Friday Fun – What would you do with 8 hours of writing time?

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: If your “work” for today was to spend 8 hours writing and creating anything in the world that you could, what would it be?

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon: I love to journal and create collages, so I would love to spend a whole day creating a photo book complete with stories about my son (or making a good start on it!) I have a lot of great pictures, but I also want to tell the stories that I hold in my heart about him, so someday he’ll know how excited I was to be with him when he was a baby, a toddler, etc.


Lisa J. Jackson

Lisa J. Jackson: I think I’d split my day and spend some time journaling, to empty my mind and see what ideas push to the forefront. I know I’d spend time working on some short stories I have in mind. And I’d also spend some time outlining a funny book that’s been in the works for years about antics my parents have had.




hennrikus-web2Julie Hennrikus: Writing is a given. But I would also knit, or cook. I actually consider those activities part of my writing. Active, but leaving my brain free to think, and imagine. Considering we’re all snow bound today, it is a good time to test out the options!



headshot_jw_thumbnailJamie Wallace: Oh, would that it were so! As Julie said, we’re snowbound today and I would like nothing better than to hunker down with a huge mug of tea and a creative project. Unfortunately, I have deadlines looming and my daughter home from school, so a creative indulgence is not in the cards.

However, IF I could wave a magic wand and have a full eight hours of creative time, I would begin with some journaling followed with a little yoga/meditation, a smallish breakfast, and a long walk. Then, I would split my remaining time between writing/creating at home and down amidst the friendly hubbub at my local coffee shop.

What would I create? I would definitely write – probably start work on one of the short stories that have been floating around in my head for a while. But, I would also play around with some kind of visual art. I almost went to art school (Parsons in New York), but chickened out at the last minute. Though words are my first love, I also have a great appreciation for and desire to dabble in visual and tactile arts – needle felting, altered books, jewelry, art journals, shadow boxes. The possibilities are endless!

16 thoughts on “Friday Fun – What would you do with 8 hours of writing time?

  1. My working day is a combination of writing styles. Composing welcoming messages in under 140 characters to new Twitter followers who I hope will remain interested enough to stay for the long haul. I usually upload two blogs a day on health, writing, personal reflections on events which takes up around two hours the day before and another hour in the morning. I am writing two more books and although in the research stage I am writing copious notes to myself for a couple of months down the line. An important part of writing is reading and so I would have to say that at least 2 hours of my day is spent absorbing other’s words for one reason or another. I also write in my head when I am exercising which is another 45 minutes. I think that I am up to 8 hours. But hey, who is counting when you are doing something you love.

  2. I’d break it up into WordPress writing and novel writing. I rarely get more than an hour to write my novel and lately it’s stalled (starting to pull it in too many directions, bought a house and moved, plus ripping out the kitchen, plus having a full time job). Having a day where I could focus only on writing would be a miracle.

  3. 8 hours of writing would be awesome. I’d break it up because I don’t think I could work on the same project for 8 hours. I’d blog for two hours. I’m behind on one of my blogs. I’d write my novel for 4 hours, and edit my sister’s for two.

  4. 8 hours of writing would be great, I would love if I could do that. I’m not a professional writer like you all. I know I would put around an hour on my blog. Then, I would enter some writing contests using the material I already have. After, I’d write my non-fiction book for two hours. I’d go to the library and get out some books and that would be my wonderful writing day

  5. I would LOVE to have 8 hours of writing. I’m working on changing my day job…so we’ll see how 2014 goes. That being said, I’d spend 8 free hours of writing on experimenting with poetry and photojournaling lines from my favorite songs. I have a HUGE list of favorite lines and photos in my catalog that destiny requires residence in the same space…somewhere 🙂

  6. I would spend an hour or two on zentangle while I gather my thoughts then I would write about a ridiculously tame pheasant called Humphrey and the adventures of my daughter’s Springer Spaniel, Bart.
    I find the time I am doing Zentangle helps me clear my mind of clutter leaving it open to creativity x

  7. I would use an hour or so to plan my next series on white board, something I’ve been aching to do for weeks now. Have to see everything, characters and scenes laid out before me. After that, I would finish my anthology offering, I am so close.

  8. Hi; I got Larry Brooks “Story Engineering” and Blake Snyder’s “Save The Cat.” I would love to spend eight hours with a white board. With a fist full of markers in one hand, and a pile of stickies in the other, I would explore everything I did wrong in the story I am rewriting. Maybe I could fix it. Maybe not. Thank you, Silent

  9. Eight hours! WOW! I would be sooooo thrilled! I would spend about half of it on picture book manuscripts and half of it on organizing ideas and writing blog posts and doing things to get more followers for my blog!

  10. I would start with my blog posts – drafting, editing and scheduling to post thrice a week. Visit blogs and – where I feel compelled – try to leave behind considered comments. I also take great pains to respond substantially to comments left on my blog, as comments and replies are important aspects of blogging.

    I would then move on to one of several WIP projects – plunge into the one that ‘calls’ me the most. Perhaps a Brother Grinn script:


    “Sure sounds like a bell, Brother Grinn.”

    “When Godfather was alive, it used to be ‘Don’.”

    “How quickly they forget.”

    “Naw! That’s not it, Brother Grinn.”


    “They had that bell made in China!”

    Write about 1,200 words and stop while the interest remains – great pull for the next day.

    Light lunch and some reading – usually humour – get plenty of that from the shenanigans of our politicians.

    A small nap, perhaps about 20 minutes, to recharge and back to writing – probably the second project that shouts out the most.

    “Hey, Eric! Will Tara pull the trigger or let the scum go?”

    Another 1,200 words maybe.

    A light dinner and spend some time chatting up the wife – after 33 years she still loves me. I must be a great salesman 🙂 

    About two hours of long walks, jogging and to simply let the mind go blank – that last part is easy for me, as not much in it in the best of days.

    This solitary time is key to my writing as I usually return brimming with new ideas. Jot down all the pointers.

    Round up the day with a good book and a glass of wine – make that two.

    Thank you for allowing me to share and good wishes with all your projects,

  11. I would start working on a fairy tale. I’ve always wanted to write one and all of these modern versions that are becoming movies (Frozen, Jack the Giant Slayer, Snow White and the Huntsman, etc.) are inspiring me.

  12. Easy! I’d make a pot of Peet’s French Roast Coffee, Turn on Spotify, hop in the shower; throw on some makeup- pull on a gray cashmere sweater and jeans and Uggs, turn on my laptop, check my messages – respond, check my iPhone, revel in that cup of perfect coffee, watch the butterflies dancing in the trees outside, get four black Expresso pens, three legal-sized tablets, answer the phone, check on my three blogs, more coffee…oh! UPS guy has an Amazon delivery. Unpack, inspect, recycle box…Pop a load of laundry in the machine, sit down with paper and pens and write…fill page after page with pretty witty, pretty urbane observations…time for lunch…check the news and weather…Ping! more emails- more writing…this time pithy and clever…bam! it is 5 pm…kids, carpool, groceries, dinner, scouts, homework…and so it goes…

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