, black and red inks. The downside is that at $3.50 a piece they are on the high end of disposable pens when it comes to cost. I have also had trouble locating 4 packs of just blue, and spending $35 for a dozen pens bugs me.

I’m very fickle when it comes to pens, but I’ve been a Jetstream fan for going on a year now and I have yet to find anything better. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been looking. So, what is your favorite kind of pen?

13 thoughts on “Weapon of Choice

  1. I love pens. Thick ones that I can actually grip. My favorite is one I just got a couple of months ago as a birthday gift – it’s a Chesterton Rollerball. It even came monogrammed. 🙂

    As a lefty, I’ve always been challenged to write without smudging the ink all over the page, so finding a pen that cooperates is wonderful.

    I purchased a fountain pen last year, and although the pen fits in my hand well, and it can write well on the page, the smudging factor is an issue. I have to write slowly – and that’s find sometimes, but not when the muse is active!

    I’m playing around now with different refills for the Chesterton (it came with a sample pack of 6 different ones) to see what type of point I end up liking the most.

  2. I’m a pen junkie and have been known to walk out of an art supply store with a bug busting full of colored sharpies, drafting pens, and luscious felt tips.

    My every day pen of choice, however, is the Pilot PreciseGRIP in black, extra fine. I can only find them at certain stores, so I tend to stock up … in fact, I’m glad you wrote this post because I need to replenish my secret stash!


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  4. I’m with you. I like blue ink and a good, solid pen body.

    Rarely do I use those pens that come in a box of a dozen. Levenger offers a nice selection of pen and such.

    Just as drivers of exotic automobiles want to “be one with the road,” I want to be one with the paper.


    Cross and Waterman are two of my other favorites.

    I also have a nice collection of old typewriters. But we’ll save that for another time!

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