Friday Fun – Twitter <3 it or H8 it?

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, writing-related question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: Like it or not, Twitter seems to be here to stay.  Do you love it? Hate it?  Tolerate it?


Jamie Wallace – I ❤ Twitter. 🙂 Although there’s no substitute for Real World conversations, I have met so many interesting and generous people on Twitter that those conversations have become a necessary part of  my day. To get the most out of this quirky medium, I recommend connecting with people not only in 140-character sound bytes, but also through Facebook, E-mail, and even – gasp! – on the phone and in person. The most fruitful relationships I’ve developed as a result of tweeting are the ones that I’ve chosen to “take to the next level.” I now count some of my “tweeps” among my Real World friends and my life is richer for it.


Deborah Lee Luskin: I’ve adopted an “learn/use as needed” attitude toward electronics and connectivity, and I haven’t had a need to tweet yet.




Lisa Jackson writerLisa Jackson: I queue up tweets a month in advance. I haven’t found an easy way to stay up with all the tweets and I know I could spend hours a day, easily if I gave it half a chance. I use Twitter to post links to my author interviews, for Follow Fridays, live Sunday chat announcements, and other writing-related things. I haven’t really used it as a conversation method. But I have found it helpful in connecting with NH folks – small businesses and authors in particular. I don’t think I would have found these folks any other way, and I enjoy making those connections a lot. Since I love helping writers, I have lists of writers, agents, and publishers that people can follow. Every few months I go through and clean out my followers and who I’m following so things don’t get too old.

Head shot of Lee LaughlinLee Laughlin Oh Twitter! It can be such an amazing source of news and information and such a ginormous time suck.  I have made some neat connections on Twitter and I enjoy following a few of my favorite authors.  I have recently tamed the beast via the use of lists to filter tweets into manageable chunks of information.  If I’m grasping for ideas, sometimes I’ll go through my fire hose (the stream of everyone I follow) and see what people are talking about. Like anything else, it is a tool that must be managed to be effective.

Susan Nye: I use Twitter and for awhile spent about an hour a day on it. Now I cruise by a few times a week with updates on writing projects. It has yet to seduce me with its charms. When I look at the on-going stream of comments, it feels like hundreds of people all talking at once about too many different, often not terribly interesting, things. It reminds me of fraternity parties when I was in college. They were held in  noisy, over-crowded basements. The beer was cheap and sometimes the bands were pretty good. Hundreds of conversations buzzed about but I’m not terribly tall so I generally missed about 8 words in 10.

Julie Hennrikus: I love Twitter. I think it is an amazing tool for marketing, community building and spreading word of mouth (which is still the best form of advertising). I am not alone in this. Agent Jessica Faust wrote a blog post “Facebook v. Twitter” and came down on the side of Twitter. And people who swore they would never go over to the “dark side” are there and loving it, including some authors I know. Last week I was a guest on the Jungle Red Writers blog with Krista Davis, and we talked about Twitter 101. On Friday Sarah Weintraub also did a post about the importance and opportunities of Twitter for writers. As I said, I am a huge fan.

Wendy Thomas: I’m another one who loves Twitter (but if truth be told, I HATE that little ❤ thing) . I’ve met people on Twitter, started conversations, increased traffic to my blog and have even gotten a writing job or two out of it. But (and that should be BUT) I’ve also learned to curtail Twitter. I used to spend hours a day on it – lots of fun but you (I) don’t get paid for doing that. Now I limit my time on Twitter. I tweet my blog posts, respond to people who have contacted me, and I search on a few key words to see what’s going on in the world in my niche. Like everything else in self-marketing you see to set boundaries otherwise you will be consumed.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Twitter <3 it or H8 it?

  1. I will be trying it soon. Of course with help.
    I feared blogging, but it seems to be so helpful, I am glad.

    Everything is so new. I grew up surrounded by a world of high-tech, not knowing what television was…lol

    thank you

  2. Well, what a coincidence — I just started a twitter account today! I really need to learn more about it so THANKS for all the links and hints and ideas! ❤

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