Julie’s Super Amazing Mystery Tour

I love my mystery writing community. A lot. Sisters in Crime (especially the New England chapter), Mystery Writers of America, our New England Crime Bake committee, people I have met at conferences, and blogs I follow. And my two writing blogs (this one and Wicked Cozy Authors) both provide a team of support that enrich my writing life.

Writing is a solitary act, but finding a community of writers is critical. So today, I thought I would virtually introduce you to a few of my mystery writing friends and their virtual communities.

Lisa Haselton. You know her as Lisa Jackson. She is a wonderful member of the mystery writing community, with online chats with different authors, and a interviews and reviews. She covers more than mysteries, but that is how I know her best.

Hank Phillippi Ryan. Hank writes thrillers. She is also a force of nature, and blogs regularly for Sisters in Crime, doing wonderful interviews with other mystery authors.  Her regular blog is with the Jungle Red Writers, a wonderful group of mystery authors including Hallie Ephron, Julia Spencer-Fleming, and Roberta Isleib.

Roberta Isleib also blogs on Mystery Lovers Kitchen. I love this blog. Cozy authors who share recipes. They are turning 5 this month, and have a give away contest.

The Maine Crime Writers blog includes Barbara Ross, Kate Flora, Kathy Lynn Emerson, and Lea Wait amongst others.  There are a lot of crime writers in Maine. Long winters?

And, of course, there is my other blog, Wicked Cozy Authors. The Wickeds are Barbara Ross, Jessie Crockett, Liz Mugavero, Sherry Harris, and Edith Maxwell. Sheila Connolly also blogs with us once a month, as does Kim Gray. [Four of us will be at Jabberwocky Bookshop this Friday, July 17 at 7pm. I will be moderating a panel with Edith Maxwell, Liz Mugavero, and Jessie Crockett. ]

Glad to introduce you to some of my friends. Happy summer reading, everyone!


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