Luskin Offers Day-Long Writing Workshop

dll2013           I’ve retired from teaching countless times, and always find myself drawn back to the classroom, sometimes for the money, sometimes for the professional association, and always for the love of language.

I think and learn in language; I discover what I think with words; and I love helping others use language to discover and hone thought and story. And while I’m committed to staying home and finishing Ellen, I miss teaching. So I’m going to try something new: facilitating a Writing Circle in anticipation of Mother’s Day for people who have lost their mothers.

A Writing Circle is a safe place where the synergy of writing with others loosens the tongue of memory, allowing words to fly onto the page. The theme-based prompts will allow participants to tap into the reservoir of emotion and memory stored in our hearts and offer us a chance to imagine further and/or unfinished conversations with a parent no longer in the world but still in our universe. The power of our stories is amplified when we read and listen to each other’s words.

hamptonbays            My mother died in September of 2012, and I’ve been writing through grief ever since, making sense of the new world order without my mother in it. I believe that personal writing and story telling help us navigate the landscapes of our lives. Those who want to join me for this workshop are asked to bring both a photograph of their mother and a favorite dish of their mom’s to share for the potluck lunch, as well as writing materials (pen, paper, laptop).

This workshop is for anyone who wants to remember her/his mother through writing. The workshop will take place on Saturday, April 26, from 8:45 – 3 at a private home near Brattleboro, Vermont. The cost for the day is $75. Participation is limited to twelve and preregistration is required. (Directions to the venue will be sent upon registration.) Download a registration form at or request a form by email at

Deborah Lee Luskin has been making sense of the world by writing it down since she was nine. She’s the author of the award-winning novel, Into the Wilderness, a regular commentator on Vermont Public Radio, an essayist and blogger, a developmental editor and a pen-for-hire. Luskin is also a veteran educator who has taught a variety of populations, from gifted elementary school students to inmates in Vermont’s prisons. She has lived in Vermont for thirty years and can be found on the web at


13 thoughts on “Luskin Offers Day-Long Writing Workshop

  1. Deborah, I would have loved to take part in your workshop but I’ll be hiking then around the Grand Canyon.
    I live in Montreal and love Vermont. Are you offering other workshops later on?

    • Well, the rand Canyon’s not too shabby! Have fun! And yes, I’ll be offering more workshops, and will keep you in mind. Do let me know if you have any topics you’re particularly interested in. And FYI, the workshops are held in SE Vermont, about four hours from Montreal. Best, Deborah.

      • Thanks for this info 🙂 One of the subjects I’d like to learn is to take my manuscript (or part of it) and bring it to a higher level. Rewrites and inserting great language. 🙂

  2. I think about my Mother everyday thinking about her sense or is it me. I think I’m becoming her the older I grow. I wouldn’t like to write about her because I would grieve and open a can of beans.

    • Everyone has her own way of grieving. I find writing about my mom is helpful, so it works for me. All best, Deborah.

  3. You are a beautiful person. I love that you take time to help others, even though you are a successful writer and it does not benefit you in any way. I enjoy your posts and look forward to digging through your older posts to learn more from you! Thank you!

  4. Deborah, your workshop sounds good. My Mum passed away in July 2010 and I think about her and the things she used to say all the time. As I live in Australia I would not be able to attend your workshop! However, I am going to start writing about my Mum as she had so much wisdom and experience after 87 years of living. It is a shame that a person’s knowledge goes with them when they pass away. All the best, Maria Brinkley.

  5. Maria, Thank you for your thoughtful note. My mom was also 87. It’s so true that so much is lost when a person dies. I’m making an effort to listen to my dad’s stories now, while he’s still here to tell them.
    Australia! Yes, too far for this workshop, but I’m learning about doing one on-line. Would you be interested in something like that?
    Thanks for reading the blog. All best, Deborah.

    • Thanks for your reply, Deborah. Yes I would be very interested in doing a writing workshop on-line. I have not done much writing and would like to find my voice as a writer. Regards, Maria.

  6. Hi Deborah,
    I would love to participate in your workshop but as I am in far away Africa, there’s no way around that.
    If you find yourself organizing one in this part of the world, I’ll like to be involved.

    • Anything’s possible – but I don’t have such big plans at the moment! We could work together one-on-one however, over the internet. Please visit my website >Writing Services>Developmental Editing for an overview. If you’re interested, we could develop a private tutorial tailored to your needs. Email me with questions or ideas though the Contact page on my website. We can make this work!

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