Debra Dixon’s Book-In-A-Day Workshop

Debra Dixon is coming! Debra Dixon is coming!

Debra Dixon is a popular writer, speaker and publisher and she’s bringing her “Book-In-A Day” Workshop to Nashua, New Hampshire on May 10, 2014. Dixon’s Goal, Motivation and Conflict is required reading for anyone who is hoping to have their book published.

Debra Dixon Book-In-A Day May 10, 2014

I read Goal, Motivation and Conflict at the recommendation of several fellow writers. I started with a borrowed copy but the book was packed with such great information I had to restrain myself from using a highlighter. I knew I had to purchase my own copy. I wrote a review for L2W W2L.

The Book-In-A Day Workshop uses the 12 step Hero’s Journey to help you plan the character driven plots that make readers and publisher’s stand up at take notice. You’ll leave the workshop with an outline that will advance your book idea from concept to finished plan. You will:


Understand Hero and Villain motivation in crafting a tension-filled story.
  • Understand the difference between internal and external motivation, and why it is important to goal-setting and plot.
  • Understand the difference between hero long- and short-term goal setting.
  • Chart your Hero’s emotional journey in counterpoint to his physical journey.
  • Put the Hero’s goals in direct emotional conflict with the villain and the Emotional Obstacle.
  • Let your book unfold in stages, maintaining tension and increasing suspense, until the very end.

The workshop is sponsored by the New Hampshire Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America, but is open to writer’s of all genre’s. It will be held at the Radisson in Nashua from 9am to 4pm. The cost is $80 and includes a lunch buffet.

Stay overnight at the Radisson Friday night, and meet fellow authors that evening from 8-11 pm in the lounge. For more information and to sign up, please visit
 I hope to see you there!

Will you be attending? What books have you read on writing have drastically altered how you write?

Lee Laughlin is a writer, wife, and mom, frequently all of those things at once. She blogs at She is currently a member of the Concord Monitor Board of Contributors.  Her words have also appeared in a broad range of publications from community newspapers to the Boston Globe. She is a member of the New Hampshire Chapter of Romance Writers of America and is currently at work on her first novel.

13 thoughts on “Debra Dixon’s Book-In-A-Day Workshop

  1. I’m registered to come to the workshop, Lee. Debra Dixon’s really cut back on her workshop schedule (plus she lives in the south) so I feel v. fortunate to be getting to hear her speak. (My copy of Debra Dixon’s GMC book is stuffed full of pen marks and post-it notes too.) Another favorite writing book of mine is Kenneth Atchity’s “A Writer’s Time: Making the Time to Write.” He has some great tips on time management, and the motivational quotes and anecdotal writing makes it an easy read. 🙂

  2. I received Deb Dixon’s book for Christmas and have been reading and re-reading it since. I am registered for the workshop and cannot wait to go!

  3. Yay! Looking forward to seeing everyone there. I posted this info to a Boston area writer’s loop I’m on and got an immediate response from someone who said they’d taken a workshop with her a few years ago in D.C. and REALLY liked it. I’m looking forward to May!

  4. I heard Deb Dixon years ago at a New England writers’ conference when she first wrote her book GMC. She implified and made the writing process much easier. She also helped when I went to my first national writers conference in NYC by teaching us to use the GMC go pitch our books to editors.I’ve used it ever since. I’m a huge fan of hers. Can’t wait to go.

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