Weekend Edition – Can You Hold Please Plus Writing Tips and Good Reads

gon out bizy

A still from Disney’s Winnie-the-Pooh film adaptation.

Gon out. Bizy. Back Soon.

I only have a moment. I’ll explain later why. It’s noting catastrophic. It’s nothing (all that) related to writing, but I have just run out of time this week.

I’ll look forward to seeing all you Weekend Word Warriors next Saturday and will fill you in then on my exploits and adventures. For now, here’s a quick little duo-selfie (is that a real term) of me and my daughter sending a smiley shout-out your way.

hitting the road

What I’m Reading:

book mr mrs bunnyJust a quickie mention of the latest “bedtime book” my daughter and I just finished, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire – translated from Rabbit by Polly Horvath. This was a fun and rollicking story, perfect for an out loud read. The characters were charming and the story kept us interested and hanging at the end of each chapter. Also, how can you resist a book that claims to have been translated from Rabbit?



And let’s not forget the blogs. Here are a few of my favorite writerly posts from this week:

Sorry this weekend edition is so short, but I still wish each of you great writing and great reading. 

Until next week! 
Jamie Lee Wallace is a writer who also happens to be a marketer. She helps her Suddenly Marketing clients discover their voice, connect with their audience, and find their marketing groove. She is also a mom, a prolific blogger, and a student of the equestrian arts, voice, and trapeze (not at the same time). Introduce yourself on facebook or twitter. She doesn’t bite … usually.

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