Accomplishments and Goals

Last night I gave a presentation on Accomplishments and Goals. We reviewed our accomplishments from 2014 and set goals for 2015.

I asked my participants to make a list of 50 accomplishments from 2014.

You might be thinking, but I didn’t accomplish 50 things in 2014.

I bet you did. I bet you accomplished many more than 50 things.

In order to get people thinking, I wrote a list of categories on the white board, with heading such as Body and Wellness, and Creativity and Learning (lifted directly from Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Desire Map, which I’ve written about before.) Under each heading were a number of different categories.

Look for any list of categories to help you come up with your own list of accomplishments.

After we’d made our lists of 50 accomplishments, we spent the rest of the evening talking about and clarifying our goals for 2015.

In order to create our goals for the next year, I think it’s really useful to look back over the past year.

Here are the goals I wrote down last year at this time with regard to my writing:

  1. Rewrite my novel.
  2. Submit a short story to Level Best books.
  3. Submit to a writing contest 3 times.
  4. Schedule and complete a writing retreat.
  5. Set writing goals every week—put in calendar.
  6. Submit to critique group twice a month
  7. Host a writing retreat.
  8. Do JaNoWriMo, setting a writing goal each day.
  9. Write 12 blog posts for FDNH blog.
  10. Start nonfiction book.

Here are the goals I accomplished from this list:

  1. Schedule and complete a writing retreat.
  2. Host a writing retreat.
  3. Do JaNoWriMo, setting a writing goal each day.
  4. Start nonfiction book.

Here are the goals I made progress on from this list:

  1. Set writing goals every week—put in calendar.
  2. Submit to critique group twice a month
  3. Write 12 blog posts for FDNH blog.

If I hadn’t already written out 50 accomplishments, this list might be a little discouraging. Because I had my list in hand, I could see how many other things I accomplished that moved me toward my overarching goal of becoming a published writer. For example, I didn’t include my goal of blogging for Live to Write-Write to Live every other week, but I definitely had that goal and accomplished it by signing up on the calendar and writing the blog posts.

When I look at my list of writing accomplishments for 2014, I feel really good.

In January of 2014, I also wrote: I want to feel excited, capable, and peaceful about my writing.

I do feel that way about my writing. Given all my priorities, the fact that writing is something I focus on every week (if not quite every day) is wonderful and each blog post I write or page of my story I edit is an accomplishment.

Now I’ll take a few days to bask in the glow of my writing accomplishments before I start the process of writing down my 2015 writing goals.

What have you accomplished in 2014? Take the time to write your accomplishments down, and celebrate!

11 thoughts on “Accomplishments and Goals

  1. I started a blog four months ago. I thought nobody would read my writings because my topics are not everyone’s cup of tea. To my surprise people come to my page. After two months I have 6 blog awards, now I have over 600 followers, over thousand of comments and likes and I have over 7200 views. Who could imagine I can achieved that in so little time, not even me. I’m grateful to those who read my thoughts, left their footprints all over my page and to people who are brave enough to join me in my quest. I am very proud of them. No matter how small, I still see it as an accomplishment.

  2. I finished a novel for the first time 🙂 And I’m almost done with the fifth edit of it, ha! I wish that I had finished all the edits and was querying by now, but alas. Editing is hard. Still, I feel it’s been a pretty good year.

  3. I appreciate this blog post. I had been contemplating writing for many years. I have always a kept a journal but I was inconsistent in my writings. I have journals everywhere, literally, and who knows what someone else had read, that I wrote.
    I just recently became very serious about writing. I decided to start blogging to get myself back in the writing process. I didnt write this goal down in 2014, but it has been on my mind all year. Prior to this post I dont know if I would have considered that an accomplishment; but now I realize it is. Im no longer putting it off.

  4. I got published in an anthology this year!! One of my goals of this year was to be published, now in 2015, I want to move that up to continued publications both novel and short-story-wise. I switched my blog from wordpress to blogger, still working out the kinks but I’m gaining followers!! I lost 35 pounds over this past year!! One of my other goals was to get in better health and that’s slowing happening. I’d love to find an agent as well this next year!!

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