Quiet and Productive Time

Ahh, the final two weeks of the year have arrived.

Sure it’s crazy-busy right now with the holiday approaching. There’s last-minute planning and shopping to take care of and, apparently, bad weather on it’s way to challenge the northeast as people travel on Thursday (Mother Nature challenged many of us on Thanksgiving, too).

But, as I mentioned last year, this is generally a very productive time of year for me.

My quiet time started on Friday and other than holiday-related plans, it will be quiet and I’ll be able to catch up on everything that I haven’t paid attention to for the last 5-6 weeks. Other than catching up on year-end invoices, my business commitments to clients are complete.

It’s nice to have quiet time to do what I want, whether it’s to catch up on To Do list items, or simply kick back and catch up on reading or shows in my Hulu queue.

Do you find the end of the calendar year to be quiet or chaos for you in regard to your writing?


LisaJJackson_2014Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with businesses of all sizes. She loves researching topics, interviewing experts, and helping companies tell their stories. You can connect with Lisa on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

20 thoughts on “Quiet and Productive Time

  1. It’s always chaos, only especially so during the holidays. I planned to use part of my vacation time for writing, but there are teens on Christmas break needing rides, and dogs requiring attention.

  2. Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! My Christmas To Do List is actually impossible to achieve and items keep dropping off as I find I do not have time to complete them. As a result my writing is totally on the back burner. But that’s okay I plan to dedicate myself to it completely in January.

  3. I’m going to try to find some time for writing, but it’s hard because even though I’ll have time off from work, I’ll be home with my 5 year old son. I usually get most of my reading and writing done late at night once he’s asleep. I have been inspired recently to write more and indeed that’s why I decided to start my blog not too long ago to have a place for that writing to go. I’ve had quite a few mornings in the last couple of weeks when I just wake up with a great idea and I just have to get it out creatively before the end of the night.

  4. I have an empty nest and don’t socialize much. I even declined going to family parties this year because I’m tired of being in the middle of people who are trying to be polite to one another but any fool with half sense can see that they dislike each other and rather be anywhere than there and often the tension is so thick one can cut it with a knife and serve with hors d’oeuvre. I wonder sometimes why they keep insisting to be together during holidays.

  5. I find this time of year to be conflicted in my writing. Normally, I get a couple of weeks off work so I have the time, but usually I am so mentally tired that I can’t write much. This year, I am not going to push too hard – I’ll take some time to rest, go to a museum or two, and reflect on my current project. Then in early January, I’ll be back on my normal schedule.

  6. This year i’ve booked out the last week of December. I’m looking forward to catching up on my reading and my writing. It’ll be nice to welcome in the new year well rested.

  7. I normally get caught up in the frenzy. I came home from a frantic day of last-minute shopping this past weekend, and was shocked to find my neighbor’s house on fire. Perspective. I have slowed down considerably. The writing comes easily in the early morning quiet hours. If I’m near a keyboard, it just flows. Happy end of year to you !

  8. I regard writing as a full time job – and I love to work. So Holidays should be a rest from the job…but who can give up something they love to do? For me relaxation from writing on a current project (and I run several at a time) means exploring the Internet for content for projects I plan to work on next. For example: a Facebook post today covered the story about an exceptionally haunted forest in Transylvania…exactly the kind of setting I need for a scene in a book I am researching about the ‘real’ origin of vampyres, an original take on a perennial favorite topic that starts in ancient Egypt. I will start posting on this new book on Wattpad in the next few days.

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