Hangin’ with NHWN

This post is late, but I have a good excuse. No, really! I was up late late last night. LAME you say? Pssh, I was up late on a Google Hangout with the writers of NHWN.

As I’m sure you can tell from our writing, we are nothing if not a diverse group. We are mothers, empty nesters (sort of), we are married, we are single, we are passionate for our respective causes and all of us are overcommitted. This means it’s hard nay, impossible for us to get together face to face. Some of us have never met in person. Last night we were still one down due to illness but, we had a great time.

Once we kicked the tires on Google Hangouts (for the record Diane looks FABULOUS in scuba goggles) we got down to the business of discussing the blog. We were thrilled to discover that we have over 20,000 followers of this blog. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit our humble part of the Internet. We talked about some minor tweaks to the blog format.

A screen grab of the NHWN writers on Google Hangouts

Here we are exploring the “features” of Google Hangouts.

We also took some time to share what we are up to individually.

  • Deborah is juggling her regular writing commitments, working on her novel and going to yoga to maintain contact with the outside world.
  • Diane is working on her life coaching business and gently pushing herself in her fiction work while fielding numerous questions from a four year old.
  • Julie is keeping secrets, juggling all of her day jobs and volunteer commitments, oh and writing regularly for two blogs!
  • Jamie is soldiering on in the world of marcomm and stretching her wings in short fiction.
  • Lee picked up gigs writing quarterly essays for The Concord Monitor, and a client who needs help with content development for her web site.
  • Susan, is desperately trying to get rid of the contractors in her house while caring for her dad, writing 2 regular columns and teaching a memoir class.
  • Wendy has hit it big time in the sphere of chicken journalism! She is also the Executive Director of a New Hampshire publication for people with disabilities and a library trustee in her town.

Sadly, Lisa wasn’t feeling well so we missed out on updates from her. Look for more detailed updates from all of us over the next few weeks. We laughed and sipped, our beverage of choice (anything from Jack Daniels to wine, tea or water, I’ll leave it to you to figure out who had what) and we will most definitely Hangout again.

We are all truly grateful for the opportunity to work together and we sincerely appreciate you our readers. Thank you for taking the time to stop by regularly, read our posts and share your thoughts. This blog has been going strong for more than three years. We have almost 900 posts and close to 13,800 comments. We look forward to continuing to explore the art and craft of writing with you.

Lee Laughlin is a writer, wife, and mom, frequently all of those things at once. She blogs at Livefearlesslee.com. She is currently a member of the Concord Monitor Board of Contributors.  Her words have also appeared in a broad range of publications from community newspapers to the Boston Globe.

7 thoughts on “Hangin’ with NHWN

  1. Thank you for being who all of you are. I look in on WordPress every morning hoping to see something from your Network. The posts are always entertaining. And you have pointed me to so many good things. Silent

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