Start the New Year Write (#JanNoWriStart)

Happy New Year!

I have been pondering resolutions for the year. I have room for improvement, heaven knows. I need more sleep, more water, less junk food, more movement. All good ideas, and I will try my best. But I am focusing on my writing life for my 2014.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about #JanNoWriStart. Today is the day we begin.

As a refresher, the goals of #JanNoWriStart is different than November’s #NaNoWriMo. And the rules are simple.

  • Set a daily goal. If you are writing a first draft, make it a word count. If you are editing, make it a number of pages, or a time limit. It needs to work for you. The important thing is, make it achievable on a daily basis.
  • Keep moving forward. If you are on a first draft, just keep writing. If you are editing, and get stuck, make a note to yourself (fix this! research this!) and then move forward. #JanNoWriStart is about building both a habit and momentum.

My goal is 500 words a day, hoping for more on weekends. So by the end of January, I should have 15500 more words done on my book. That doesn’t feel like enough, but it is more than I have right now, so I’ll take it. And by focusing on this, I hope to figure out how to get the writing in when life gets in the way. Because life always gets in the way.

I will be posting my progress in my next two blog posts, and will also be checking in on my other blog, Wicked Cozy Authors. I know several of you are interested, and I would love to hear your goals for #JanNoWriStart.

I would also like to wish each and every one of you a very, very Happy New Year. May 2014 be healthy and happy for you and yours. And may your writing give you joy.

NOTE: It is January 2, 2014. Two things. First, when I scheduled this post, I scheduled it for 1/1/2013. (I know, I know.) Second, I wrote 1300 words yesterday, and emailed a scene outline to myself so I can grab time during lunch and write. Happy New Year again!

13 thoughts on “Start the New Year Write (#JanNoWriStart)

  1. Hey Julie,
    I’m in. I’m going to set a daily writing goal because some days I just know I won’t sit down at my computer so I will adjust accordingly and type at least a few sentences on my iPhone. For January 1st, my goal was 250 words and I wrote 339. Who-hoo! Yay, me!

    Best of luck! Thanks for doing this and posting your progress. Very inspiring!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Love this! Though I’m not working on a book, or even a collection of prose, keeping up with the daily practice of writing always seems too daunting of a task. 500 words a day? Easy! Thank you for this!

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