168 v. Opportunity

whiteflagWe offer advice on this blog. A lot of good advice. About writing. Will some spillover into life. I love the combined knowledge of these women, and learn something every day.

I could add to the advice pile, but I’m not feeling it today. Today I am wrestling with reality.

I have a very full, very busy life. Lately, I’ve had some interesting opportunities that have come up. I keep saying yes. But I think I’ve reached the tipping point. Because there are only 168 hours in a week. And (theoretically) 49-56 of those (7-8 per night) are spent sleeping. Then there’s working, writing, commuting, cooking, eating, exercising, cleaning, showering, taking care of the cat, theater-going (for job and enjoyment), and socializing/family time. Never mind decking the halls this time of year. Every yes carves into that time. And calls into question my priorities and balance.

However, there’s another side of that coin.

Opportunities open up new paths to explore. At this point in my life, I realize those unexplored paths are actually pretty interesting. And those paths could be the beginnings of new adventures.

But there are still only 168 hours a week. So I need to figure out how to bend time.

Along this theme, I have postponed my personal NaNoWriMo to January. November is/was just too full. So rather than “lose” I am moving the goal to January.

And I have added daily step goals (10,000 moving to 12,000 Jan 1) as one way to “count” exercise. My commute (via public transport) got longer recently, so I am walking more. On purpose.

As for the rest of the wrestling match? Sounds like perfect fodder for resolutions.

Anyone else wrestling these days? And my NaNoWriMo friends, anyone want a do over in January?


Julie Hennrikus writes short stories under the name J.A. Hennrikus. She also blogs with Wicked Cozy Authors.

10 thoughts on “168 v. Opportunity

  1. I completely identify. I put my home on the market back in Oct. and assumed I would possibly some time of the course of the season here in Naples, FL. Well wouldn’t you know it someone came along and offered me my full asking price if, I could close by December 23rd…..talk about juggling life!….So much to do in a short time. I never imagined I’d be this swamped going into the holidays……Projects, travel all put on the back burner. Just have to keep my eye on the prize…..Thanks for your post today.

  2. Busy life. I agree there are never enough hours in the week. I need more inspiration or motivation to do everything that needs to be done!

    And nanowrimo january edition sounds good to me. Like you said, November is just too full… (must be all the thanksgiving food)

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  4. I’ve come to this realization recently myself. What ends up happening is that my projects and me time get pushed to the backburner. New year, new rules!

    Time to let some things go, time to regroup. I had health issues this year that put many writing projects on hold. But you know what? Other opportunities came along. If you would have asked me at the start of the year, if I’d serve on a school board, I wouldn’t have ever thought it was in my scope. In October, I was appointed to the board of a small private school that I am extremely passionate about. I’ve also spearheaded an effort to bring together all the like schools in the area for collaborative efforts. Everyone said that was impossible, nut it’s happening! 😉 So one door closes, another opens. You never know what’s around the corner. Here’s to a new year, and new opportunities!

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