Monday Morning Inspiration

Welcome to the first Monday in November.

Does this resonate with you today?




I’ve been doing exactly this, this year – saying yes to every opportunity – and it’s been a great experience.


Why not try it yourself? There’s nothing to lose, but there are new experiences to gain.


Make it a great month!

23 thoughts on “Monday Morning Inspiration

  1. Great message. I read something similar years ago in the context of professional women in the workplace – how we sometimes sabotage ourselves because we think we need to know how to do something before committing to doing it whereas most men will say yes because they can learn what they don’t already know. I observed that in my professional setting, and it prodded me to think differently when opportunities arose.

  2. This is the very reason why I joined courses/challenges here in WordPress, to push myself beyond my comfort zone. There were some assignments that I thought: My God, where do I start? But , I sat in front of my PC and typed. The results might not be fit for a novel prize but I am proud and happy with it. I apply this attitude with my personal life as well since day one. I get along just fine.
    happy Monday to you and your readers!

  3. This is so inspiring. I’ve had experiences before where I doubted myself and passed up on opportunities when all I needed to do was welcome the challenge. Will keep this in mind for the future. Thanks much 🙂

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