Writers giving back to writers-in-training

Giving back feels good.

As a girl who writes, giving back to young girls learning to write feels even better.

That’s why I was so taken by the 50 for 50 fundraiser – one woman’s unique way of celebrating her own 50th birthday – raising $50,000 for WriteGirl, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that “promotes creativity and self-expression to empower girls” by teaching girls writing skills through monthly workshops and one-on-one mentoring with professional women writers.

And the kicker is that if this slightly crazy woman raises the full $50,000, she’s going to shave her head. That’s commitment!

The woman behind the 50 for 50 project is Colleen Wainwright, a.k.a., the Communicatrix. I don’t know Colleen personally, but I’ve been enjoying her posts and her no-holds-barred approach to being herself in everything she does. I think that’s probably part of the reason she’s so passionately supportive of WriteGirl. The programs and mentorships they provide seem to be steeped in the same kind of philosophy – bringing out the best in each girl and giving her the writing tools to do great things.

I wish that there had been a program like WriteGirl for me when I was younger. Maybe I wouldn’t have spent so much time dabbling in other pursuits and just gotten down to the business of being a writer.

Whether you choose to support 50 for 50 (financially or by sharing the love) or not, I recommend you check out Colleen’s fabulous 50 for 50 promo video on IndigeGoGo. It made me grin from ear-to-ear … enough that I donated $75 to get those cool-looking Field Notes notebooks. (I’m a sucker for a good notebook.) Anyway – since a big part of the reason we share our writing experiences here on Live to Write-Write to Live is to help and mentor other writers, I thought this was a truly appropriate project to bring to your attention. So check it out …

… and then maybe go and think about ways you can give back through your writing. What small thing could each of us do to help bring writing into someone else’s life. How can we give that gift of words to another human being? What would it feel like to spark that creative urge in someone else, and then see where it takes them?

I wonder.

Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Writers giving back to writers-in-training

  1. How did I not leave a comment right away! I must have been out behind the gym, smoking something funny. Or asleep. I can’t keep them straight anymore.

    Thank you for this lovely write-up. You are gracious and lovely in every way, and DANG, I wish there’d been something like WriteGirl when I was a teen, too. Right?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Colleen.
      Happy to do what I can – it’s a fabulous project!

      PS – Just don’t fall asleep behind the gym while smoking something funny – someone might think you’re casing the joint, or you could get fingered for arson.

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