Get that “one thing” done today — move forward

We’ve talked more than once about having business goals written down so you know how to get where you want to be with your professional writing career.

blankplannerThese are yearly goals broken down into monthly goals, then into weekly goals, and eventually down to a daily task list. The idea is to keep yourself, and your business, moving forward.

I do my weekly planning on Sunday nights, so when I start Monday I know exactly what to start working on. Worst case is that I do this planning on Monday mornings, and best case is that I do the planning Friday night so I can have the weekend off!

I digress. I’m guessing that I’m not alone in having at least “one thing” on the list that is carried over from week to week too many times. It’s “one thing” that should be done to move the business forward, but it seems easier to keep putting it off — for some reason.

Do your reasons (excuses) sound like any of these:

  • Ugh, that requires a phone call, it’s too early/mid-morning/lunch/afternoon break time/too late, all I’ll be doing is leaving voicemail. I’ll call tomorrow.
  • I’ll do it after I do this, this, and this.
  • The holiday is coming up, I’ll wait until after so the email doesn’t get lost in the overflowing Inbox.
  • I’m not in the right frame of mind for that today.
  • I need to let it simmer in my head for a few more hours.

Whatever the “one thing” is, it’s not something we cross off the list — we know it has to get done, so we keep moving it forward, again and again and again.

Today is Monday, it’s after a holiday, let’s call it a fresh start. I’m going to do my “one thing” (log last quarter’s income & expenses – Jul/Aug/Sep) and be done with it so I can keep my business moving forward. How about you?

Before you do anything else, do that “one thing.” 

Don’t over think it — just get it done.

Happy Monday! I wish you a productive week!

Lisa J. JacksonLisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She loves writing about NH people, places, and activities. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

34 thoughts on “Get that “one thing” done today — move forward

  1. Coincidentally, I have just done the one thing that needed doing. I rang the IRS to resolve my international royalties issues. The combination of time-zone and Thanksgiving left it hanging over me from last Thursday until 12:00 noon GMT today, but I definitely feel great now it is done.

  2. There is a book by Brian Tracy called ‘Eat that Frog’. He says in the book that, if the very first thing we do everyday is to eat a large, dirty frog, there probably wouldn’t be anything worse than that that would happen in the rest of the day.

    If we do the toughest thing first, there wouldn’t be any chance of postponing it.

  3. I’ve used all of those excuses not to do something, especially phone calls. For work, I have an electronic calendar. For writing, I was making monthly and weekly goals. That sort of fell by the wayside with NaNoWriMo. Need to pick it back up. The only problem is how do you make goals that are not too specific without being too lenient?

    • Very good question — you get to set your own tasks and deadlines, so the answer is also in your hands. Sometimes you need to get down to the simplest item in a task — for me I’m tackling 3 months of receipts, if I needed to, I could set a task to just record 1 weeks of receipts today; then another week tomorrow. Or I could minimize it further. It all depends on what works for you – and what will help you get it done!

  4. I’ve pushed myself to write at least 1 poem a day for my blog on my chronic pain every day for one year to keep myself motivated. I mean I also get articles and posts out as well, but every single day I make sure to post a poem now, my reward will be compiling it into a paperback in a year if I make it through successfully!

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