Friday Fun – Friday birthdays

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: An NHWN blogger has a birthday today. Without naming names, she’s particularly fond of Friday birthdays because it allows for 3 days of celebrating without worrying about work. What’s your opinion on best day of the week for a birthday? What day of the week is your birthday on this year?

Head shot of Lee LaughlinLee Laughlin Friday birthdays are good, Monday birthdays are better 🙂 I’m of the age where I tend to get reflective on my birthday.  I was born in May, so if it is a weekday, the kids are in school and I can take most of the day off to be by myself without guilt.  I usually go for a walk or even take a day trip to the beach. My kids and husband are good about making me feel special at dinner time :).



Wendy Thomas: I’ll have to go with a weekend birthday. Like Lee, I use birthdays as a time of reflection. I look at my past goals, see how I did and then sit down to make some new goals. I like the open time on the weekends and the hours we can sit at a late night dinner table enjoying the food and conversation.  I’m not much of a person for celebrating loudly, instead, on my birthday I do so like to be with friends quietly contemplating or sitting in a favorite chair under a quilt, reading a book.


Lisa Jackson writerLisa Jackson: My birthday is just another day, but when I was younger, I particularly enjoyed Friday birthdays because the celebrating extended through the weekend. I have every day to myself so don’t do the reflection that Lee and Wendy have mentioned. I tend to get that way in September, which to me is the start of a new year. I like reviewing what I’ve done and where I want to go. What’s crazy is I constantly forget how old I am since I just don’t pay attention to it and the number doesn’t seem relevant to anything I do…or maybe it’s old age and I’m already forgetting and don’t want to acknowledge that! 🙂

Jamie Wallace: My birthday falls on a Monday this year, and I like that. I have always downplayed my birthday – not because I’m worried about showing my age, but because I never wanted to inconvenience anyone with parties or having to find the perfect gift. My beau is the polar opposite. He begins talking about his birthday a month in advance. At first, I found this odd and even a little off-putting; but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “Well, why the hell not?” After all, it is a day to celebrate your birth, and if the day you came into the world isn’t worth celebrating, I don’t know what is! I will probably still keep things low key on my birthday – reflecting and enjoying some kind of solitary treat (perhaps a pedicure and a trip to the bookstore). But, I will not hold back from celebrating with friends and family over the weekend. After all, I’m pretty happy I’m here, and so are they. Maybe I’ll adopt the Hobbit custom of giving gifts to others on my birthday. That might be fun!

Julie Hennrikus: My birthday is on a Sunday this year. And it is a significant one, and it is giving me pause. My sister recently asked if I wanted to ignore it or have a party. And I decided, despite the moment I am having, a party is in order. First of all, I’m turning 50 with a lovely life, good health, great friends and a wonderful family. And secondly, at 50 you realize that age is a gift. How about a time for a bunch of us to celebrate? A happy reason to get together? Because you can’t stop aging, so might as well have a party.

Susan Nye: My birthday was three weeks ago today – so a Friday this year. A weekend birthday is always fun. I like to ski on my birthday and it’s easier to find playmates on the weekend.

My celebrations are pretty low key except when the year ends with a zero or five. Last time I threw a birthday party the power went out about twelve hours before my guests were due to arrive. (And stayed out for a couple of days.) A bunch of people showed up anyway so we celebrated by candle light. It was fun, a bit of an adventure. A few days later, I did it all over again with everyone who missed the first party.


Deborah Lee Luskin: I suspect  I’m the oldest one in the group, and I’m aware that there’s less and less ahead – which means I don’t really want to celebrate time passing, just time now. And lest I sound grim, let me say this: even if I have only thirty years left, at least I don’t have to go through adolescence, marriage or motherhood again! So the road ahead looks pretty wonderful, and I did celebrate my birthday a few Tuesdays ago – skiing in Canada, where there were piles of snow, great food and wine, a clawfoot tub, and time to read. I’m not complaining. And I’m done for the year.

What about that wonderful idea from Alice in Wonderland – and celebrate unbirthdays?

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Friday birthdays

  1. There is certainly something extra specially enjoyable about celebrating a birthday on a Friday or even a Saturday – no work the next day and family and friends are usually available to join in the celebrations. However, having lost two relatively young and incredibly caring friends this past year, I feel blessed to still be here.

    So, bring on the birthdays and no matter what the day, I will celebrate a life now being lived to the full

  2. My birthday this year was on Monday. I loved it! I gave myself the present of the entire week-end off, and my family gave me the present of dinner out at a nice restaurant and a cake. When Monday came, I was relaxed and ready to roll. The good feelings continued at work as everyong wished me Happy Birthday. It was nice way to start the week.

  3. My current job is in retail, and it is the same for many of my friends. As most of us work on weekends, we have adopted the practice of having a birthday week. That way, everyone has a turn to feel special, and to make each other feel special.

  4. I enjoyed seeing that people actually enjoy birthdays. Mine usually goes unnoticed by me. The last party given for me was during Desert Storm; given by fellow soldiers, and it was a surprise.

    My birthday this year is on a Thursday, April 5th; I’ll be 69. I expect nothing special. But, I’m thankful to be alive and in good health.

  5. Let me be honest at the risk of sounding “grim” too…I really don’t care when my birthday is! Half the time I forget it until someone reminds me (usually my mother).
    I love the UNbirthday idea.
    I think celebrating your stage of life is more important than celebrating a particular day. For example, now that I’m in my fifties it’s a great time for me to start a writing career. I don’t care how many times I get rejected now. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it would have when I was younger. (I’m not saying it’s nice or fun, just sayin’ it’s…Okay, you know? I know I’m better equipped to handle it with a little age on me.)
    I think I’d like one birthday a decade from this point out. Make it a hum-dinger, where you party hard, look back on the previous decade, look forward to the next and reflect on the successes, the failures, make resolutions and plans.
    Yup. Once a decade. I’m too busy for more than that. lol

  6. My ex husbands mother had a great idea for birthdays… she believed we should celebrate a birth month, and for the whole month of your birthday, your family and loved ones should do or say one simple loving thing for you each day of that month. A brilliant idea, and I took it a step furher by aiming for 50 celebrations for my 50th birthday, large or small!

    • umm, its about the new birth of a child. you already have one and you get attention for the kids birthday because you brought them into the world with a father. he should get credit too..u should remember ur birthday< its special to others, for you.

  7. I enjoy weekday birthdays. I work in a nursing home and the residents make a big deal over birthdays, so I am always showered with love and hugs on my day. I also look forward to the homemade gingerbread with lemon sauce my friend Bobbie makes for me, and my Aunt Idie’s homemade fudge, all of which I share with my elder friends. Who could ask for a better day?

  8. My birthday is actually tomorrow and I’ve been rather down today. I think having a birthday on a Saturday puts some hidden pressure on me. Somehow, it seems like celebrating in the prime of the weekend requires that the day be perfect. In the end, any birthday is just another day!

  9. Julie, at 50 a party is a must! Mine was great! I’ve always LOVED birthdays and it doesn’t seem to change with age. Sunday is my favorite day for birthdays. I like giving Thanks to God in church on my birthday! A party you can have any day of the week.

  10. I love birthdays. Mine, other people’s, the queen’s, anyone’s. I love them so much that I became a midwife so for many years I celebrated the birthday of new little humans. I was privileged to be witness to the emergence of new life with all of its difficulties and pleasure. As far as I am concerned there is no more perfect day of the week for a birthday than the day on which it occurs.

  11. My birthday was on a Tuesday this year–and the only Tuesday when my local Kiwanis Club cancelled a weekly meeting! Boo! Anway, my hubbie took me out to eat very delicious and healthy food at a new Chinese restaurant near us. We also got some great gourmet pre-packaged stuff and ended up eating and snacking and dancing around goofy with our wineglasses back at home most of the night. We had scheduled the next day off for both of us!
    But I think Fridays are a WONDERFUL day for birthdays–or MONDAYs–to allow for a three-day-get-away! I am planning that sort of thing on the next birthday I have that ends with a “zero”–not telling which decade here, however!

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