Creating Hyperlinks

In some recent trips through the blogosphere, I have discovered that  many bloggers have yet to figure out hyperlinks. If you’re one of them, read on!


“How easy is this!?!”

I thought with delight when I began  blogging almost four years ago.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the more I blogged, the more I read up on blogging protocol. That’s when I discovered that while not difficult, blogging was deceptively simple.

There was all this nagging discussion about creating proper hyperlinks. It was nagging because real bloggers used proper hyperlinks and I wasn’t. In my early blogging days, I entered all my posts in visual (WordPress) or compose (Blogger) mode. Wasn’t that good enough? I hesitated to even think about HTML.

Happily, the cyber gods smiled on me. She-who-built-my-website dumped me in a fit of melodramatic ire. The story is both long and quite dull so I won’t share it with you but, from one day to the next, there was no one to add my weekly newsletter to my website. I was sunk … but not for long.

After pouting for a few months, enter Meghan. Just out of college, a technical wiz and teacher at heart, Meghan agreed to update to my site and then teach me how to do it myself. (Something I’d wanted all along but She-who-built-my-website did not believe in DIY.)

I am not a fan of any kind of programming. It is so exact. One < or ” out of place and boom, the whole thing falls apart. In spite of my almost allergic reaction to the meticulous placement of commands, I managed to get the hang of it. In a couple of hours Meghan declared me competent. I’d learned enough HTML to make my weekly updates.

It took a while but it finally dawned on me that if I could add a hyperlink to my website, I could add a hyperlink to my blog. It was simply a matter of cut and paste. You can too.

How do you create a hyperlink? There are two possibilities:

You can open a new window (definitely preferred) or replace the current page with a new one (not a great idea because your readers might not return to your post).

To open a new window:

Go to your blog editor.

If you’ve been fearfully wondering what that HTML tab is all about, it’s time to find out. Throw caution to the wind and click on the HTML tab.

Now simply type in the link as follows:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>New Hampshire Writer’s Network’s latest Friday Fun!</a>

And voila …

New Hampshire Writer’s Network’s latest Friday Fun! will appear on your post! And when you click on New Hampshire Writer’s Network’s latest Friday Fun!, a new window will open with our latest Friday Fun post.

Now you could simply add to your text … but isn’t that ugly? Especially in the middle of your expertly crafted essay?

If you want to send your readers to a new page and simultaneously close this one … then you type

<a href=””>New Hampshire Writer’s Network’s latest Friday Fun!</a>

(But again, this type of link is not recommended.)

So again, here’s the simple template for you to cut and paste:

<a href=”paste the url here” target=”_blank”>paste the link text here</a>

Now that you know how to create a hyperlink – go at it. Just don’t go overboard. All links should make sense and add not detract to your story or distract the reader from your message.


Susan Nye is a corporate dropout, writer and chef. Feel free to visit her food or photo blog. © Susan Nye, 2012

22 thoughts on “Creating Hyperlinks

  1. Thanks so much for the info. As soon as I get another posting done, I’ll try it. Just now I’m trying to figure out how to put a couple of pictures on my blog. I’m really green at this. I had my kids over here this weekend but they were trying to get me back online. I had a defective router. I hate to bog them down with too much at one time. However, I have a new cleaning guy (age 22) that seems to know what he is doing so I’ll ask him for help. My much younger sister asked me to get my library card the other day so she could order some books for my kindle from the library. I told her i knew my number. She said, “If your kids try to put you away, ask them if they know their library card number.”

    • Sara – Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the links. Photos are easy to add to WordPress posts. Go to editor, put your cursor where you want to insert the photo and press on the little camera – from there you will receive step by step directions. I find the key to technology is to take each step slowly and carefully – something I not always too good at! Take care – Susan

  2. I used to be able to do HTML. I took a computer programming class because it was required… Unfortunately that whole “use it or lose it” phrase is only too true in this case! Thanks for posting this! It’s so good to know!

    • Thank you Emi. My HTML expertise is extremely limited to links and a few formatting commands … luckily I use all of them at least 3 even 4 times a week. Take care, Susan

  3. Hi Susan,
    Did you know that instead of fiddling with messy HTML you can use the handy little hyperlink button on the toolbar above the editor where you write the post? The following applies to WordPress. Other blog sites would have something similar.
    1. Just copy the link from the address bar of the website in another window or tab.
    2. Highlight the text in your post that you’d like hyperlinked.
    3. Click the Hyper-Link button in your New-Post editor. It is the one with the 3-link chain icon just to the right of the left-centre-right justify buttons on the top row of the toolbar above your edit window. A dialog box pops up.
    4. Paste the address into the hyperlink line.
    5. Enter the text for the link which is displayed when the mouse hovers over the link.
    6. Optionally click the box to open in a new window.
    7. Or select one of your other posts from the list below.
    8. Click the Add-Link button at the bottom and it’s done.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

    • Thanks Richard. I knew if i posted this information someone would clue me into an easier/better solution. I’m posting on my food blog tomorrow so I will try it out. Take care, Susan

    • Thank you. I like to use links if I think it will help the reader. If I’ve included an obscure or what I think is a particularly interesting reference or fact. I figure readers might like the benefit of more information. Recently I suggested a film and linked to more information. On both my food and photo blog, I link back to one, etc … years ago. If you aren’t interested in this week’s recipe, maybe last year’s will inspire you.

      Many home cooks like help with menu planning so I do a weekend special on my food blog – suggesting a seasonal menu and link to the recipes. I also have a recipe index with hyperlinks to the recipes.

      The list goes on and on – I’m guessing that some are more helpful than others.

      Take care – Susan

  4. I probably shouldn’t even have a blog because I am so inept, technologically speaking…and lately I haven’t felt like posting anything either as a result of this…and other factors too…but reading your post gave me hope and encouragement! I am a bit too far away for hyperlinks…but I did post a photo for the first time and as you wrote…it was very simple. Nonetheless, I feel proud. Thanks!

    • Nina – Hooray for you! Isn’t it wonderful to stumble and bumble through something that seems ridiculously impossible and then come out the other side realizing that it isn’t that hard. Or perhaps it’s just that you are nowhere near as inept as you fear. Congratulations, Susan

      • Honestly, no one was looking at my blog…and I didn’t blame anyone either. After posting that photograph, I got 5 likes. I am thrilled. Thank you again.

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