Friday Fun – Favorite Holiday Story

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: Whichever holiday you celebrate, this time of year is filled with traditional and not-so-traditional tales about the magic of the season. Which story is your favorite?

LisaJJackson_2014Lisa J. Jackson: I love The Night Before Christmas the best. Second favorite is The Polar Express.  🙂






headshot_jw_thumbnailJamie Wallace: I have SO many beloved picture books, but my pick for this favorites post is one that may be a bit less well known than some of the others. The Father Christmas Letters by J.R.R. Tolkien is a collection of the letters the author’s children received from old St. Nicholas over the years . Each missive from the North Pole arrived in a beautifully decorated envelope and was accompanied by a painting or sketch depicting some of the adventures Santa and his friend, Polar Bear (often referred to simply as PB), had  had during the previous year. And, oh, what adventures! This Santa has much more to worry about than burnt gingerbread or naughty reindeer. The calamities that befall Santa and PB and their retinue of elves include goblin attacks, floods, and premature fireworks explosions. But despite these less-than-idyllic escapades, there is a warmth and charm to these stories that I find deeply comforting. Many of the letters were sent during World War I, and it seems that some of the troubles Santa faces are a reflection of that dark and difficult time. But, despite the shortage of toys and incursions of goblins, everything always comes out alright in the end and hope is never lost. This is a delightful read and, for Tolkien fans, a lovely way to share in some of the holiday magic he created for his family.

Tolkien Xmas LtrTolkien Xmas Pic









wendy-shotWendy Thomas Ms. Literal here thought that this question was asking about our favorite family stories around Christmas, so as a bonus, I’ll give you both.

Favorite story: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum  – I read it out loud to my kids when they were little and it has filled their lives with the magic of Christmas. Absolutely love that one.

Favorite family story – When the kids were old enough to understand threats, we let them know that if they opened their bedroom doors before the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, they might just catch Santa in the act and if they did, he would disappear before leaving all the gifts. So they’d BETTER NOT!

One year we were awakened by all six kids jumping on our bed around 5 in the morning because the oldest had assured everyone it was okay as he was convinced he had “heard the crack of dawn.”

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

21 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Favorite Holiday Story

  1. “A Christmas Story” …You’ll shoot out your eye! The story was written straight out of real life for many of us – strong characters, common ordinary events, both the joys and tears of childhood, families, and the holidays.
    (Movie would be the old Natalie Woods 1947 “Miracle on 34th Street”)

  2. Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Christmas story other than Scrooge – a a favorite with theater groups every year, sometimes with great imagination and fun music…

  3. “The Night Before Christmas” and “Rudolph…” ; I think both inspired me to once write a story about a little boy (my grandson, of course) who climbs out of the 2nd story window of his Gramma’s house, to wait for Santa — and the window closes behind him…. Uh-Ohh ❤ !!

  4. A Christmas Carol, since I was a kid and even now, still my favorite! I love the written work (cuz Charles Dickens is awesome) and the live action films and the animated adaptations! Nope, not excited about that at all! 😀

  5. I love Santa Calls by William Joyce. The story is so fun, and in the back there is a letter from Santa. I didn’t discover this story in time to read it to my children, but I read it to my students for many years.

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  7. Definitely “The Other Wise Man,” by Henry Van Dyke and first published in 1895. A gem of a book and a quick read. Discovered on a relative’s shelf or in a box in an attic…I can’t remember which…but it came to me, I did not search it out. I was young and felt like I had discovered a magical book. I wondered if anyone else knew about this. As an adult I’ve read it to my husband on one of our first Xmas Eve’s together. I’ve always wanted to write the screenplay…it’d be a great film!

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