Does Anyone Else Look Forward to Mondays?

What makes Monday so difficult for so many?

MinionMondayAll around Facebook are images with text lamenting about how Monday has come around again. It appears to be painful for people to get out of bed, get motivated, and get the week started. Why is that?

I’m curious. I’ve never dreaded Mondays out of hand. The first day of the week is like a fresh start – a reboot of the To Do List – a time for the cheerleader to get out the pom-poms and encourage a successful week.

It’s the day the gyms have the most attendance, so I know I’m not alone in being motivated on a Monday.

Personally, my favorite day has always been Tuesday. It’s generally my most productive day. I’m back in the groove of running my business, and it’s the least busy day for phone calls, meetings, or other things that mysteriously suck time away from getting work done. When in school, it was the day of the week with the most assigned homework and I had to get the most done. That might have been when I got in the habit of being productive on Tuesday.

But it’s the only day that doesn’t seem to have any special meaning. Wednesday is hump day; Thursday is pay day; Friday is the most respected day; Saturday is the weekend and freedom; Sunday is quiet, spiritual, religious, and for family time (and the day when poor Monday starts getting trash talked).

Tuesday is just there.

Friday gets cheers and whistles and party hats and noisemakers. Bars offer specials and happy hours, banks cash a lot of checks, and restaurants and movie theaters fill right up. Fridays have all the fun.

I hope this isn’t how you look at the week:

Dreaded Monday

Would Mondays would get more respect if they started a 4-day workweek instead of 5?

Do you dread or look forward to Mondays?

Lisa J. JacksonLisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. Mondays inspire her. She loves writing about NH people, places, and activities. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

53 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Look Forward to Mondays?

  1. As a university psychology student, with an interest in writing and no lectures on Monday’s (or Friday’s!), I don’t find them so terrible. To me it’s the start of a new working week where I get to set my own agenda. For example, today I got up late, had a big breakfast, watched a little TV, blogged, and now I’m going through other people’s blogs and having a good read. Obviously I have work to do, which I will do soon, but no, I don’t mind Monday. I actually enjoy it.

  2. I’ve never really dreaded Mondays. I’m more likely to dread a punctual thing I don’t want to deal with which can happen on any given day of the week or weekend.

    These days, I am job hunting for a paid position, so I work from home on my research and publications. That means that my day off can happen a little randomly, so I don’t have a firm sense of week and weekend as I did when I was going to university for example.

  3. At this point in my life Mondays mean positively jack, because I work on a strange shift. I work out West for two weeks straight, then come home for two weeks. My “Monday” is actually a Tuesday, and it only technically comes once a month so it’s a wee bit different. Also, while I don’t exactly ENJOY flying to the other side of the country for two weeks each month, I don’t DREAD it, so it’s not quite the same thing as having a case of the “Mondays”.

    That said, when I worked at the paper mill every Monday felt like a death sentence. lol

    I think a lot of it has to do with whether or not you enjoy what you do. If you’re one of the many, many people out there who genuinely loathe their job, then it only makes sense that you hate Mondays, right?

  4. Working a structured 8-5 job Monday through Friday, I can say I am one of those people who dreads Mondays. I spend the weekends leisurely, waking up when I want, staying in my sweats all day if I have nothing else to do.

    But Monday means up with the alarm clock and back to my “day job,” which pays the bills. It means putting on “office clothes” and commuting in morning traffic, pointless meetings and short deadlines. I don’t hate my job. But it sure would be nice to be able to work from home instead.

    Come on Friday!

  5. Working on a rolling and ever-changing shift pattern means that I never am entirely sure which day of the week it may be. Sometimes my Mondays are Sundays and my Wednesdays are my Fridays. It’s all very confusing makes me thankful when I do finally get a day off, no matter which part of the week it might be! 🙂

    Heather xxx

  6. I look forward to Mondays when I don’t have a huge quiz or a lot of homework. I also like Mondays during the summer when I have to wake up early to a job instead of school.

  7. I know some folks who really enjoy their work, so Monday’s aren’t so bad for them. For me its a toss up. When I’m particularly engaged on a project, I love Mondays, but mostly I’d rather it be Sunday. Of course, I really enjoy spending time with my family. I know others who don’t particularly enjoy family time, so Monday becomes the best day for them.

  8. Mondays I am ripped out of my weekend zone full of leisurely writing time and thrown back into my day job. Mondays force me out of that world and back to reality – it can be a rough transition :/

  9. I love Mondays. It’s the new beginning and full of surprises for the week ahead. Sometimes I don’t like Fridays because I really do enjoy my work. My favorite day of the week is actually sunday. Sunday is when my world shows down. I clean the house, cook a delicious meal and prepare for the week ahead. Sunday is also my lazy lounge about day to catch up with TV drama’s that I’ve recorded.
    Great post.

  10. I actually love Mondays as it is a little oasis of calm in a hectic week and a chance to have help and some companionship from my hubby with the essential household jobs like cleaning!
    Sundays mean family visitors and lots of cooking, Tuesday means hospital visits and dialysis session for hubby which takes 6 hours out of the day, Wednesday and Thursday look after my darling grandson Stanley who is only 14 months so a full time job! Thursday is also hospitals and dialysis again then Friday is Choir in the morning and essential food shopping in the afternoon.
    Saturday is hospitals and dialysis again then I bake and catch up with my blog.

  11. I think dreading Mondays is inversely proportional to job satisfaction. For example, I utterly dislike my job and dread Mondays like plankton dreading a whale’s open mouth.

  12. I am iffy about Mondays. Some Sundays I’m excited to start the new week fresh (I make weekly To-Do Lists as well). Other Sundays I’m feeling so lethargic and incapable, so I have absolutely no desire to start my hellish week. That’s what I get for being a full-time college student who works a M-F part-time job. Weekends are such a tease.

  13. I have no love for Mondays. Mondays is not only the day that I start up my classes once more (I’m a full-time college student), but it’s also when I carry the most stuff around. My class load on Mondays require me to carry both my school books and my filming equipment around. It’s also the day where I have to wake up the earliest along with Thursday. With Thursday I at least don’t have to carry the film equipment though. Tuesdays I actually like because I have one afternoon course and can thus relax throughout the morning and get stuff done at a leisurely pace. Fridays are also like Tuesdays but made even better by the fact that it signals the start of the weekend. Wednesdays…well, that’s just hump day for me. Wednesdays aren’t as hectic as Mondays and Thursdays, but they aren’t as relaxing as Tuesdays and Fridays either. Ultimately it depends on the individual’s schedule. I’m sure there’s someone out there that hates Fridays (Though I haven’t found him or her yet!).

  14. I think the degree of dislike of Mondays is related to the degree of control that a person feels she or he has over their life and their time. For many, the weekend is the time ‘one can call one’s own’ while Monday marks the return to ‘time I have sold to someone else’ in order to earn money.

  15. I love Mondays as it means that after 5 days on the trot of chanting our Sir and Madam to a sometimes scruffy bunch of undeserving degenerates, I can be myself and not have to put on the grease paint and smile. I’m in retail by the way, and I have been in the front line service sector for nearly 40 years!

  16. It is so easy to dread Mondays from the comfort of a cosy Sunday – especially in winter but it is so important to be thankful for being healthy enough to spring out of bed on a Monday and to have an exciting and productive job to go to tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me to love Mondays and use them as a springboard to a fabulous rest of the week! Xx

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