Need a Writing Kick-Start? Switch Up Your Writing Venue

If you’re a freelance writer you may, at times, find yourself bored with your writing or the process isn’t as productive as it could be. It doesn’t matter whether writing is your business or you’re working on a novel, sometimes that slow down happens. And that is when it’s time to switch things up a little to kick-start the momentum.

Those of us who freelance have the freedom to work around family schedules and personal appointments. We can write any time, any where. The flexibility is a gift to use to our advantage.

If most of your writing is done at home in a cozy office, on the deck with a nice view, or at the world’s best desk, why not grab your laptop, or a go old school with a pad of paper and your favorite pen, and spend some time at a local coffee shop, cafe, bookstore, or library?

The same is true in reverse – if you’re always going out to write, why not try staying at home?

There are distractions no matter where we are, however, so don’t look at a change in venue as an escape from distractions.

For instance, when at home, you’ll be aware of dirty dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer to fold, closets that need to be cleaned out, kids or elderly needing attention.

When away from home, it’s possible to get pulled into conversations, find something you want to explore more, songs playing that you can’t ignore.

If you have a deadline-for-pay, working at home is probably most productive (to avoid wasting valuable time getting to and from somewhere). However, if a family member is staying home from work or school, it might be best to work somewhere else for a few hours. If you can’t leave the person home alone, make arrangements for a caretaker with a friend or neighbor and promise to reciprocate when that person needs a few hours away.

Don’t forget about virtual opportunities. You can use your Twitter or Facebook pages (or other social media outlets) as a way to start a conversation about needing to get out of a rut and see what type of feedback you get.

I know you can get creative in how to switch up your current writing situation in order to move forward. What are some things you’ve tried that have worked for you?

Lisa J. JacksonLisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She’s always trying new things in order to use her time most effectively – her writing locales include a home office with a mountain view, libraries, cafes, and bookstores. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

11 thoughts on “Need a Writing Kick-Start? Switch Up Your Writing Venue

  1. I changed locations throughout the day ranging from the home desk, the lanai, local parks, libraries, and of course the old standby coffee house (aka SB).
    I use a bicycle to get to these locations and it helps as I travel along the bike path to focus my thoughts and I also find new writing ideas.

    • I love how you cycle everywhere. I can walk to a cafe, breakfast place, library, and park, and to the top of 2 small mountains.

      I have a short rail trail that I can cycle on, but if I try to do anything but focus on where I’m going I can easily get off the path! Not a good thing!

      Thank you for sharing – it’s inspiring. 🙂

  2. I absolutely need a change from time to time – especially when home is full of so many other tasks! I often do first drafts on real paper with pen/pencil – so it’s easy to throw a notebook in my purse in the morning and hang out in a park, coffee shop, bookstore, library or nature center and write for an hour or two. I try to choose places that are quiet, but with some visual inspiration.

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