Writes of Passage

Dear readers, please indulge me in some Blatant Self Promotion.

WRITES OF PASSAGE frontI have an essay in a book called Writes of Passage. The book was edited by Hank Phillippi Ryan, and includes 59 essays by members of Sisters in Crime. The idea of the book is to offer writers at any stage of their career a book to pick up and find guidance, inspiration, or a kindred spirit. I am thrilled to be in the company of some amazing authors.

Were it not for Sisters in Crime, I am not sure were my writing life would be. Likely not where it is right now. I wouldn’t be on this blog, for example. I am here because Lisa Haselton is a sister in crime, and so I started following the blog, was a fan, and Lisa offered me an opportunity to blog with the group.

I also wouldn’t be blogging with the Wicked Cozy Authors. And likely, I wouldn’t have a book contract, certainly not this book contract. How does one writers’ group help so much? By offering support for writers at any stage of their career, by offering opportunities for networking, and by offering classes to hone our craft. I am grateful I found this organization, and proud to the be the Sisters in Crime New England board president.

Now, if you join SinC (or RWA or MWA or…), there isn’t a guarantee that you will get an essay in a book. But it won’t hurt your chances.

Thanks for indulging me. And if you read the book, I’d love to hear what you think.

Authors include: Susan M. Boyer, Leslie Budewitz, Luisa Buehler, Lucy Burdette/Roberta Isleib, JoAnna Carl/Eve K. Sandstrom, Joelle Charbonneau, Judy Clemens, Meredith Cole, Sheila Connolly, Deborah Coonts, Barbara D’Amato, Maddi Davidson, Krista Davis, Laura DiSilverio, Hallie Ephron, Kim Fay, Kate Flora, Kaye George, Daryl Wood Gerber/Avery Aames, Barb Goffman, Patricia Gussin, Naomi Hirahara, Norma Huss, Polly Iyer, Tammy Kaehler, Laurie R. King, Harley Jane Kozak, Deborah J Ledford, Kylie Logan, Alice Loweecey, Gail Lukasik, Nancy Martin, Sujata Massey, Edith Maxwell, Catriona McPherson, Jenny Milchman, Liz Mugavero, Carla Neggers, Clare O’Donohue, Susan Oleksi, Gigi Pandian, Sandra Parshall, Cathy Pickens, Linda Rodriguez, Chris Roerden, Barbara Ross, Lori Roy, Terry Shames. June Shaw, Clea Simon, Patricia Smiley, Patricia Sprinkle, Rochelle Staab, Kelli Stanley, Diane Vallere, Elaine Viets, Sharon Wildwind.


J.A. Hennrikus writes short stories. Julianne Holmes writes the Clock Shop Myster series..

4 thoughts on “Writes of Passage

  1. Oh, thank you. SO lovely of you! I am so touched by all the wonderful responses to this–it does seem to speak to writers at all stages, and that was our goal.. So, yay. And your very honest and generous essay is perfect.
    ANd thank you, Steven Krohn!

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