Friday Fun — First Time You Saved Up to Buy Something

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: What was the first thing you ever saved your own money for? Did you end up buying that thing? Was it all you hoped it would be when you finally bought it?

wendy-shotWendy Thomas: The first thing I remember really saving up my money for was my shiny VW black beetle. I bought it for $750. God, I loved that car. It smelled wonderful – like hay and adventures. That thing would go miles and miles on a drop of gas and it gave me the independence I needed at a time in my life when independence was starting to be important. My beetle also impressed upon me the importance of acknowledging that you can’t do it all. I remember not being able to get the gears right in order to move my car up a steep hill and I had to ask a young man in another car to help me. It was humbling, but it also was empowering and taught me to ask for help when I needed it in order to get done what I needed to get done.

My parents ended up selling that car when I was away at college, to this day I still mourn its loss.

hennrikus-web2Julie Hennrikus: Why is this question stumping me? I didn’t buy a car until I was in my 40’s. (I inherited my first car from my grandmother, and drove it into the ground.) My first computers were all cast offs from different places. The answer that come to mind is my first house. It took forever to save up for the down payment, and then I started looking in my price range, which was another journey into disappointment. But eventually I found a wonderful little fixer upper, and fixed her up. Which was extra saving up, for appliances, new floors, paint jobs. But all well worth it.

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon: The first thing I remember saving up for is a pair of skis. But I actually saved up for two pairs because my (twin) sister didn’t have skis and what was the point of me having skis if she didn’t? I made good money waiting tables and catering the summer before college so in August of that year Donna and I went ski shopping. We were all ready when ski season came along! We were able to spend a week skiing with friends that winter during winter break. It was bitterly cold but we were out there from the time the lifts opened until the shadows lengthened across the mountain and the lifts were closed as we passed them on our last run of the day. It was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

LisaJJackson_2014Lisa J. Jackson: It was 1 of 2 things – my first 10-speed bicycle or my first boom box — remember those LARGE radios?? I just had to have one for whatever reason. I remember the bicycle the most, making payments on layaway at a local bike shop. And then the day I got it was so thrilling. It was a dark blue ‘boys’ style 10-speed.

I saved up from working in the shoe department at a Woolco’s…if my memory is any help. It was that or a small local grocery store where I cashiered. But I do love having had saved up and purchased the things I wanted. I was quite empowering.

M. Shafer, Photo

M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin: I saved up for my first ten-speed bike when I was sixteen – and then rode it from southwestern Connecticut to southeastern Vermont in four days, with my then thirteen-year old brother and two friends. Both events – buying my own bike and riding it across state lines – were empowering and prophetic. I still love to ride, and now I live in Vermont.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun — First Time You Saved Up to Buy Something

  1. The first thing I bought from my baby sitting money was a vinyl. The title of the song is: Through The Years by Kenny Rogers. I don’t remember anymore what was on the side B. I remember going into a record shop and there was a guy inside a booth. You hand him the record of your choice and he will play it to test. If you like the sound you can go to the cashier and pay for your purchase.
    I don’t have that single anymore and no idea where it could be.

  2. The first time I saved up to buy something, a dollar bought a whole bunch more than it does today! When I was young $5.00 was a lot of money for a kid and comic books cost but $.25! Gee, if only I had held onto all those comic books.

  3. When I was 16 I used all my year’s Christmas, birthday, babysitting and lawn mowing money to buy a guitar. My music teacher came with me to help me choose it. It was, and still is, my pride and joy. That guitar carried me through my 33+ years of teaching. I never got very good at playing but it sure brought a lot of pleasure to myself and many others.

  4. I was really little. I wanted one of those Classic comic books that told stories from big novels in pictures. (Mother hated comics.) Worth every penny (10 of them) and all the scowls. I think it was 3 Musketeers or Treasure Island. (and eventually Mom threw them all out. But we did go to the library a lot…not as many colored pictures in books back then though)

  5. My first big spend came in the form of a fishing pole. Decades later, it still floods me with wonderful memories from its perch in my rod rack.
    Oh, the stories it has to tell if only it could talk!

  6. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time I saved up to buy something, but it was a memorable one. The item wasn’t even that expensive which goes to show what a poor college student I was.
    Even a poor college student needs a coffee maker in their room, so I grabbed an old coffee can from my parents house and cut a hole in the top for my “coffeemaker piggy bank.” I left it at my parents house for a week for donations.
    🙂 Then I brought it back to my dorm and dropped change in until I had enough to purchase a four-cup coffee maker. My excitement really was quite disproportionate to the object, but then I guess I’ve been obsessed with coffee for a long time.

  7. i remember paying off an amazing pair of earrings – long, dangly and silver with three strands, crystals and a dun and a moon. They were do beautiful. I paid them off $5 at a time for months. A family friend paid the rest off for me as a surprise. I promptly lost them less than a month later on a long train trip. I was devastated 😥

  8. This post makes me feel pretty lonely. I’ve never saved up to buy anything before. When I was a kid, my mom just took my money away from me and said I could have when I went to college. When I got accepted to college, the university “Financial Aid” took all my savings. I couldn’t even buy a computer for school. Now as an adult I guess I’ve gotten in the habit of not buying stuff or something because when I do want something I always have the money for it. Maybe I should try wanting more things?

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