A Copywriter with Great Ideas

If you are a writer, you have probably thought about building an author platform. I’ve started thinking about that, too. I’ve done a lot of reading on the topic lately and now I’m starting to write more content.

If you are like me, you may have a hard time talking about yourself or promoting yourself. I have found someone who makes talking about myself much easier.

May I introduce you to Alexandra Franzen? She’s a copywriter with a very different attitude. She makes writing copy for your About page seem doable, maybe even enjoyable!

She has a website with some great information and some free worksheets, and she also has a book that I just picked up. I had the opportunity to work with her briefly a couple of years ago on a coaching topic and she was amazing! She’s very down-to-earth and easy to learn from. I was able to create content on the fly with her that day and I’ve started using her worksheets since then to do more.

These days she even does workshops where you can craft your content over a weekend with her.

I have found her worksheets immensely valuable, not only in writing content, but in talking about myself, my coaching business, and my writing life to others.

If you are trying to create content for your author platform, check out Alexandra’s website and take advantage of her free worksheets.

Let me know what you think!

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon, MD: is a writer, blogger, mother, life coach and physician. I’m working on a lot of different writing projects right now, and trying to focus on each one as intensely as I can when I can. I’m moving forward little by little.

6 thoughts on “A Copywriter with Great Ideas

  1. First of all I really appreciate your site, its recourseful for sure. I checked out the link you provided for Alexandra Franzen and when I clicked on contact page – there is a blurp on how busy she is throughout the rest of the year and won’t be taking on any new projects before 2015 and her workshops are sold out. 😦 – not very encouraging I guess. That usually makes it hard to consider returning to a website. Just sharing my thoughts.

    • Hi blotbuzz,
      I agree, it’s frustrating to find out someone is too busy when you want to work with them. Right after I posted this post, I found out Alexandra was revamping her website and that her workshops were sold out! But, really, I wanted you and the other readers of NHWN to check out her free stuff–scripts and templates for creating an About page on your website, for example. She’s very generous with her content and I think you might find it useful.

      Happy writing and thanks for commenting!


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