Friday Fun — What would your writing space look like?

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: If you could imagine any kind of writing space, what would it look like?

wendy-shotWendy Thomas: This is an easy one for me because I’ve been imagining a writing space for the last few years. I’m incredibly intrigued by the whole tiny house movement, I even went to a workshop on how to build tiny houses. Simply love the idea of a compact, living space where everything is in its place. HOWEVER, being the mom of 6 kids is not exactly conducive to tiny house living and so I’ve resigned myself to *someday* having a tiny writer’s cabin. Ideally, I’d love to have it located in the woods, by a stream, next to wildflowers, or on a beach, with windows facing the ocean, so that I could hear the waves. Of course it has to have wi-fi, electricity, a kick-ass writer’s desk (something with history and an embedded story), a comfy reading chair, book shelves, and some sort of heat  (winters are stinking cold in New Hampshire.)

What I want is a safe little, beautiful pod in which to compose my thoughts. Someday, someday.


headshot_jw_thumbnailJamie Wallace: I feel spoiled. Although my writing space is smack in the middle of my living room, I write at a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind desk (a handmade gift from my sweet and talented beau) that looks out over an always interesting and ever changing view of the river, town landing, and eastern sky. My writing time is usually spent in the company of my two cats, one of whom is typically curled up in the cat bed on my desk while the other finds some equally comfortable spot elsewhere in the room.

While part of me occasionally pines for a room of my own, when I really think about it, I actually have little desire to sequester myself away in isolation and quiet. I adore being able to write in the midst of my real life, even when the presence of that real life requires that I wear headphones to maintain any level of concentration. I enjoy writing in noisy cafes and on trains and in libraries. I like blurring the lines between the real world and the world inside my head.

So, I guess the writing space I like best is the invisible cocoon I spin around myself when I write. It may not be a tangible space, but I can take it with me everywhere I go, which makes it kind of magical. And who wouldn’t like a magical writing space?

Writing Studio In SnowDeborah Lee Luskin: I don’t have to imagine it, because I’ve been writing in my dream-come-true writing studio since March 1, 2011. (I wrote about it in my post, Art & Architecture.) It’s where I get the words down, and it’s especially conducive to creating and sustaining the complex, imaginary world of a literary novel. I call it my Chapel of the Imagination.


DeskBut the truth is, words are always bubbling around in my head, and I think of essays, posts, and technical solutions to all kinds of narrative knots while I’m in the car, the kitchen, the garden, the grocery store. It’s being out in the world that stimulates the ideas, connects me to clients, irritates me to editorialize. And it’s at my desk where I sort out the argument, discover what I want to say and the best way to get my ideas across. There are even days when I deliberately vacate my studio in search of the background hubbub of a cafe.


23 thoughts on “Friday Fun — What would your writing space look like?

  1. I normally do my writings on my bed which is a bit cluttery but comfy. 🙂 However, if I were to imagine a really nice writing space I want one with a mini sofa or mini bed near a window.

  2. I am lucky – I have the perfect writing space – a little studio a stone throw away from my house. With wifi, a good computer, a view of the garden from my window, a kick ass computer, a comfy armchair and a yoga mat to stretch out the stiffness. It’s not fancy, but it’s just how I like it 🙂

  3. I would like to take my current office/writing space to a home overlooking the ocean. I have a window that looks out onto our street, but the ocean would be much more soothing and my writing would definitely improve…at least I believe it would.

  4. While I agree with Jamie that there’s something to be said for writing in the midst of real life, I do dream about a little cabin or a secluded space that I can go to for writing. A space free of distractions…and definitely internet free. 🙂

  5. I just posted in one of my blogs how we just put a different and little bit bigger desk in my room. I have space to put other things I may need on it and drawers to put supplies in. It’s working out fine.

  6. Fortunately, I have a writing space in my house now because I started working from home. My office is quiet and comfortable, and no one messes with my papers here. However, I’ve always dreamed about adding a second floor to our garage with lots of windows, so that I’d have more scope for the imagination. Right now, I’m facing the wall and can only see the outside from the reflection of the window in my computer screen.

  7. I have my space. I am surrounded by a clutter of “stuff”; wooden-carved cats because I love them and my real cats walk over my keyboard and chew up my printouts; a bowl of crystals to give my thoughts energy and direction; various statues of the god-forms, scented candles (which are never lit but I like the idea that I could light them if I wanted to); reference books, lots of surface space on which to spread out and arrange papers; a big, comfortable swivel chair that my cats wont let me sit in so I have to sit in the small, hard one. And that’s about all I need. Oh, and someone to bring me coffee at regular intervals.

  8. I always imagined that I would want to write in a busy bustling cafe somewhere where I could watch the world go by. However, my ideal is any room in which my 3 year old isn’t….tend to move rooms depending on where the super hero play fighting is at any given moment! Love the desk it’s beautiful and I am so jealous!

  9. LOL- your post is one of my question that I posed to author Sheila Dalton for an interview I am doing on my blog, Historical Fiction Addicts. If I were to say what my writing space would look like (besides the real space: a desk in our livingroom or the table at Starbuck) it would be a room with a large window that allows lots of sunshine in, a decor of black and white with accents of red. One wall would be decorated with birch tree wallpaper, another wall would have a lovely bookcase to house all my books that are currently in totes, a desk that faces the window, a chaise in the corner with a warm, red knit blanket to cover me while I read the latest, greatest HF novel, double french doors, and a collection of beautifully framed pictures of my family, friends and authors I have met. Aah, yes. A writing space to call my own. A girl can have dreams can’t she?

  10. I have made a lovely little writing space in my tiny cottage in the woods. I live there with one child and four cats. My living room is the size of some people’s walk in closet! but I have taken one corner and turned it into my writing space, lovely plain desk facing windows that look out over the forest that surrounds the cottage, beautiful space. I live in Maine so my cottage home in the woods is surround by towering snow drifts and lovely coated trees. Your blog is very enjoyable. I am new to blogging and look forward to reading much more! Thank you. Namaste

  11. I think a little parlor or room with a wall of windows that open over a huge garden. There would be a big comfy chair and little table for my tea mug. It’d be warm and well lit by a little chandelier. I want to look up see nature and feel cozy at the same time. It’ll probably never happen but I dream about it anyways:)

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