Friday Fun – Who stars in the movie about your life?

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: If we don’t already have the fah-bulous life we dream of, we will eventually, right? So, to that end, let’s have some fun talking about who we would choose to fill the leading role when our life is made into a movie. Pick a person, alive or dead, who you think would best represent you on the big screen and tell us a little about him or her and why.

Wendy Thomas: I am not the person I was in my youth (Thank God) so I’m sure that if one were to do a movie on my life there would be several people cast (including one cute, pudgy, 10 +pound baby) but if it were to  happen now, post 6 children and with the wisdom I’ve gained over the years, I’d have to go with Jane Curtain. (Meryl Streep is a close second but the problem with her is that there are sooo many Meryl Streeps.) Jane has manged to keep her sense of humor and grow older with intelligence and a certain amount of grace. A little wacky but not to the point where she hasn’t been taken seriously.

As far as the rest of the casting? You’d  have to contact all those kids (miraculously at the same age) from The Sound of Music to play my rather large family. The role of my husband? Daniel Craig of course. Marc doesn’t look a thing like Daniel Criag but what’s the use of Hollywood magic if you can’t take advantage of it? 🙂

Deborah Lee Luskin: Dame Judi Dench. Maybe with her in the lead, I wouldn’t mind watching this biopic that’s otherwise guaranteed to be a yawn.





Lisa Jackson writerLisa Jackson: This is one thing I have thought about! I want Sandra Bullock to play me if/when my life ends up on the stage or screen. She’s about the same age,  and I think she’d do a fabulous job. I’d love her to bring her adorable quirkiness to the screen as she imagines what I was like. Of course, the movie could be made while I’m still alive and she can hang out with me for a couple of months in order to pick up my little quirks. That would be the best of all worlds for me.

Jamie Wallace: I think I’d have to go with Diane Lane. I loved her in Under the Tuscan Sun (one of my and my beau’s favorite movies). I relate to her character in that film – slightly desperate, a bit haphazard, but going for it anyway. She makes some rash decisions, but somehow she pulls it all together. I would have to take some creative license to make my story as interesting … or, perhaps I should get started now making it more interesting for real. Ruh-ro.

Julie Hennrikus: Katharine Hepburn. She was that loner, woman in charge, tough nut with a romantic streak, witty woman that I aspire to become. Now if I could only be that thin.
Susan Nye: I’ve not thought about a movie but I always figured the sitcom of my life would be a female version of Bob Newhart’s show.I guess it could as easily a movie as a sitcom. Not the show where Newhart is a psychologist in Chicago but the do-it-yourself author and public television host in Vermont. I love Newhart’s gentle humor not to mention Larry, Daryl and Daryl. Perhaps they could reprise their roles!

The actor playing me would be a combination of Newhart, Whoopie Goldberg, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon and Carrie Fisher. Does such a person exist? Betty White would definitely have to play my mother, Will Ferrell my brother and his dog Dylan would play himself. Bonnie Hunt and/or Joan Cusack would be my best bud(s) and Marilu Henner could pop in from time to time as the somewhat hyper neighbor. Then again, maybe Joan Cusack should be me. After that, I’m not sure.

30 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Who stars in the movie about your life?

  1. Lindsay Wagner. She has that inner strength that comes out in the multitude of characters that she has portrayed. I’ve always identified with her and felt that some the roles she has played have mirrored some of the challenges I’ve faced throughout my life. She can be sad, happy, vulnerable, angry, desperate, and funny; and seems to portray these emotions effortlessly. And, she’s convincing…ha – she even convinced me to buy a sleep number bed a few years ago!

  2. Ok. I know who I’d like, but can’t think of her name??!! She played in Silence of the Lambs.. It’s right there, but my thinker has been thunk up! Anyway, I loved the part she played. Even though I can’t think of her name at this moment, I’ll post this anyway,, maybe someone can help me to remember her name. It’s bugging me now.

  3. I think Sanaa Lathan or Zoe Salada (keep hope alive 🙂 ). Both could project my attitude problems, impatience, horniness 🙂 and independent lifestyle. My sisters (the closest people in my life for the longest time) could be portrayed by Queen Latifa, Debbie Allen, Alicia Keys and Halle Berry, in that order. Wish I could think of someone as beautiful as my mom who acts, but I can’t. My dad would be either Terrence Howard or Michael Ealy.

  4. Such good choices, girls and dude! Jodi Foster played in Silence of the Lambs, mypreciouschild2! We share the same last name and look somewhat alike, but I think she might be too serious an actress to play the part of me. I love Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and Sandra Bullock and all of them would do a great job but the ideal would be Laura San Giacomo. Her comedic timing as Kit DeLuca in Pretty Woman was impeccable. She has a son with cerebral palsy and advocates for charities catering to individul with disabilities. She can also play serious roles. Since I parent a child with special needs (now grown), she would be perfect to play the role of my life which is both tragic and painful and hilariously funny and quirky.
    I don’t think my life could be a movie. It would not translate well onto the screen…just sayin’!

    • I hear ya.. My life wouldn’t go well in movies either, but I loved Jodi Foster’s role. Thanks for helping me to remember. I have a child also that was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but it isn’t real bad–by the Grace of God. He’s grown and successful today. I have been truly blessed that he overcame.

  5. I would choose Sarah Jessica Parker. She always plays characters who have to bounce back, and I’ve done some serious bouncing back in my life! Also, she has perfect comedic timing. She could deliver those one-liners that always come to me too late. I’m working on the screenplay now…

  6. Emma Thompson or Kate Winslet. Let me clarify that I am neither British, nor blond. I just like them. And for the hubby, I’d prefer Matthew Broderick – but the casting director would overrule me and cast Ron Howard (though he’s a bit too old.)
    I. Love. This. Question.

  7. Even though I’m a girl, I totally would want Elijah Wood to play me. His delivery and subtly in things like “Everything is Illuminated” (plus those dreamy eyes) make me wish I was him. Or maybe I just want to be like Jonathan Safran Foer. Either way, he’s my choice.

  8. Definately Johnny Depp! He is unafraid to do parts others would shy from. He has portrayed a great variety of “characters”, a good description of myself. He appears to have a wonderful sense of humor; and a knack for improvisation. I think he enjoys life to the fullest, and lets that show in the way he plays his parts. Definately… Johhny Depp!

    • Good choice and I agree. Johnny Depp is the basis for one of the characters in my book. He can play any part. ANY. A master of his craft.

  9. It’s going to depend on the day. Some days my life has been so comical it could only be played by Adam Sandler. During those tragic days– Kevin Costner! But most of the time, since I’m a little off anyway, Johnny Depp from the Pirate movies.

  10. The perfect person to play the part of me would be Miranda Hart. Apparently she is already so much like me with her mannerisms and sense of humour. I also fall over lots and make a complete idiot of myself. We share the same ‘speak before thinking’ problem which gets me into trouble an awful lot. She’s a lot taller than me but she could wear flat shoes I guess. If you do happen to read this Miranda, the offer’s there.

  11. I would have loved for Elizabeth Taylor to play me in the movied about my life, because of her role in National Velvet and because of how she played everything from Cleopatra to a drunken, cheating wife and especially her role in Butterfield Eight. The lady BECAME the roles she played–thus her life of repeated trajedies, unable to stay in touch with whoever she really was!

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