Attention Short Story Writers

Do you write short stories? Do you write crime/mystery fiction? Are you from New England? If the answer to all three of these things is “yes!”, then there are a couple of deadlines coming up you should know about.

First, Level Best Books is taking submissions for this year’s anthology, Dead Calm. Submissions are due April 15, and the guidelines are here. This is the 9th anthology published by Level Best Books, the second by this group of editors. True confession time–they published my short story last fall in Thin Ice. And two of the stories are up for awards this spring.

Second, the Al Blanchard contest deadline is April 30. First prize is $100 and being published in Dead Calm. This contest has very similar submission guidelines (5,000 words or less and within the genre, etc.) You can (and should) submit to both if you are ready. Typically I submit last year’s Al Blanchard entry the following year, since I need the other two weeks to get my story ready. Even though I’ve know about both deadlines for a while.

I find short stories to be a very difficult form, but I try with varying degrees of success. I know this is last minute, but it might inspire a few of you to pull out a story, polish it up and submit it. I hope so.

Good luck!

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