Friday Fun – Talking animals

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, writing-related question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: If animals could talk, what animal would you like to interview and why? Perhaps the animal could help you with a story line.

Julie Hennrikus: I would like to interview specific animals. I bet Doris Duke’s dogs and camels had a tale to tell. The camel I rode in Egypt likely has an interesting story as well. I wish my cat (who I recently adopted just after her 11th birthday) could tell me about the first part of her life. That an animal could help with a character study–no doubt. I already use some of their characteristics to flesh out human beings. We all do.


Head shot of Lee LaughlinLee Laughlin: Well I ‘d like to interview my cat but that is less about literary information and more about learning why she keeps yelling at me. I think as a species elephants would be interesting to interview.  Many think their size makes them dumb.  I suspect the opposite is true.



Jamie Lee Wallace: In general terms, I’d love to learn what the great mammals of the sea know – whales and dolphins. They seem so full of wisdom and they have undoubtedly seen things no human has ever seen. If I had to name a specific animal, I’d choose the cat who has been coming around to visit my daughter and me at our house. He began showing up a few weeks ago – sitting at the back door until we let him in. He’s a very handsome gentleman – Siamese coloring, but with the silhouette and coat of an American Shorthair. He has no collar, but is obviously someone’s pet. He’s extraordinarily affectionate – never stops purring and rubbing. And he really is the oddest creature – comes in and walks from room to room like he owns the place, puts his front paws up on the window sills and then peers out to the street below, climbs up on the bathroom vanity to look at himself in the mirror, and then curls up in my daughter’s room for a quick snooze. He arrived early the other day while my daughter was still at her dad’s house. I had a solo visit with our feline friend and said to him how sorry my daughter would be to have missed him and invited him to come back a couple of hours later when she would be home. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself, but that damn cat came back right at the time I’d suggested and had another visit with my little girl. Kind of eerie. Would definitely like to know what’s going on in his head!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Talking animals

  1. Whales and dolphins for sure. My dog, because he stares into my eyes so intensely I’m sure he’s telepathic and he’s wondering why I can’t “hear” him. A hawk, because it’s my totem, and I would love to hear stories of life on the wind, looking upon the earth and all the creatures in it.

    And…perhaps…though this doesn’t qualify as animal…a spider or an ant. The former because it can live almost anywhere and find a way to make a home, and the latter for the way in which it performs super”human” feats and works as a team.

  2. And, that IS kind of creepy how that cat came around. I adopted a cat once, similar circumstances, except it was clear he was not someone’s pet because he was so filthy and bedraggled. Used to come at the same time each day and sit on the bulkhead, looking into the kitchen window right around the time I was cleaning up dinner. He would sit on the peak, look in the window and meow at me until I opened up the back door to let him in.
    Best cat I ever had.
    Killed by a coyote. I know – sad and morbid ending.
    He was the best ever. He led a less than sad life and brought much happiness.
    If I could bring him back I would ask him why he chose us.

  3. I would like to know what birds think and say to each other. Always amazes me that all those whistles and shrills that sound the same make up a language for another birdie in the next tree. Also I would like to hear my dog out on what he thinks about living with me LOL

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