Something from a Writer’s Prompt

I don’t think we’ve had many writing prompts on this blog (and maybe we should consider having a prompt on a regular basis.)

I love prompts mostly because I like to figure out a way to approach a story from a completely different point of view.

Writing Prompt –  a boy and a girl are in the park. The boy is holding a box with something in it that he is going to give the girl – what happens?

If you say that the boy is going to propose to the girl and give her an engagement ring, I swear I’ll just puke.

But, if you say that the the boy has a vial of harvested cells from his newborn baby brother’s umbilical cord that he has smuggled out of the hospital to give the girl so that she can use them in stem-cell therapy in order to live. And when she does live she wants to marry him but wait a minute, she has some of his brothers cells in her, does that make them related? Is she partly now his  brother? Would they be able to get over that situation to live their lives together? Oh and by the way, the younger brother was tragically killed and when the mother finds out that he “lives on” in the girl, she insists that the girl become a member of the family and is invited to Sunday dinners for the rest of time further complicating the lovers’ relationship.

All from a box in the park.

So go ahead, give it a try.

Here’s a photo with some objects, use some or all of them and in the comments below, tell me what would happen in your writer’s world.


Wendy Thomas is an award winning journalist, columnist, and blogger who believes that taking challenges in life will always lead to goodness. She is the mother of 6 funny and creative kids and it is her goal to teach them through stories and lessons.

Wendy’s current project involves writing about her family’s experiences with chickens (yes, chickens). (

No hints on this one.

19 thoughts on “Something from a Writer’s Prompt

  1. He carries the box with trembling hands, hesitantly loosening his grip on what is truly his lifeline disguised in brown cardboard. The presence of these items has kept him sane for months and given him a sliver of hope when everyone around him seems to be giving up. As he gingerly places his sister’s items in the hands of the only person who shares his belief that the kidnapper is someone they know, he allows himself to breathe. They both know what must be done in order to reunite his baby sister with her most treasured items. Will he have what it takes to bring the truth to light? As visions of blond curls and a smile that lit up his world surface once again, he walks away from her most beloved treasures in search of his own…his little sister.

  2. A little modification to your plotline…

    The boy has a vile containing conidiophore of the fungal organism Aspergillus fumigatus smuggled into the country by the Brotherhood in a jar of rejected honey from Beirut. Her family still lives in Lebanon and will be killed unless she uses the vile to contaminate the Steroid painkillers manufactured by the pharmacy where she works. The Steroids are used to treat disabled vets returning from the war.
    She wants to marry him but wait a minute, he has some relatives living in the area working in the local police department. If she goes to the cops they will find out. If she doesn’t spread the poison the Brotherhood will know in less than a month (the incubation period) and her family will be eliminated. She would have less than a month to get her family out of Lebanon but they would still be hunted by the Brotherhood.
    If she carries out the diabolical plan, the entire U.S. Government would be hunting them. They would have to flee back to Lebanon where the war is still going on.
    Would they be able to get past this situation to live their lives together somewhere in peace? And what kind of peace would it be either way?

      • Thanks Wendy,
        I’ve been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. This might work. How about ‘Vile of Conscience’ for a working title.

      • As one who has done Nano a few times in the past (and loved it) I say go for it. You certainly have enough to work with in that one paragraph.

        If you do Nano, please check in and let us know how it goes.


  3. The box contains the heart of her sister. Bloody hands move the box forward in her direction. She’s been asked to meet him hear, commanded really. In secret correspondence with the supposed killer, she’s been moving throughout the city in hopes of finding her missing sister. Not wanting to harm her parents, or interfere with an inept police force, she received correspondence from… him, asking her to meet him in various locations, each dead ending with nothing but another note leading her on a another random chase. It’s been 48 hours since her fourteen year old sister disappeared from what was supposed to be a three block walk to a friends and now she stands facing what may be her sisters heart. She hesitates to reach forward, flinching with exhausting he lets out a loud guffaw, his adams apple juts out at an alarming length, moving back and forth with each laugh, cackling like a rooster, he snorts with disgust as he yanks the box out of her hands. “Little girl. Little, little girl.”

  4. Using the objects in the pic:

    “Chicken Little! The sky is raining politicians! ” she says. ” If I get one more phone call asking me for my opinion or have to listen to the rabble of political groups trying to sway my vote I swear I beat them all down with my broom!”
    Chicken Little gives her a fixed look in that wooden way of his that speaks volumes about his lack of commitment and reluctance to get involved. “Well, I for one am not going to take this sitting down,” she adds, “I’m going outside to sweep the dirt on the sidewalk.”

  5. My idea was so much smaller, perhaps because I saw them as small children. The boy has a creepy crawly in a matchbox and he wants to scare the girl, but she turns out to like bugs and knows a lot about them. She tells him some fascinating stuff about the bug and they become friends.

    And PS it’s vial for a small container. Vile means something horrible.

    • But that’s a great beginning. At least you didn’t go with the ring.

      And thanks for pointing out vile vs, vial – and from me, an ex-microbiologist. I hang my head in shame.


  6. Amazed and awed at the depth and complexity of your imagination, Wendy! (And readers’ ideas, too – great stuff!)

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  8. The box feels heavy in his small hands. He no longer wants it. He has taken from it all he needs. His fingers trace the tin top design of a sundial. Once he knew what it represented, but now it only feels familiar. It has no name. Blue eyes begin to search for the new a new owner. It needs someone strong with a keen mind. How will I enter find the right person? He whispers to himself. Holding the box close to his heart. He travels towards the playground. He sits quietly on the bench watching the other children play. Then he sees her over by swing. He watches her as she moves from the swing to the slide. Now is the time, she is the one. He moves next to her so close he can smell her shampoo. He falls to the ground as it in great pain. She stops and kneels beside him. “Are you alright?”she asked. “No, Will you hold my hand.””Don’t leave me alone”. “I will stay with you.” She said with kindness in her eyes. At that moment he was sure that she was the one. “I should get help “. She told him,but somehow she could not leave. “I want you to have something ” He told her with fading breath. “Take this little tin box from me.” “Keep it with you.”Then he placed it in her hand. He had no use for it now. “What shall I do with it “she asked. “Keep it until it is your time to give it to another” She was puzzled and she didn’t quite understand as her fingers clutched the the small tin box. Now, it was hers.
    By the time help arrived young boy was no longer breathing. His hand wrapped in hers they both held the box.

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