Physical and Mental Stress Relief for Writers

Right about now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You might feel a little stiff and achy, distracted, unable to focus. I hear you. I’m feeling that way right now, too, which is why I decided to share a few little stress relief treats today.

First, on the physical side, sitting at the keyboard for long periods of time definitely wreaks havoc with neck and back muscles, not to mention the tendons that are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. To help you combat these muscle gremlins, here is a link to a series of yoga stretches plus two videos of simple, quick exercises. Doing these routines only takes a few minutes each day, and can provide some immediate relief as well as help prevent further pain and injury.

Office Yoga: Sneak These 10 Stretches Into Your Day



buddhify2On the mental side of things, I am loving the app, buddhify2 (available for iOS and Android). I have all the best intentions about developing a meditation practice, but – sadly – those intentions often fall to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of my day. I’ve tried a few different apps, but buddhify is the one I like best so far. It includes a series of meditations that are designed to fit into your already busy life. So, for instance, there are meditations to do when you are eating lunch, commuting, and even working online. In addition, there are specific meditations for when you are having trouble sleeping, feeling stressed, and trying to deal with pain or illness. The guided meditations are easy to follow and don’t feel too touchy-feely (something I’ve found with other guided meditations). There is even a little humor.

The app isn’t free, but I haven’t regretted the purchase and am finding that these quick (usually about five to eleven minute) mediations are often just the thing to calm me down in the midst of all the chaos.


So, those are my quickie relaxation and stress relief tips. Now, I have to go meditate before my head explodes, and I’d probably better do some of those stretches, too. My neck could definitely use it!

Jamie Lee Wallace is a writer who also happens to be a marketer. She helps her Suddenly Marketing clients discover their voice, connect with their audience, and find their marketing groove. She is also a mom, a prolific blogger, and a student of the equestrian arts, voice, and trapeze (not at the same time). Introduce yourself on facebook or twitter. She doesn’t bite … usually.

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