What Never Finishes What It Has to Say? A Classic

Can you believe that it’s December 1 already?

Honestly, where did this year go?

As one holiday is behind me and another is approaching, my mind has gone into holiday tradition mode. I know some people who look forward to the fun surprises of doing the daily reveal of an advent calendar.

Others who enjoy decorating or baking or having Christmas music playing all day long.

I know others who have favorite TV shows or movies they watch at least once each year at this time.

Knowing the words and songs verbatim is not a deterrent; it’s comforting and familiar.

What is it that we love so much about particular traditions, movies, stories, or books?

What is it about the classics that draw us back time and time again?

I found an answer recently that, funny enough, answers that question for me.


It’s so true, isn’t it?

A Christmas Carol pops into my head, as does It’s a Wonderful Life and even A Christmas Story.  No matter how many times I hear the words, read the words, or see productions (TV or stage), there’s something slightly new each time.

There are so many ‘classics’ out there; these are just a couple on my mind for the Christmas season.

What classics can you read, listen to, or watch over and over again?

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21 thoughts on “What Never Finishes What It Has to Say? A Classic

  1. Hmm, I can cuddle with To Kill a Mockingbird anytime of the year! But yes A Christmas Carol is the token book – and movie – for Christmas time!

  2. Gift of the Magi always teaches me something new or helps me look at something with a different perspective. Just recently listened to a companion book to A Christmas Carol called Jacob T. Marley, which added such depth to the first story.

  3. I enjoy seeing a movie version of “A Christmas Carol” each year, preferably a new twist on the Dickens classic story. Among my other traditions is baking a seven or eight cheese lasagna for Christmas. But the opportunities to sing perhaps are my favorite moments other than time with family.

  4. Please Come Home for Christmas is a song I can play over and over. My Daddy worked offshore, when I was a child, I would sing it over and over wanting him home for the holiday. He passed on January 7, 2004, now I can hear it and close my eyes, and it as if I am dancing in his arms once again. Never had much use for TV but I love books. Lonesome Dove is one movie I can watch over and over. I have lost count of how many times I have read the book. It is a book whose images become more clear and descriptive with each read.

  5. I could watch Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly and my man Matthew McFayden twice a month and never get tired of it. And it’s not officially Christmas until I”ve seen How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love that Cindy Lou!

  6. I can read Ray Bradbury over and over. I love Dandelion Wine and Martian Chronicles. I am reading Love by Toni Morisson now, which is exactly what you describe. It’s about family resentment and forgiveness – a theme we humans seem to never tire of!

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