Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

Welcome to this Saturday Edition of What We’re Writing and Reading.

We’re taking a little detour on the weekends now to share some of what we’re up to with our writing (when we’re not here) and what we’re into with our reading (around the web). We’ll also pull back the curtain a little to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what went into a piece.

We hope you enjoy this little diversion and encourage you to share your own posts and picks in the comments.

Happy writing! Happy reading! 


Lisa J. JacksonLisa J. Jackson: I’m away on vacation this week, exploring “the Cape”. It’s been quite enjoyable and relaxing (once I convinced myself I didn’t *have* to do anything except fun stuff). I haven’t been online much (yay, I can cut the online umbilical cord!) Amazing that I’ve been a lifelong New Englander and never explored the Cape until now. On Tuesday morning there were 2 rain clouds in all of New England — guess where I was? Yep, right under them. Ah, well, it’s vacation.

What I’m writing: I’ve enjoyed getting back to journal pages and exploring my thoughts. I’ve had a lot of downtime and quiet time, and there’s something about sea air that rejuvenates my soul. I have notes for new story ideas written down, and I’ve written a lot in my planner – steps to achieving goals.

What I’m reading: I brought a copy of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine with me. It’s been fun to read short mystery stories. I’ve heard writers and authors say they can’t read in their genre when they are writing, but I think it’s like catnip for my muse. So many twists and turns for her to play with so when it comes to my stories, she can surprise me. I’ve also (finally) finished the novel  “Precious Blood” by Jonathan Hayes. Definitely dark, and the main character is a medical examiner, so, well, you don’t want to read it while eating.

And this post caught my eye and is worth the time if you’re seeking to build an audience: 12 Ways to Delight Your Social Media Community & Audiences.

Or if you’re considering starting a blog, here’s a post with 5 top tips for Starting Your Business Blog.

I hope you’ve had a great week and have found ways to get your writing projects done while also enjoying some personal reading time.

headshot_jw_thumbnailJamie Wallace: Hello, fellow writers! Happy Saturday.

Work has been a little wonky this week, but managing to keep busy with some website copy for an architect and continuing revisions to a B2B ebook. I haven’t managed any personal, creative writing other than my morning pages and a column I’m working on for next week’s paper. Mostly, I’ve been focusing on continuing to work on some critical business development projects. I’m working with a lovely coach (who I’ll write more about soon) and starting to really unpack where I’m going next with my marketing business. I’m pretty excited, especially because part of what I’m going to be doing will be geared towards writers. Finally!

What I’m Writing:

pinot_dots_smThis week I posted another seriously from-the-heart post on my marketing blog. I wrote Do you know why you do what you do? after several disparate things clicked into place in my head and told me a story about the importance of knowing – really knowing – why you do what you do. The post was a little bit of a departure for me because it came out in a series of fragments that are loosely connected. I’m wondering if that was because I’ve been thinking a lot about creating a series of linked short stories. Perhaps my subconscious brain picked up on that vibe and tried to replicate it in some way in the blog post. I don’t know. What I do know is that I definitely got a little emotional on the recording.

What I’m Reading: 

Though I’m still working on Alice Hoffman’s The River King, I also picked up and began reading the first short story in a book that’s been on my bedside table for longer than I care to admit, Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clark. I’m becoming very interested in the idea of writing short stories, so I’m looking for good examples to study. (If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!)

In addition, I enjoyed a few great blogs posts:


photo: M. Shafer

photo: M. Shafer

Deborah Lee Luskin: Finished another chapter of Ellen! And started the next! Recorded a commentary on Tuesday that was broadcast on Wednesday. All reading this week was work-related research, and free time was spent with visiting children. Bliss.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

  1. Happy Saturday Everyone hope the sun has been shining for you. It’s been a great day here and I have been busy laying decking in a bid to finally finish the garden.

    What I am Writing:

    I have taken a break this week from my novel to focus a little on my blogging. I’m planning an amazing two week tour around Spain and have written about a music festival we are visiting this year. I am also really interested in life stories and came across a brilliant tale of Henry Cavill (the new Superman) and how he missed out on some amazing roles before landing The lead in Man of Steel. I’ve pieced the story together in my latest blog (link below) which also delves into a chance meeting he had with (on screen father) Russell Crowe while a 16 year old in school dreaming of being an actor.

    What I’m Reading:

    I have started reading Stuart Macbride’s debut novel Cold Granite and love the array of characters and how he uses humour in the grimmest of circumstances. Great read so far!

    Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your respective reading/writing.

  2. I love short stories. They are tasty bites that feed my need for a snack when I’m busy. If I like them then I check out whether the author has written novels and follow up.

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