Don’t Forget to Read About Writing

It’s easy to get so involved with writing, that reading can become a luxury to push aside.

But, it’s so important to read about writing for the little nuggets of wisdom and pearls of inspiration we know, but somehow seem to forget.

Finding books that resonate with our writing lives and experiences might be rare, so when you find a great book, hang on to it!

A few years ago, Diane highly recommended I read a book on the craft of writing titled Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott. I loved it. And it became the first book I ever re-read.

birdbybird2Since I noticed some leaves changing colors over the past week, fall has been on my mind. And with fall, for me, comes renewed inspiration. So, Bird by Bird is back on my desk for its annual reading.

I know how important it is to get words on a page, and more than likely those first words will be junk and tossed later on, but to get to the good stuff, I have to get a lot of words on the page/screen — Ann Lamott reminds me of that — she reminds me that I need to give myself permission to write junk.

We’ve talked about books about writing a few times here. And you can look back at a few posts if you’re in need of something new.

We had the Friday Fun discussion: Should Writers Read Books About Writing. Diane and I shared our Favorite Writing Books, and Deborah had a post specifically on Bird by Bird.

Don’t read to avoid writing, though! Read to improve writing!

Lisa J. JacksonLisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She’s still amazed to have a book she can re-read that gives her new insight into her writing every time she goes through it. You can connect with her on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

33 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Read About Writing

  1. When I started working on original fiction for the first time in almost a decade a few weeks ago, I delved back into writing and publishing books. It has been helping me picking up on old and new tips. I still have a few more related books on my Amazon Wish List for the times to come!

  2. Thanks for this post. I really liked the Bird by Bird book. And I learned the term “shitty first draft” from it!

    If I dare to recommend some other books, I can mention Reading like a Writer by Francine Prose, and I must also recommend From where you Dream, by Robert Olen Butler

  3. I’ve found it’s been a great way to get through a summer that has seen very few words on a page written by me. But I resigned myself to thinking of summer as planting season and now that fall is returning, I can reap the harvest of reading by writing my own work. I started the idea by revamping my blog and I hope the momentum will keep me going.

  4. Well and truly said. I know that my own writing has improved by reading what others had to say about problem solving, and organization. It’s always a learning experience, just like real life!

  5. I read a few recently that helped to look at writing from different perspectives. One title that comes to mind is Write Your Heart Out by Rebecca McClanahan. I hope I can incorporate the thought into my poetry.

    Melba Christie @ Poemattic

  6. Reading this book right now! It was a gift from my husband and I love it. It will definitely become an annual read at my house as well. I also read On Writing by Stephen King and now own it. It’s another great reference book.

  7. Reblogged this on reachingfortheether and commented:
    I love this book! It’s one of my favorites about the art and, the act of writing. My other favorite is Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. I also love Walter Mosley’s ‘This Year You Write Your Novel’.
    All are invaluable to me.

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