Friday Fun – Versatile Blogs & Random Facts

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: Last week, we responded to the “Inspiring Blog” award. This week, we’re pleased to participate in the “Versatile Blog” award at the invitation of Live to Write – Write to Live reader Anna Hergert. The love is just flying all over the place around here. (And, we love it!) So … this week, we share our favorite picks for “versatile” blogs and a few more fun facts about ourselves. Love to hear some of your picks in the comments!

Susan Nye: More often than not, life is pretty jam-packed so I confess I don’t have a lot of   time to read a lot of blogs. Along with my L2W-W2L colleagues’ blogs, I try to stay in touch with a handful of food blogs, including Orangette, Smitten Kitchen and In Jennie’s Kitchen. Most of the food bloggers seem to be twenty- or thirty-something women with adoring husbands and small children. I’m none of the above so for cyber-affinity, I’ve been happy to bump into Moby Joe CaféBack Road Journal and the photographs at Discovering Candace.

My random fact: Writing and cooking is my chapter three. In one former life, I was an art teacher, including a stint working with wayward kids. My students included a wheel man in an armed robbery and a now convicted murderer.  In another chapter, I was an international sales & marketing executive … covering Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa, my team of 60+ booked $250 million in sales.

Lisa J Jackson writerLisa J. Jackson: I would love more time to read blogs, thank goodness for RSS feeds! I do have some come to my inbox and I check the posts regularly. Blogs I enjoy are, no surprise, writing related. They include Peter Bowerman’s The Well-Fed Writer, Helen Ginger’s Straight from Hel, Janet Reid, Literary agent’s blog, and her fun Query Shark blog.

A random fact about me for this week…my favorite word is “ponder.” And it has nothing to do with Winnie the Pooh, it’s just a fave word of mine. Oh, and no one should ever leave a plant in my care because it won’t survive for one reason or another. 🙂

Julie Hennrikus: I like Janet Reid’s blogs as well. But one of my favorite versatile blogs is Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen–recipes by mystery writers. So much fun. I also think the Jungle Reds cover a lot of ground.

Random fact of the week: apropos of the season, I love Peeps, especially when they are aged to perfection (aka a little stale). This website with Peep dioramas made me very happy.

Wendy Thomas: Got to go with Lisa on this one, I love Janet Reid’s Query Shark. I also like Jonathan Field’s blog for an occasional good dose of inspiration. When I dabble with a gluten free diet – can’t beat Gluten Free Girl and for sheer fun I go over to Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Random Fact – Last summer my kids and I took the Budweiser tour 9 times. (The plant is up street from where we live and the cool beer cellars are a perfect foil for a hot summer day.) At this point, I can recite the entire tour script by heart.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Versatile Blogs & Random Facts

  1. I LOVED the link to the peep dioramas! It’s no surprise I will tell you ladies this is my favorite versatile blog. As I’ve said before, you are all so different there is nothing to be bored about here! You write funny things, business-related stuff, talk about other sites, your own writing as well as what you see “out there.” You talk about the emotions and experiences you have as writers, internally and externally.
    I don’t have time to visit blogs much. I try to visit certain ones every now and then, but LTW-WTL is my regular stop-over. I like Jane Friedman, C. Hope Clark and a few others who help me learn about the industry too.
    Thanks for maintaining such a great blog.

    Random fact: I live very close to the Robert Frost Farm. Robert Frost taught at Pinkerton Academy and my daughter creates art in the very room where he taught English! I think there is something magical about that – and I visit the farm often, for inspiration.

  2. You girls really love to eat and cook! Like Wendy, I enjoy Jonathan Fields, as do many of my poetry blogging friends. Great to learn about these cooking and food blogs, which my daughter-in-law really enjoys and uses to keep the grandchildren and my son so very healthy!

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