From sand sculptures to corn mazes… are you ready for fall?

Can you believe it’s the last week of August?

From summer sandcastles...

From discovering summer sand sculptures…

Where did the summer go? I know that it’s technically ‘summer’ until September 21, but kids are going back to school (if they aren’t there already), and Labor Day is upon us (in the States). So, it feels like summer is mere days from wrapping up.

I was at the beach on Sunday as a last hurrah with Little Sis before she starts her senior year in high school. Thousands of people had the same idea. We saw a life-size sand sculpture of an alligator along with numerous castles with moats.

As I planned this week, it felt like a last hurrah too. I’ve kept a relaxing pace for work the past couple of months and as the calendar turns to a new page, that pace is going to pick up — clients will be back from their summers and projects will need to get done before the end of the year.

Fall has always been my favorite season. And it has always given me a sense of having a fresh start. As a kid, going back to school was always fresh and new. As a corporate employee, the office became a full house again and meetings got scheduled and project assessments made.

Since becoming a business owner, September feels like the start of a new year (instead of January). My calendar year is January to January, but September is when I get re-inspired and motivated for the next 12 months.

I evaluate work-to-date, clients, projects, and personal writing projects. I think about what to keep working on and pursuing, and what to let go. I start planning.

My Planner Pad gives me a 2-page view of the entire year, so I’m able to start marking off dates for conferences and workshops I want to attend, vacation time I want to take, and deadlines I already know about (blog post deadlines, such as this one; critique group times; annual recurring appointments). It’s amazing how quickly the calendar can fill up! Having the visual of free time and busy time gives me a sense of fulfillment.

Filling the calendar now with what I know I want to do in 2014 makes decision making easy when new opportunities arise. There isn’t the worry of “I think I have something that month, but I can’t remember what it is.” A quick glance let’s me see what’s in play and I don’t have to sweat making a decision. finding the way out of a corn maze in the Fall

…to finding the way out of a corn maze in the Fall

I may not have exact dates for conferences and workshops, but I can estimate by month or week. Business activities such as networking events, small business classes, and business expos sprout up in the Fall, and so looking things over in September helps me get (back) on track to finish the  year strong.

September is when I find my way through the maze again — when I try a few left turns and right turns until I figure out what works best and what fits into the schedule the right way. I love having a schedule and knowing what to look forward to. It goes back to what I talked about in my 3AM is too early post. Starting with the end in mind ensures I reach my goals.

Do you feel more invigorated/inspired in September?

Lisa J. Jackson Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys the crisp fall mornings and warm sunny days. She loves writing about NH people, places, and activities. She writes fiction as Lisa Haselton, has an award-winning blog for book reviews and author interviews, and is on the staff of The Writer’s Chatroom where she gets to network with writing professionals on a weekly basis. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Biznik.

17 thoughts on “From sand sculptures to corn mazes… are you ready for fall?

  1. I know what you mean about using planners – they are just so useful. I wouldn’t be anywhere without mine. I have two being used at the same time – one as a weekly planner and the other as a daily planner. Both aren’t set in stone but give me a heads up of things I really need to tick off this week.
    You’re right – autumn does feel very close now…
    Have a nice week 🙂

  2. WoW..!! After all that “work” in September, I would think you by October 1 you would not only be looking forward to the more “relaxing pace” of next Summer, but would have marked it off on your planner..!! LoL Great Post.

  3. Thanks for the fun pictures! Indeed, my new freshman son is already back to school as of last week and my junior son heads back tomorrow. Ah, tempus fugit! I am already missing summer… I actually had to put on a sweatshirt this am….horrors 🙂 Even so, many see fall as the beginning of the slow wind down of the year. Me? It is one of my fav times of the year with all the anticipation of new plans, ideas and implementation. Welcome Autumn!

  4. fall is my favorite time of year too, i feel like things are winding down and somehow beginning at the same time. it is visually beautiful and all the senses treated to the lovely feel of the season. best, beth

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