Weekend Edition – A Writers’ Circle Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

My favorite mug - mermaids and stars.

My favorite mug – mermaids and stars.

This is my 86th weekend edition. There’s no special significance to that number, but – hey! – we’ve been hanging out for a while! I looked the figure up in the archives mostly because I was curious. I also realized that, although the weekend edition series has evolved (rather beautifully) into a diverse and welcoming community, I don’t know nearly as much about you as I’d like.

I’d like to fix that.

Though we’ve never met in person (and probably never will … though, you never know), I really enjoy spending part of my weekend with you. The highest compliments I’ve received for this series are the comments and emails thanking me for posts that “felt like sitting down with a friend over coffee.” That’s exactly the feeling I hope to create with these weekend editions – a little moment out of time where I can invite you into our virtual space to share a cup of something hot and some casual (though often also passionate) conversation about the writing life, the writing craft, and really great reads. You guys are my virtual writers’ circle – bookish and writerly people coming together to talk about all things writing- and reading-related.

So, if you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to know a little more about you. What kind of writing do you do today, and what kind of writing do you aspire to produce tomorrow? Who are your writing idols? What are your writing fears? Are you a professional or a hobbyist? Are you into a particular genre? What’s your day job? Are you a parent, a kid, or an empty nester? What else do you love besides reading and writing?

I’ll go first:

  • I’m a single mom who makes her living as a freelance content strategist and copywriter for small- to mid-sized B2B (that’s business-to-business vs business-to-consumer) companies.
  • I have a wonderful and supportive family. My daughter is eleven years old and fabulous from head to toe. My beau and I will be celebrating our eighth year together this summer. My parents are also creative/artistic types – Dad is a photographer/illustrator/painter and Mom is a writer/editor. I have two cats – a mother/daughter pair named Bella and Cinder. I aspire to be as Zen as they appear to be.
  • As a professional writer, I earn the bulk of my income from my marketing-related writing (websites, ebooks, case studies, etc.), but I also write a bi-weekly column for my local paper and occasionally take on a feature piece for the paper or a regional magazine.
  • While I’m working in the copywriting “word mines,” I continue to study the craft of fiction and creative nonfiction via self-study (reading books, blogs, and magazines) as well as taking classes (primarily at the Grub Street Writers’ Center).
  • I hope to one day write and publish fiction, both short stories and novels. I’m also interested in all the emerging literary media and mediums, and I think that we’ll see some innovative authors experimenting with unique ways to reach and engage readers.
  • My writing idols include Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Ursula K. LeGuin, Salman Rushdie, Bailey White, David Almond, and Ann Patchett. I’ve also recently discovered new favorites including Kristin Bair O’Keeffe and Rita Leganski. (Honestly, the list is always growing!)
  • My writing fears are many, but I’m working to get over them and get on with the writing. Mostly, I’m afraid that I will never make time for my fiction practice and go to my grave with my stories still locked in my head. But, I’m also afraid of being rejected, ignored, or just plain laughed at. And I’m afraid my head will never be able to capture and recreate the story magic that I can almost touch with my heart.
  • Though I am still learning about the complex geography of literary genres, I have to say that I am most interested in various forms of contemporary fantasy – urban fantasy, magical surrealism, and so forth. Though I loved science fiction and epic fantasy as a child (and still do enjoy reading some of that today), I have grown to love stories that bring fantasy into our world in sometimes overt and sometimes subtle ways. I love the potential of magic existing alongside our ordinary lives.
  • In addition to reading, writing, running my business, and (last but certainly never least) navigating the wondrous land of motherhood, I take riding lessons (at the same stable I rode at when I was a child) and am going to be getting back to a regular yoga practice. I’m also beginning to learn more about meditation and am intrigued by the concept of minimalism (though my penchant for collecting tiny, artistic treasures doesn’t bode well for me taking up a spare lifestyle). I also spend a lot of time walking, observing nature, and creating photos for my Instagram habit.

Ok, your turn.

Share one detail or the whole kit-and-caboodle. Use my random questions for inspiration, or make up your own. Cover just the personal, just the professional, or a mix of both. Whatever feels right is perfect. Oh! And if you’re so inclined, please share where you “live” online – your website, blog, or Twitter handle, etc.

Take your time. I’ll be back later with a mug of tea and some chocolate.


What I’m Learning About Writing:

For every author, there is a community.

Earlier this week in Writers and Marketing – What Makes Sense? I wrote about my attempts to figure out if (and how) my various marketing activities generate value. The exercise got me thinking about that all important question: how does a writer find readers?

The painful truth is that you can blog, tweet, post, and pin until your fingers bleed, but if no one sees any of it, it won’t do you a whole heck of a lot of good.

So, what’s a busy writer with no marketing budget to do?

Find a community (or two, or three!).

All over the Internet, people congregate together based on topics, passions, and beliefs. I guarantee that no matter what you write about or what kinds of stories you tell, there are already communities of people out there who would love to hear about your stories.

For instance, I love fantasy and I love the author Charles de Lint. Imagine how delighted I was to discover The Mythic Cafe Facebook page.

mythic cafe

The Mythic Cafe (with Charles de Lint and company) is a vibrant community of almost 3,500 members who are there to (according to the group description) “celebrate myth and fantasy, and to nurture readers, writers, artists and musicians who enjoy the mythic arts.”

Be still my heart.

Communities like these are wonderful on so many levels. They provide inspiration by immersing you in the world you love and connecting you with like-minded people. They give you valuable insights into the lives and minds of people who might be your perfect readers. And, in some cases, they can give you a ready-made platform upon which to share your work.

I don’t have any work to share with the fabulous members of the Mythic Cafe, but I am really enjoying my time there. I am learning so much about myth and fairytales, collecting links to inspiring artists and stories, and generally just feeding my fantasy-loving soul.

Where might you find a community of people who are a perfect fit for what you write?


What I’m Reading:

book darkest part forestSometimes you need a fairytale to get you through the week. You need something with a prince and some magic and something scary lurking in a deep, dark wood. That’s exactly what the (book) doctor ordered for me this week, and – luckily – I happened to have a copy of Holly Black’s latest YA novel at hand.

The Darkest Part of the Forest weaves classical faerie folklore into a contemporary setting. Tourists come to Fairfold to try and catch a glimpse of the Folk, and especially to see the horned prince who has lain asleep in a glass coffin in the woods for generations. Locals know to carry iron and oatmeal in their pockets, but tourists aren’t always so respectful of the old ways and sometimes come to a nasty end.

Hazel and her brother Ben have lived most of their lives in Fairfold. As children, they roamed the forest as a knight and a bard. But now, as teenagers, their world is turned upside down when the mysterious prince in the glass coffin wakes and the boundaries between the human world and the fey world begin to blur.

Full of secrets, boons, tricksy faerie bargains, and all-too-human betrayals, The Darkest Part of the Forest puts an interesting spin on traditional faerie lore. There’s plenty of action to keep you turning pages, and plenty of romance for a starry-eyed teenager. This wasn’t a life-altering book, but I don’t think that’s at all what Black was trying to create. It is, however, a very entertaining and well written story that provides a slightly spooky and eerily beautiful escape from the world. It was fun, and good enough that I’ll be checking out some of Black’s other titles in the future.


And let’s not forget the blogs. Here are a few of my favorite writerly posts from this week:

Finally, a quote for the week:

pin paralyzed

Thanks for being here. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and to many more virtual weekend visits over a mug of something yummy. 
Jamie Lee Wallace Hi. I’m Jamie. I am a content marketer and branding consultant, columnist, sometime feature writer, prolific blogger, and aspiring fiction writer. I’m a mom, a student of equestrian and aerial arts (not at the same time), and a nature lover. I believe in small kindnesses, daily chocolate, and happy endings. Introduce yourself on Facebooktwitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. I don’t bite … usually.

121 thoughts on “Weekend Edition – A Writers’ Circle Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

  1. 86th edition? Congratulations! Here’s to many more! I love this feature so much! And for whatever reason, your post made me think that I could use another cup of tea.

    I have been working as a researcher/author/public speaker for a bit over three years now. It is mostly an unpaid self employed job. In France, being freelance is rather complicated and costly. I started doing this during my Ph.D., which I eventually gave up on for several reasons. I am searching for a paid job in higher education and/or creative/publishing industries in London, where I used to live a few years ago (while doing my second MA at King’s College). I am single and currently living with my parents due to lack of paid job

    So far all my publications, whether individual papers, edited volumes or single authored books, have been nonfiction (Science Fiction, Gender Studies, Transmedia, Children Media, Fan Studies). I got into self publishing this year, but also have a contracted book coming out late 2015. I enjoy navigating between traditional and self publishing.

    For the first time in 10 years, I am writing original fiction again. I am currently working on my second standalone short story, before picking up the short story collection I hope to finish by summer. I write Fantasy/Science Fiction.

    I love notebooks and have a lot. It is hard resisting buying new ones! I enjoy scribbling notes long handed, but I mostly write directly on the computer. I recently started using Scrivener, but only to create actual eBooks. I do the writing on Word.

    My writing inspirations include C. J. Cherryh, Joan D. Vinge, Tanith Lee, Philippa Ballantine, Vonda McIntyre, Anne McCaffrey, J. K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer (not for the Twilight books but for The Host which is one of the most captivating books I have read. Too bad people rarely mention it!), Timothy Zahn. For the nonfiction, I love Clarissa Pinkola Estès, Joseph Campbell, Henry Jenkins, Lisa Marie Selow.

    I can’t live without my cat (lovely Kenzi who arrived from a shelter in Christmas as an early 30th birthday present. Funnily she is a tortie like my previous cat, Sissi). I am a dark chocolate and tea (Lady Grey being my favorite) addict. Don’t get me started on Star Wars and The X-Files unless you’d like to grab a seat while I ramble very enthusiastically.

    • Good morning, Natacha! I’m raising my mug of tea to you. 🙂 (And, hell yes on the dark chocolate. I am SUCH a chocolate snob. I won’t even touch milk chocolate anymore.)

      I always love hearing about your projects. The topics are so interesting. As a mom to an eleven year-old girl, I’m especially interested in the ones that examine women’s role in science fiction and fantasy.

      So glad to hear you’re writing fiction again & looking forward to hearing more about that. Thanks for the long list of writers who inspire you – I clearly have some exploring to do! Anne McCaffrey holds a special place in my heart, too. I read her entire dragon series when I was a teen and wanted to go to Pern so badly that I could cry.

      Congrats on Kenzi! I think tortoise shell cats are so beautiful. When we were looking to adopt our cats, the shelter had a gorgeous tortie named Serafina (a name I adore, being a Pullman fan), but she had a cranky disposition that wasn’t recommended for homes with children. I still think about her sometimes. I hope she found a good home.

      Thanks so much for sharing this morning, Natacha. Always so nice to “see” you & hear from you. Oh, and thanks for admitting to having a notebook addiction. I’m totally with you on that one! 🙂

      • Milk Chocolate? What is that thing? 😉 I felt like rushing to my Pern books reading your comment about Anne McCaffrey! I remember reading them when a teen too (there still are some of the more recent ones I didn’t read though I think I have all the ones McCaffrey wrote herself). I hope that if you read any of my books dealing with women’s role in science fiction and fantasy, you find them interesting!
        I’m excited about the original fiction. I thought I would never get back to it, so it really means a lot to me!
        I understand about not taking that tortie (Serafina is such a beautiful name!)
        And now I’m tempted to make a post about my collection of notebooks! Your Saturday posts and the conversations can be so inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

      • Ahh, Pern. I remember walking Crane Beach here in Ipswich and wishing I would discover a clutch of fire lizard eggs. I had never wanted anything as badly in my young life. And Robinton, Lessa, and F’lar were like my council of wise elders.

        Are your books about women’s role in fantasy and science fiction available now? Where can I find them?

        And if you do post about your notebook collection, please share a link here. I’d love to see your treasure horde! 😉

  2. Hi, I am Kainat Azhar, a Computer Science student who loves books. Writing comforts me and I aspire to write some big novels in the future. Haruki Murakami, Jaun Elia, and Dante makes up the top of my writing idols’ list.

    I complete one book a week (well, usually). Beside writing I draw and listen metal. Here’s my drawing site:
    You can check a few of my jotted down material here:

    • Morning, Kainat. Welcome!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing. Your artwork is beautiful and so interesting. I love the fallen angel wings and the stag with human hands. Eerie and dark, but strangely beautiful, too.

      I’ve been intrigued by Murakami’s book, IQ84, but haven’t tackled it yet. do you have a favorite you’d recommend? Maybe something shorter so I can get a taste before trying such a daunting beast of a novel?

      Thanks again for stopping by and for the peek into your world. Nice to “meet” you. 🙂

      • Good Evening (it’s evening here)!

        Thanks for such kind words about my artwork. 🙂

        My favorite Murakami’s piece is “Kafka on the shore”, it’s surreal, it’s dark, can leave you in tears but it is beautiful in its very own strange way.

        I love your blog, it gives me hope and helps me write during my writer’s blog. Thanks for sharing your wise words with us. 🙂

        Much love and prayers.

      • Good evening! 🙂

        I have heard of “Kafka on the Shore” and will look that up. Sounds like I should add it to my To Read list on Goodreads.

        So glad if I’m able to provide hope and help you kick your writer’s block to the curb. Keep on writing and be well.

  3. What a fun idea Jamie! I am the mom of three girls, one dog, a hedgehog and a very lonely (neglected) fish. I write part-time, I’ve written freelance articles for newspapers and magazines for 15 years but have scaled back in the last couple years to help my aging parents, and to begin work on my first book. The book, Chasing Faith, is a faith memoir and I am almost done with it. It will be published and released in the fall by an independent press here in Indiana (and that’s another thing-I am not from NH, just found this blog on the Internet and began following a couple years ago). I am beyond excited about the book so also full of fear: will anyone read it? Buy it? Love it or hate it? And then; what will I do next? I guess angst is just part of being a writer-haha. I love to read and write, spend time with family, travel and practice yoga and pilates as time permits. I love to learn about writing and hope to try writing fiction sometime here soon.

    • Good morning, Tracy. Nice to see you. 🙂

      Yours sounds like a very busy household! I’m amazed that you’re able to carve out any time for writing. Good for you.

      I also have a very neglected fish. He’s a beta that my daughter gave me for my birthday after a year of begging me to get her one, and me refusing. She achieved her plan with the help of her dad (my ex husband). I named the fish Benedict (Benny for short), and wrote an essay about how he came to be part of our family.

      I have always wanted a hedgehog. They are SO adorable and quirky. Are they personable? What do they feel like to hold? Can you pet them? What’s your hedgehog’s name?

      Congrats on being almost finished with your memoir. That’s quite an accomplishment. As I mentioned last week when I shared my friend’s memoir, I haven’t read a lot of memoirs, but I am increasingly interested and impressed by the courage it takes to put so much of yourself so blatantly on the page. Fiction writers share many personal things as well, but do so under the cover of a made-up story. Memoirists must hold their truth up for all to see, no curtain to hide behind. I doff my hat to you.

      Thanks for sharing your fears for the book, too. We all have those same fears, don’t we? Seasoned writers often say that you need to put your work into the world and move immediately on to the next project so that you don’t dwell on the fate of the last. I understand this intellectually, but the heart does not always want to comply.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hope you get family time, reading, writing, and a little yoga/pilates in!

      • Sadly, our neglected fish went belly up this afternoon. 😦 Oh well, he is surely in a better place. The hedgehog belongs to my 12-yr-old; she named her Dory and she is quite cute and social. They enjoy playing and burrowing in blankets, etc. Quills only go up when they are afraid but she is able to hold her and pet her so to speak. So great to read what everyone is doing-great fun! Thanks Jamie.

      • Oh, no. Sorry to hear about the fish, Tracy. I am going to clean Benny’s tank this morning. Hopefully the clean(er) water won’t shock him.

        Dory sounds so cute. I’ve never met one in person, but I have several online friends who have them as pets. One of these days I’ll get to see one up close and personal.

        Glad you’re enjoying seeing what others are up to. I am, too!

  4. Well, seeing as I’m sitting down with a cup of ginger peach, I might as well introduce myself.

    I’m a neurotic perfectionist, twenty-three and trying to find my place in this crazy world. I live with my boyfriend, an avid reader who hides all the food on the high shelves so I can’t reach it. Because I’m so prone to overstressing myself out on the stupidest things, I often forget how lucky I am to have my own place, a beautiful man, an income, and a brain. But let’s skip the therapy for now, or we’ll be here all day.

    I did my undergrad thesis in creative nonfiction because nobody wanted to sponsor my fiction thesis (they wouldn’t let me into the fiction class because the professor didn’t approve of the fantasy novella collection I was writing). I ended up writing about video gaming experiences, while at the same time trying (and failing) to finish my medieval adventure novellas inspired by role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. My biggest weakness in my writing, that I’ve found, is that I’m all ideas and editing, but I never seem to be able to finish actually writing anything. Maybe I should get into creative development…

    Anywho, I’ve got a long list of unfinished projects, but the ones I may actually stand a chance at finishing include that medieval adventure collection I mentioned before, a fantasy novel I’m almost done outlining (inspired largely by World of Warcraft), and a bunch of pen-and-paper role-playing games I’m collaborating with the bf to write.

    My all-time favorite book is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I find the imagery captivating and evocative, and gorgeously characteristic of the world it portrays. Since high school, I’ve had a slight obsession with Japanese culture, which has only grown since I started playing the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona games. I’m currently reading The Tokaido Road: A Novel of Feudal Japan by Lucia St. Clair Robson, and so far the first thirty pages are quite promising.

    While I also enjoy a good dystopian sci-fi, I’ve realized lately that my writerly interests stray mostly toward fantasy and historical fiction (my favorite cultures/time periods being any time in Japan, Victorian England, medieval Europe, and the Roaring Twenties). As I keep reading and learning more about these genres, I hope to find a way to combine them into some kind of historical fantasy, blending cultural spiritualism with some kind of crazy fun surrealist vibes. For now, I’ll just keep learning all I can.

    • Ginger peach? That sounds delicious. 🙂

      I’m sorry that your professor didn’t approve of your fantasy novella project. That’s disappointing. But, sounds like you found a clever way to keep fantasy in your thesis anyway.

      Interesting observation about your perceived weakness, and the corresponding strengths in ideas and editing. It’s so valuable to know what you’re good at and where you could use either some help or some practice.

      And I love that even though fantasy seems to be your first love, Memoirs of a Geisha is your favorite book. I’ve never read it, but now I’m intrigued.

      Thanks so much for coming by and for sharing. Good luck creating your own brand of historical, spiritual, surrealist fantasy. Sounds fantastic!

  5. Hello Jamie,
    I have raised three beautiful adult children and my husband and I have been married for 27 years. I spent 12 years as a high school literature teacher, and I love to write. I am a bit of a philosopher, an impossible dreamer, and an avid admirer of beauty. I play jazz piano. I own two horses and I am loved by four dogs.

    My favorite escape is into a fun fantasy like The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern or one of my many favorites from Neil Gaiman. I guess my writing idol is anyone who actually produces something be it a blog, or column, or book that is thought provoking and entertaining on a regular basis. My personal moments of genius are punctuated with long non-productive spaces of silence. So producing anything on a regular basis is worthy of my envy. I continue to write because I am stubborn and I love the way paragraphs fall together even when my brain doesn’t exactly know where my fingers are going.

    I do love your blog. It is one that I read regularly.

    Connie Windecker

    • Hi, Connie. So nice to have you here. 🙂

      Your family (human and furry) sounds lovely. What kinds of horses do you own, and what kinds of riding do you like to do? I’ve always said that the horse crazy gene is something we’re either born with, or we’re not. And, once it’s been “activated,” that love never goes away. It may go into remission for a few years, but we will always return to our equine friends.

      I also loved The Night Circus. I love the story and the writing and the fact that such a beautiful book was born out of NaNoWriMo insanity. (I also love that your reminding me about Morgenstern made me go visit her site where I found her list of favorite books … a selection I will definitely be perusing more closely for possible additions to my To Read list: http://erinmorgenstern.com/about/book-love/)

      Carry on with those moments of genius and filling in the spaces between with more writing play and practice. Follow your fingers.

      Thanks for sharing and for being a regular reader. That’s awesome.

  6. Hi Jamie! This is my very first Weekend Edition. I loved it, enjoyed every single word here! Thank you for providing the perfect reading to go along with a great cup of coffee this morning!

    I am not a hobbyist or a professional. I am an infant writer, crawling around on the floor, picking up words and gumming them, drooling all over the place. I am also a mom, wife, employee, boss lady, daughter, daughter-in-law, and Chessie owner.

    Thanks for letting me drop by and drool all over your wonderful work here! Have a great weekend!

    • Welcome, Red. Yay for first-timers! 🙂

      I love your description of your writer self as a word-gumming infant. That’s perfect. Though you may consider yourself a babe in the proverbial woods, it’s clear you’re also an old soul with much wisdom to share. (I enjoyed your piece “Onion Murder” on your blog. Nicely done!)

      Chessie – Chesapeake Bay Retriever? So beautiful and lovable! I’m delighted that we have so many animal people hanging out here at the weekend edition “cafe.” Bring on the four-footed friends. They (and you!) can drool around here any time!

      • Chessie = Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is 5 years old and 92 lbs but still believes he is a puppy of 15 lbs. Major cuddler. They are the sweetest breed ever and excellent guard dogs, very protective of their family.

        Thank you for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate visitors. Writing is a new journey for me so I am eager for insights and feedback from more the more experienced.

        And I will definitely be back again. Love this site!

      • I love it when enormous dogs think they are lap dogs. I had a wonderful Ridgeback named Spencer who weight 135 lbs in his prime, but he had no trouble crawling into my lap on the couch. Too funny! 🙂

        Happy to visit your blog. I look forward to hearing/reading more from you.

  7. Good morning! I’m here with my cup of peppermint tea and ready to introduce myself.

    I used to work for a number of newspapers, whether it was internships or for pay…anything to write. Now I work as a Communication Director for a small business.

    I’ve always loved writing and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making up stories, but it wasn’t until college that I thought I would try writing a novel length story from beginning to end (up to this point they had all fizzled out by the middle). I finished and was so proud of myself…so I wrote two more. The ideas just kept coming and I had to write them down. While this was a start, I find that I currently enjoy writing short stories. At the moment I’m working on compiling a bunch of short stories that could fit together in a book.

    My hope is to one day have my stories published, but my fear is I will never see that happen. Regardless, I continue to write because I love it so much and can’t imagine my life with out it.

    I read everything and anything I can get my hands on. I’m always willing to give a new author a try. Some of my idols are Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen (I love classic literature in general), Kate Morton…just to name a few (otherwise we might be here all day!)

    Besides reading and writing, I love photography. I’ll photograph anything that sparks me. I enjoy being outside and would live on the beach year-round if possible. I like cooking and of course food in general. I also love traveling and being adventurous.

    Below I posted a few links for your viewing pleasure. One is to my blog and the other is to my photo page.

    Fort Point Lighthouse and the Golden Gate Bridge

    It was nice meeting you (online anyway) and I hope you have wonderful weekend!

    • Hi, Nicole. 🙂

      Peppermint tea. Sassy. I like it.

      Congrats to you for finishing so many novel manuscripts. That’s quite an undertaking and an even more impressive accomplishment. Nice that you’re also changing it up to play with the short story form. I was never a huge short story reader (never mind writer), but recent exposure via writing teachers and fellow readers has ignited a new passion for the form. I’m really enjoying Lucy Wood’s collection, Diving Belles and I adored Karen Russell’s collection, Vampires in the Lemon Grove.

      TKS for sharing your links. I enjoyed your post about all the things we learn from dogs. (SO true!) I used to read aloud to my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Spencer, and I swear he really listened. Also intrigued by your Flickr stream. You obviously have a love of music as well.

      Nice to meet you, too. Hope to see you around again soon!

  8. Hi Jamie,

    I do enjoy your Weekend Edition in particular and I think this is a great idea.

    I live in Ottawa, Canada and am learning SO much from blogging and reading other blogs online. I am a retired elementary school teacher and, it seems, a life-long learner. For instance, I have know almost forever that the earth tilts and the sun hits the southern hemisphere while we up here in the frozen north experience those short, frigid days through our winter, that people near the equator have a green Christmas, and that at the “North Pole” where Santa lives, it is dark for 24 hours a day for four months. What I never realized (pathetic lack of curiosity) until I started following bloggers in Australia and South Africa, is that they have their school summer holidays at the same time as they celebrate Christmas! I knew the facts but had not bothered to integrate them into the full, daily living implications.

    I am very much enjoying my retirement and am publishing daily on my blog (which I began last May — 1 year anniversary coming up soon), mostly book reviews along with some movie, music, and magazine reviews thrown in. I am from time to time working on an historical fiction novel for junior/intermediate aged people that takes place in the time of Viking exploration/conquest and toward that end, I hope to finally visit the Canadian province of Newfoundland in the near future where Parks Canada has created a wonderful historic experience in the only known North American Viking settlement which was uncovered by archaeologists in the 1960s. For now, I’m content with my blog and all the interesting people I’m “meeting” (I know what you mean — I find myself saying “my author friend in South Africa” and “my blogger friend in Spain”) and soaking in all the tips and treats I find in their blogs. I love that I’m getting to do so much reading in so many different genres and am taking part in two reading challenges online. A year ago, I didn’t even know such things existed.

    I am a single lady who used to have rather large doggies I adored but now I am enjoying a little budgie named Budge who is an extremely precocious show-off and whose favourite expression is “I live in Fawlty Towers”. He is excellent company. When he’s not chattering away to me on my shoulder, he’s exploring everything and performing gymnastics on all the toys, rings, and climbing apparatus in, on, and around his cage.

    I love mystery stories. I have DVDs of Perry Mason, Columbo, Brother Cadfael, Inspector Morse, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Rosemary & Thyme, The Thin Man, and, of course, Sherlock Holmes. For adventure, I have Robin of Sherwood, Mission Impossible, FX (the TV series), and MacGyver. Some of my favourite authors are Dame Edith Pargeter (Ellis Peters), Bernard Cornwell, Josephine Tey, Alice Hoffman, Anne Patchett, Susan Cooper, William Golding, Ellis Peters, Susanna Gregory, Margery Allingham, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, and Helen Goltz (a recent discovery for me).

    That’s probably enough about me for now. Keep on with your wonderful blog — I love spending part of my Saturday mornings with you. If you have time, my blog is mysmsbooks.wordpress.com

    Thanks for doing this!

    • Hello, “Ms. M.” 🙂

      Thanks for sharing that bit about the different seasons around the globe. I am embarrassingly inept when it comes to knowing when different seasons are happening on various parts of the globe. It’s really quite fascinating & I appreciate the enlightenment!

      When you say Susan Cooper, do you happen to mean the woman who wrote The Dark is Rising series? I bought a hard cover set from a book club when I was just pregnant with my daughter and read them all (in quick succession) as I was lying on the couch suffering from morning sickness that lasted all day (and five weeks). I have very fond memories of those stories and could reach up and touch them from where I’m sitting right now. 😉

      Budge sounds adorable and like quite the entertaining companion. I love that he has a particular penchant for Fawlty Towers. Great taste!

      Thanks so much for coming by & for sharing. Very happy for you as it seems you’re on an enjoyable and exciting journey. Glad to know you.

      PS – Glad you shared that piece about the Sidewalk Bookwork on your blog. I hadn’t heard that story before. So interesting and inspiring!

  9. So I’m Irish and I don’t drink tea. No, really. It’s true.

    For me, the best experience that can happen when I’m reading is that I fall in love and I just have to keep turning the page to read more words about ‘him’…! So instead of listing my favourite writers, I’m going to list some of my favourite love interests. 🙂 Over the years, I have fallen in love with Aragorn, Peeta, Harry, Mr Darcy, Frederick Garland (in Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart series), Callum (in Malorie Blackman’s Noughts & Crosses), and Angel (in every bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction ever written…). I now write romance myself because I cherish the idea that someday, hopefully, I might be able to pass this feeling on to someone else – even if it is just one person, that will be a success.

    Like Natacha above, I really love notebooks – the header photograph on my website (www.susiegmurphy.com) is of all the notebooks I filled with my writing in my teens! I have since rather reluctantly moved my writing process to the computer for convenience but it can’t replace the good old-fashioned pen and paper approach. 🙂

    • Irish, but not a tea drinker? You must be one in a million! 😉

      Thanks for sharing your list of swoon-worthy amours. You clearly have good taste. I also fell hard for Aragorn (and Mr. Mortensen did a good job of bringing him to life on the screen!). I haven’r read the Sally Lockhart series, but I will have to check that out. And – oh! – Angel. (Though, truth be told, I was a bit more smitten with Spike. Yes, I went for the bad boy.)

      I love the header image on your blog. What a fabulous variety of notebooks! I still journal (morning pages mostly) in spiral notebooks with a gel pen, but the rest of my writing was relegated to the computer (also for convenience’s sake). I tried journaling for a while using software (I think I still have ancient files from a software called LifeJournal), but it just didn’t feel right.

      Thanks for coming by and for sharing. Glad to have another “Buffy” fan in the mix. (I just started my daughter on the series and she’s loving it!)

      • Oh – absolutely! The joke in my family is that my daughter has already been indoctrinated into the world of “Buffy” because I was still watching the live seasons while she was an infant. I would often catch up on recorded episodes while nursing her and sometimes wondered if it was a bad thing for my infant daughter to be seeing vampires and other beasties on the TV at such a young age. She turned out just fine, though, better than fine, actually. 🙂

  10. “Writerly” I like that. I just dove into blogging this week. I’m a 55-year-old Midwestern mother of three grown kids (one is the husband). I’m so far from your experience and reading list it may be shameful to some. I’m one of those people who has reinvented myself in my career path numerous times for financial and sanity reasons, but the one constant in my life has been writing.
    I have a BA in communication, and I’ve written and edited newspapers, corporate pieces and direct mail.
    I vowed I’d find a community of writers who can help me grow. Just looking at the reading lists here I realize I’ve kept myself entrenched in easy fiction too long. Time to start reading other blogs and books as well as working through my fears.
    Thanks for writing Weekend Edition. I’ll drink my cup of coffee while you drink your tea, but I’m with you on the chocolate.

    • Hi, Susan. Thanks for coming by. Nice to have a fellow copy/business writer in the mix. 😉

      I hope maybe you’ll consider hanging around our community here at the Weekend Edition “cafe.” And – hey – don’t feel bad about your “easy fiction” or intimidated by any of the authors/books people are sharing. I’m a big believer in reading only those books and stories that you absolutely love. Life is short and there’s only time to read a finite number of books. Make ’em the ones you enjoy.

      And, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. (I feel like I should break a bottle of champagne on the bow of your brand new blog!) I for one am glad to know you’re out there writing. The world could use more aspiring Erma Bombecks!

      Thanks again for coming by and sharing. Glad to have you here.

      PS – Very sorry about your father-in-law. He sounds like a warm human being who lived a good life.

  11. I love the weekend edition, by the way. 🙂 I’m sitting by a warm fire, enjoying my coffee so this seems like a good way to finish out my Saturday morning.

    – Today, I write for my job and for fun. I work in communications for a government volunteer organization and I write all day, everything from press releases to training manuals. A few years ago, I realized I was approaching the deadline of a promise I made to myself in college, that I would write a book before I turned 25. NaNoWriMo was nearing, and I decided that was the best way to accomplish that goal. Since then, I’ve finished one manuscript and started two others, and I just love it! I aspire to produce beautiful writing that captivates the audience, and I also strive to create strong heroines that girls and women can look up to, because I don’t think there are enough of those!

    – A few of my writing idols, in no particular order: Emily Bronte, C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, J.K. Rowling, Amy Tan, Gustovo Perez Firmat, Sandra Cisneros, Kashuo Ishiguro, Flannery O’Connor, G.K. Chesterton.

    – One of my biggest writing fears is writing too much for myself. I think writing for yourself is important, but if that’s all it is, I think it becomes unrelatable. There’s a fine line between selling out (only writing for the masses or trends) and being self-absorbed. Striking that balance of being personal and also being engaging is so hard, and yet so essential. I also resonate with what you said about my head not being able to get in touch with the writing magic I regularly recognize in my heart through reading.

    – I’m also getting more and more into contemporary fantasy. I used to love high fantasy so much, and I’ll still always have a place for it in my heart, but like you said, having magic right here in our world is so much more intoxicating. I also love global literature. Reading books from other cultures can sometimes feel like fantasy, it’s so foreign. Post-colonial literature is among my favorite in this category.

    • Ahhh … a warm fire. I SO miss our old fireplace. We moved about a year ago into a lovely apartment overlooking the river and town wharf. We love it, but the one thing we miss from our old rental (a 300 year-old antique) is its 8-foot original fireplace complete with bread oven and a beam from which to hang the cooking pots (or, if you’re feeling witchy, a cauldron). My dream house will have a fireplace like that one. Perfect for curling up and reading, or writing.

      Glad to know yet another writer who combines a writing day job with a fiction writing “real life.” And I also love that you strive to create stories that feature both beautiful writing and strong heroines. I completely agree that there are never enough of those. (I love Joss Whedon’s response to the constant question of why he writes strong female characters – “Because you’re still asking me that question.”)

      Your thoughts about finding the balance between writing for yourself and writing for others are so intriguing. There is such a deep and personal relationship between writer and reader. It’s complex. I have never really thought about it in such a direct way, though. Now you’ve got my wheels turning!

      And – yes, yes, yes – I also find the idea of magic in this world “intoxicating.” That’s the perfect way to describe the feeling.

      Thanks so much for coming by and for sharing. Delighted to have you here.

      • I’ve seen a few pictures of your current space when you and your fellow writers here did that post on writing spaces. It looks like you have a gorgeous view, but an EIGHT foot fireplace!? Wow! That would be hard to leave. I can’t imagine having that in my own house, but I would love it if I did. Ours is small and powered by gas, so you flick it on with a light switch, but it’s pretty and convient and warm. 🙂 I’m glad to spark a new thought for you! Maybe I should explore it in more depth, too. I think because I came from a place of mostly just journaling and writing stories to entertain myself or doing journalistic writing where you only think about the reader, novel-writing is a blend that I’m still navigating. You have to be true to yourself in fiction writing or else it feels fake, but if you stick to close to yourself, it won’t feel relevant and it might even be boring. I’m still working on it. Anyway, hope you hvae a lovely morning and can snuggle up near a fire some time soon. 🙂

      • There’s a lot to be said for a fireplace that is convenient and clean. Though I loved our rustic fireplace (and wondering how many generations of people had gathered around its hearth over the centuries), the mess it made with soot and ash and all the bits and pieces of wood was constant.

        Yes, that is a train of thought that bears more musing. How do we balance the truth we want to tell with a story that resonates with readers? How do we shape a story around our personal perspective while still inviting others in to share that very unique experience. Lots to think about there. 🙂

        Enjoy the rest of your morning and your lovely fire. “See” you soon!

  12. I’m a stay at home mom to 2 kids ages 8 & 5, husband and I are ttc#3 🙂 I’m a blogger newbie. I hope that with a blog I can relieve my crowded mind of the millions of thoughts and stresses of the day/week. I hope to find like minded people or even to get a view or response on my page lol I’m a TV addict and a book worm I always dreamed of being a writer but am not that imaginable sadly. My husband and have been together for 15 years this summer and married 5 years. We got married on our 10 year anniversary.
    Have a great day.

    • Your “ttc#3” tag took me back to my days writing for mommy blogs. What a wonderful and wacky world that was (is)! Though I am sometimes still tempted to write something for that audience, the fact that my daughter is older now keeps those musings from hitting the Internet.

      I’m glad you came by and hope that you enjoy your blogging journey and your time with your little ones!

      • Thank you 🙂
        Blogging has been something new for me wordpress is my third attempt lol I tried blogger but dont think my posts were public then blog.com and they seamed unpopular so now trying wordpress maybe I will have some luck with an audience. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post I wasnt actually expecting it lol
        Have a great day 🙂

      • A big part of finding an audience is just being a reader of other people’s blogs. Especially in the mom blog community. There are so many different people out there doing just what you’re doing. If you can connect with them on their blogs and also in shared spaces (like Facebook groups or major mom blogs like BabyCenter, etc.), those relationships will sometimes carry over to your own blog.

        Enjoy & have fun!

  13. Hi jamie, i am nearly sixty, next week in fact and looking forward to it. I feel as if i am becoming more happier and content as I grow older.

    I like to write but mainly in the form of blogs and letters and diaries. Most of my writing is about life, struggles and faith, but I always say how it is and not what I think others would like to read.

    I also love reading and like to put my books and reviews on GOODREADS. I never give a bad review. If i havent personally enjoyed a book i dont write a review. I love gardening, relaxing, coffee shops…LOVE YOUR MUG, pottering with my house plants, listening to music.

    So there you are, not much more to add. I wish you success with your fictional writing and I am sure you get a book published. Barbara

    • Hi, Barbara. Happy early birthday! How lovely that you are looking forward to your special day and feeling happier and more content with each passing year. I will be forty-six this year, but I don’t feel like I’m nearing the half-century mark. Time (and age) are just illusions.

      Thanks for the compliment on my mug. I actually bought it at Starbucks, which is kind of funny since I’m not really a big Starbucks fan. I am part of an online group or writers called the Ink-Slinking Sirens, and the mug sort of became our unofficially official mug as members of our group from Bali to Boston and Ottowa to England went out to grab themselves one of these limited edition beauties. The fun of the chase was half the draw, but now I find I’ve developed quite an emotional attachment to this bit of clay and glaze.

      I’m right with you on your Goodreads policy. I don’t post bad reviews either. I prefer to focus on what’s great and just sidestep the not-so-great. No need to point at them and make faces. 😉

      Thanks so much for coming by and for sharing a bit about yourself. And thank you for the good wishes – I send them back to you as well.

      PS – Very sorry to hear about your dear friend. Sending comfort and healing.

  14. Hello, I’m Marena. Right now I’m a student. Soon (September) I’ll be a military wife. I love writing however it’s just a hobby for now. Maybe I’ll make it a career one day but that’s far off since I’ve never been more of a hobbyists. I love fictional novels but I have no real person that inspires me. Can I inspire myself?
    I love reading. I can read a 600 page book in one day. And remember every part of it with no trouble. So I think that’s what made me decide to write. Right now I only write about day to day things but my hope is to try my hand at short stories every once in a while.
    It was nice to “meet” you!

    • Hello, Marena. (Such a beautiful name)

      Yes, you can absolutely inspire yourself. That’s great! And it’s great that you’re such an avid reader. I’m envious of your recall skills. I must admit that I often have to read a book two or more times before it’s really cemented in my brain.

      So glad you’re writing. I love writing about “day-to-day” things and do so almost each day in my morning pages. You might enjoy a post I wrote about ten ways that journaling makes you a better writer: https://nhwn.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/10-ways-journaling-makes-you-a-better-writer/

      Thanks for coming by. It was nice to “meet” you as well. 🙂

  15. An invitation to chat! How lovely 🙂 Okay…

    – I am a mother of two strong and smart children, a boy, 10 and a girl, 6. I have been with their father for 15 years.
    – I work as a teachers aide at my children’s school, and am currently working one on one with children who need extra help with their literacy. In other words, I am helping children to read, an amazingly satisfying job – I love education. I also do some freelance work – newsletters, workbooks, websites etc.
    – I am part of a local writers group – secretary actually, and this is a big part of my learning, with access to writing workshops, exercises and retreats. I also like to go to one writing festival a year. i love them 🙂
    – My current dream is the one I am working on – a workbook to help women bring the sacred into their everyday life – how to make their whole life a spiritual practice.
    – My writing idols! Elizabeth Gilbert, Kate Forsyth, Isabelle Allende, Diana Gabaldon, Barbara Kingsolver, Caroline Myss, Tosha Silver…the list goes on!
    – Writing fears. That I won’t finish, that I will finish and be left with a chunk of words that nobody will read.
    – Like you, I love magical realism, although I do love a historical component to it as well, as maybe you can see from my favourite authors. I love anything with depth and characters I can identify with. I also love to be inspired.
    – When I am not writing, working or mothering, I love yoga, cooking, music, reading, social media, connecting face to face with my friends and family, the river, and going on adventures 🙂

    • Morning, Sara. 🙂 (At least, it’s morning here.)
      Always so nice to see you.

      Helping children to read sounds like a wonderfully fulfilling job. There is such magic in opening the world of books to a child for the first time. And I’m happy to know we have yet another freelance copywriter in our midst.

      I read “secretary” as “secretly” re: your being part of a local writers’ group, which instantly had me asking questions in my head. Now the back of my brain is noodling on a story about a woman who is secretly involved in a writers’ group.

      I do not know much about Isabelle Allende, but this week’s quote is by her. Just looked her up, and will be adding a book (or, two) to my To Read list. Thanks!

      And – the river – literal, metaphorical, both?

      Finally – I love your idea for a book that helps women bring the sacred into their daily rounds. This is something that I think about, but something that is a challenge for me. I am not involved in traditional or organized religions. I am drawn to more ancient practices, earth religions, and lately Buddhism (which I know is not technically a religion). I guess I’d be what’s called an eclectic.

      Thanks, as always, for being here & extra thanks for sharing more about yourself. Such fun!

      • Oh, and literally a river – there is a beautiful swimming hold up the road which sustains me 😊.
        Your description of your spirituality sounds exactly like mine xo

      • Oh – a swimming hole! We enjoyed a wonderful one (including a natural water slide) up in New Hampshire last fall. SO beautiful and fun. Best of all, we were the only ones there!

        I’d love to know if you’ve written anything on your blog about our shared “eclectic” spirituality in the context of parenting. I share some things with my daughter, but we don’t have a very organized approach, and since I’m really just feeling my way along in the dark, I don’t really feel like I am a good guide. Just curious if/how you’ve addressed this in your family.


  16. Hello, Jamie, lovely to hear more about your personal and writing life – I always enjoy your posts and I have to admit that I share your fear of going to the grave with my stories untold.
    I used to write so much when I was a teenager and even in my early twenties, and then I stopped for nearly twenty years. It’s been painful but also joyous reigniting the writing passion, but my family, friends and job don’t allow me much time to indulge. I suppose I have to learn to take it more seriously myself, instead of doing it AFTER I’ve done everything else.
    I love crime fiction as well as more literary fiction, and I also read a lot of translated fiction – there is so much interesting stuff being published all over the world, I wish I could read them all in the original!
    Oh, and I live on the Swiss border, so my chocolate addiction is official… But I do prefer coffee to tea (and am a bit of a snob about both).

    • Hello, Marina! I feel like it’s been a while. So nice to see you. 🙂

      I know how you feel about the challenges of only writing AFTER you’ve done everything else. I think that this is a battle all writers face, but women writers in particular. I am constantly making paid writing (which is almost exclusively marketing-related) a top priority while I let my creative and fiction writing slip down to the bottom of my list. That is, perhaps, what makes my (and your?) relationship with writing a little “painful” … a little angst-y … sometimes.

      Making and taking time for our writing can feel so selfish. I’m really trying to train myself to get over that guilt and understand that my writing may be (see, I can’t even say “is”) the greatest gift I can give.

      Ooh! An “official” chocolate addiction, and you must have quite a selection to choose from. I totally understand about the coffee thing. I drink tea because I never developed a taste for coffee, but I LOVE the smell of the stuff. My daughter can always tell when I’ve been writing at our local coffee shop because I come home smelling of beans and brew. 😉

  17. Hi Jamie,

    How are you doing today?

    First things first..That’s a beautiful mug! I have come to adapt my liking to the handle part of it even more.I keep going up to the start of this lengthy page,only to see the mug, time and again.

    There’s definitely a reason(no harm in even pretending to have one 😉 ) to come read what you write. It’s almost like that one huge favorite book you cant put down until you read till the end. The conversations with the fellow writers makes for a great read too. I read every single one of them until i reached here, determined to leave a reply.

    Having strong faith in your quote for the week, i believe you should start penning down your fiction novel. All your followers will sure back me up on that. We all would love to see it soon.Nevertheless, its the excitement of thinking how you will capture a story in your eyes , the name for the book, the first chapter, the beginning words, the twists, how you d pamper us with the details,spoil us with the luxuries, the final pages, final words of the book. Its a pretty long list to keep adding to. I hope you do find the right moment and the time to complete and reveal your book. Wishing you the best of luck with that.

    I would like to call myself a writer, a novice at that, looking to pen down one book.. just that one book which stays in the mind of the readers forever, Artistically crafting each and every word of the book to the overall aspect of it. Of course i ll have to cross through a few books and keep heightening the level each time i write. It is an etching,deeply settled forever in me about my fear of getting to write , finish and handover the book to the readers to share the fruits of my work..

    86th edition is only getting even better and sure is gonna grow up to reach many more in the coming weeks and years. look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day Jamie..

    • Hello, Pretam. 🙂 So nice to see you.

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. I do look forward to writing a book (and then another, and another) someday in the not-too-distant future. I am still winding my way slowly towards discovering that part of my writing journey. I am enjoying the sense of anticipation and all the learning that happens along the way, but not feeling rushed or pressured by the process. Many people compare writing a book to giving birth, so it makes sense that there is a gestation period for the idea.

      I love that you hope to write “just that one book which stays in the mind of readers forever.” You sound very dedicated to your vision and mission, and that will carry you far as you do the work you need to do to make your dream a reality.

      Thanks for being here and, again, for your generous encouragement. I look forward to seeing you on future weekend editions!

  18. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, even if I don’t care for dark chocolate. Here’s a little bit about me–
    – I have been married to the same man for thirty years in a row. He is nicer than I am. I have have a son and a daughter who are both grown and living too far from me. My daughter is married and my son is getting married this fall. They have been quite inconsiderate of my feelings and have yet to bless me with a grandchild.
    – Because I have no children to dote on, I now take pictures of my dogs. There are two of them, and they are much more adorable than the dogs we had when the kids were living at home.
    – I work part-time as an educational consultant for the Write For Texas project. I assist teachers and students with the writing they do in classrooms, both in English and other content areas.
    – I have always written, and published a short story and a personal narrative several years ago.
    – I stopped the fun personal projects for a while after that because I went to graduate school and got a promotion at work that required crazy long hours.
    – Now, I’m on a pause from that crazy full time work schedule. That’s why my blog is called thepauser.wordpress.com. I thought I would “pause” for one year, but it looks like I’ll continue with my consulting work for at least another full year.
    – I started blogging six months ago. It has been a very fulfilling experience for me, and one that has helped me to become much more comfortable in the role of writer.
    – In addition to the blog, I joined a writer’s group about two months ago, and have started writing a novel I had an idea for years ago. My fear about this project is just that I’ll hit a blockade and not be able to finish. The whole idea of publishing is not really gleaming in my eye yet. I just want to write “the end,” and have that sense of accomplishment.
    Well, enough about me. I appreciate everything you do to make those of us who are newbies feel like a part of the writing community.

    • Hello, Joni. So nice to “meet” you.

      It sounds like you have a lovely family, despite your inconsiderate children. 😉 (Don’t give up hope. I was such a child myself. For many years, my parents thought all they were ever going to get was a “grandpuppy,” and now they have a beautiful, smart, and fun granddaughter to dote on.)

      Congrats on having a couple of pieces published, and on your promotion and graduate school. You are one busy lady!

      So glad you’re enjoying blogging … and Twitter? Loved your post about your experience with the “Twitter party” during the Superbowl. I agree that Twitter can be so much fun and such an easy way to interact with huge numbers of people on a level playing field. I have been able to connect (for a moment) with some of my favorite authors that way. (FYI – If you join another party, you may want to try http://tweetchat.com/ – I discovered this little secret a while ago and it makes those hashtag fests SO much easier to follow.)

      It’s funny how when you’re slaving away on a piece of writing, the two little words, “The End,” become the most beautiful words in the English language. I always feel such a sense of satisfaction, even if what I’m working on is “only” a blog post or a 600-word column. Each time I reach the end, I can’t help but picture myself as a little kid saying proudly, “Here. I made this.”

      Thanks so much for coming by and sharing. Very fun to get to know you a bit.

      And, by the way, I haven’t met him of course, but seems to me you’re at least as nice as Super Husband. 😉

  19. Thanks for asking! I am a retired teacher who lives alone in Oregon, but I am definitely not lonely. I have 2 lovely grown daughters. One lived in NYC and the other just moved to Seattle. Also have a fantastic granddaughter who plays soccer and just got a soccer scholarship to Univ of Delaware. She will start in the fall. Then there is my handsome grandson, now taking a semester abroad in the Netherlands.

    Having been honing my writing skills by publishing 500 word dance reviews in our local paper. As a lifelong dancer, attending dance concerts is definitely not a chore.

    Am nearing the finish line of writing my first novel. My first novel in a mythic series. The main character is Everywoman. All my life I have read or read about books about Everyman. Felt it was time to balance the scale. The women in my Journey series will experience the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of being female. This series is a bit like birthing babies, for I have known many of these women’s joys and sorrows.

    I write every day, have a sometime blog, volunteer with AARP, read voraciously, love films, stage plays and musicals, museums, walking, cooking for friends, all the holidays, and just…being.

    • Hello, Gwen. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

      I have only been to Oregon once, when I was just out of the sixth grade and on a 33-day road trip around the country with my parents and sister. I loved the coast in that part of the country and also remember being absolutely smitten with the little ground squirrels who would eat bits of this and that out of our hands at the rest stops.

      Sounds like you have both a lovely family and a fun and rewarding writing practice. I actually just wrote a column about my love of dance. I am not a dancer, but I have always been so drawn to the way dance allows a person to tell a story without words – painting the scene and action in the air with nothing but movement and emotion. It’s a special kind of magic.

      And hooray for Everywoman. That sounds wonderful. I’m curious to know more about how you define “mythic series.” Are you writing fantasy, or is it something more like Clarissa Pinkola Estes? I’m intrigued.

      Thanks again for being here and for sharing a bit of your world. Hope to see you again soon!

  20. Bailey White? Are you from Georgia? I’ve lived here for 21 years.
    And Ann Patchett— YES!

    I’m currently reading Wolf Hall and God: a Biography. I even have hopes of finishing them. The most recent novel I completed was The Goldfinch, which provoked much emotional response and made one of my New Year’s Resolutions to go see more Fine Arts Exhibits and Performances in 2015. I also just completed reading the Prayer Journal of Flannery O’Connor.

    I’m a retired high school English Lit and Composition teacher, as well as a Christian Educator (Divinity School degree); consequently, I struggle not to sound too school-marmish or preachy in my writing (exhibit A: the semi-colon and use of “consequently” above).

    My writing fears are like yours–failure and rejection and fear that I will never get anything published at all. And that although I experience occasional wide swaths of creative thinking, I only have small swatches of writing time.

    I am a wife, mother of three adult married daughters, dog-lover, and volunteer at this point in my life. Married 40 years, my husband and I are thinking of leaving our current location to live closer to the rest of our family. This is a “free-fall” situation for us, as we are envisioning a new careers, new living situation, and downsizing our housing. Our current home is on the market, and my husband is applying for new professional positions.

    After a day of stressing over people looking at our house, I am indulging in “Drumstick” ice cream at the moment, though my favorite tea is Lemon Zinger and my coffee tends toward non-fat lattes with sugar-free sweetener, especially after yoga or power class.

    I’m also working to understand my motives for writing: Do I have a need to be understood? Do I want to be famous? Do I want to create scandal, or can my writing benefit humanity? Am I just another retired person who has too much time and hubris?

    • 🙂 I am not from Georgia, but I fell in love with Bailey White after reading her collection of short stories in Mama Makes Up Her Mind. I then enjoyed Quite a Year for Plums (https://nhwn.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/weekend-edition-creating-more-than-just-art-plus-writing-tips-and-good-reads/) the way I might have enjoyed reuniting with an old friend.

      And, Ann Patchett. Need I say more?

      You are the fourth or fifth person to mention Wolf Hall to me in recent weeks. I’m beginning to think I need to add that to my reading list. One of the women in the Fiction I class I took last fall was raving about it. And – Goldfinch – I’ve heard mixed reviews, but will probably eventually give it a try for myself. Sometimes a huge, heavy, seemingly endless novel is just what you need.

      It is, as you point out, difficult to fit “wide swaths of creative thinking” into “small swatches of writing time.” Perhaps that is all part of the magic, the alchemy, of writing – using words to condense the impossibly huge experience of life into something a person can hold in her hands.

      Your “free-fall” sounds exciting to me. Scary, I’m sure, but also maybe liberating and inspiring? I am not yet at a stage in my life where I’m thinking seriously about big changes, but I do sometimes daydream about creating an entirely different life – wiping the chalkboard clean and sketching out a whole new world for myself. Anything is possible, right?

      Thank you, especially, for sharing your questions around why you write. This is something I think about often (though perhaps I’d be better off just doing the writing and figuring out why I did it later). 😉 Then again, as I said in last Saturday’s weekend edition, having clarity about our motivations can be an important source of inspiration and fuel for our writing.

      Good luck with the house showings. (Thank goodness you have Drumsticks to carry you through!). And, don’t ever fret about using semi-colons or twenty-five cent words here. We welcome both!

      • Thanks for your kind reply. I just read several articles on the Brain Pickings website which gave synopses of writing advice from great authors. I think the one which best suits my situation is from F. Scott Fitzgerald:
        “Nobody ever became a writer just by wanting to be one. If you have anything to say, anything you feel nobody has ever said before, you have got to feel it so desperately that you will find some way to say it that nobody has ever found before, so that the thing you have to say and the way of saying it blend as one matter—as indissolubly as if they were conceived together.” I need to narrow in on my passion.

  21. Hi Jamie,

    I haven’t commented in awhile, but I have been reading every single Saturday. I write non-fiction more than fiction. Essays, reports and articles. If I were to write fiction, it would have to mean inspiration seriously struck me.

    Wendy Mass, Jerry Spinelli and Chris Colfer are my writing idols. The thing about Wendy Mass and Jerry Spinelli have a style, where you always learn something from their books. You walk away with this new philosophy or way of living. Chris Colfer wrote the Land of Stories series, and that’s how fantasy became my favourite genre. I felt like I was living in the world that they lived in, and suddenly I escpaed from reality.

    In terms of writing, I am a hobbyist, pretty much a beginner. I am in the middle of writing a book, but I am only 13. I have a fear that many won’t read my writing, so I choose not to write fiction, because fiction always has a downside compared to non-fiction. I am just a teen, who enjoys reading, spending quality time with friends, surfing the internet, and inspiring others to stay creative. I draw murals, sing covers of songs, enjoy eating and write spoken word poetry.

    • Hello! It has been a while. So nice to “see” you and so glad to hear you’re still writing.

      I’m glad you mentioned Jerry Spinelli. I almost included him in my list of writing idols, but I didn’t want to go on and on and on with all those names. I really enjoyed (and was impressed by) both Stargirl and With Love, Stargirl. I would very much like my daughter to read them, but she’s on a full-on fantasy kick right now and has no interest in stories that don’t involve faeries, magic, and a fair amount of ass kicking. 😉

      Good for you to be writing a book at thirteen. I wish I’d done that at your age. Even though you consider yourself a beginner, remember that everyone starts out as a beginner AND that only through practice can we evolve beyond that stage. You have a great opportunity for sustained practice.

      I’m curious about your comment that “fiction always has a downside compared to non-fiction.” Do you mean that it’s harder to find an audience? That it’s harder to write? Love to talk more about that.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing bits of your very creative life. Love to hear all that – words, music, pictures. Fabulous.

  22. Hey auntie (could i call you that?)
    I’ve been reading your post lately but too afraid to comment.
    My name is Theo and i’m an eighteen years old girl who really loves to read and writeeventhough I’m an engineer student. I live far away from my family bcs i’m studying abroad.

    Agatha Cgristie and John Grisham are my favorite writer. And i have plenty of their books. But sadly i barely have friend who appreciate books as much as I do, which is why i sometimes turn into an introvert and stop talking with people.

    I write almost all the time on my free day and i write fiction. But it’s just a hobby and i’m never gonna make a novel or something like that i guess, bcs i’m originally an engineer. And my dad will never appreciate me writing fiction. He just wants me to be an engineer, not anything else (which makes me so upset all these years).

    • Hello, Theo. So glad to have you here.
      Yes, you can call me “auntie.” That’s sweet.

      Reading your comment makes me want to give you the kind of pep talk I give my own daughter – about being your own, unique self and finding your “tribe” of friends who share your passions. But, I also know that each of us leads her own life and faces her own challenges. Sometimes a pep talk is not helpful.

      That said, I am glad that you continue to love reading and writing, and I hope that you do find ways to connect with others who share you love of stories and art. Though you may be on a path to be an engineer, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your writing. So many writers and authors (even the famous ones!) maintained day jobs throughout their writing careers and wrote their novels on the side. If you have a fire in your heart for telling stories, you should tell stories.

      I wish you much luck and happy adventures, and I hope you won’t be afraid to comment here again. You are always welcome.

      • I really wish i could be my own unique self but almost all the time i want to give up bcs of the pressure i get from dad and people around me.
        Thanks auntie, i really wish to be able to learn seriously to be an engineer bcs i never want to make dad dissapointed. But i also won’t stop writing. I guess i’ll sort this out sooner or later.
        I’ll comment a lot here 🙂

    • You can do both. Let me tell you that as an engineer I do a lot of writing. Granted it mostly non-fiction (although some project plans I’ve worked are more like works of fiction). There is nothing incompatible about being a good writer and a good engineer.

      And I don’t know about not writing a novel – some great writers started out as scientists or engineers. Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) went to Harvard medical school and yet went on to write great books. Issac Asimov got a PHD in biochemistry before becoming one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century.

      I was an engineer for 25 years before I decided to go back to school and get a BA in English. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

      Just keep studying and writing. You’ll sort it all out. As you go through your education, take time to take a few extra classes over in the English department – it will help not only your communicate better. Which is a good thing for both being a writer and an engineer.

      • Wow i never knew that i can do both. I mean i’ve been stressed about it lately. I want to fulfill his wish but also want to do what i like to do. And sometimes i feel like i should give up on writing bcs i’ll never be able to do both.
        Maybe i’m still too young and stupid. I never see world in different perspective.
        Thanks for the advice, i guess i’ll surely take a few extra classes over in the english department. Thank you, i really appreciate this.

  23. Great post and wonderful idea. I am one of those who will likely never earn a living writing but still would like to publish something once or twice in my life. I am an engineer by trade, a woodworker by inclination, a writer by need and lately a poet who never though he could. After twenty-five years in high tech I took a couple of years off work to finish a BA in English (literary criticism mostly) just because I’ve always wanted to have time to study literature and great writers.

    Now, ten years later I have hopes of completing the first draft of a book this month – a book of poetry about my and my mother’s experience with cancer. Yup, just what the world needs, more cancer poems. Likely I’ll self publish it as I think my market will be about 20 people…

    Keep doing these posts – I always love to read them.

    • Hello, Andrew. Thanks for being here and participating in this impromptu writers’ circle.

      I love that you are both an engineer and a writer. I really admire you for taking a couple years off from the high tech world to finish your BA. That’s such a commitment and such a gift to yourself. (Perhaps you could offer some advice to sehunblackpearl who commented a little earlier.)

      I wish you the best on your book of poetry. Depending on what you decide to do with it, you might consider reaching out to hospitals and cancer support groups who may be able to use it in their work with other patients.

      Thanks so much for being a regular here are our little weekend edition “cafe.” Always nice to see you and hear from you.

      And thanks for sharing a little about yourself. 🙂

  24. Mostly I blog for personal reasons but I write videos and documents translations as a part time job. I hope to write and publish some books one day. I don’t have writing idols but I love Poe and King. My writing fears? None, for I don’t see it as a failure if I never been published because there is more to life and me than that. I don’t have any particular genre in mind as a writing preference or so. Day job… I used to be a nurse but ten years ago I decided to chase my dream of becoming an interior designer, now my partner and I are working hard to get our small company off the ground and I am working as a freelancer. I’m an empty nester. I have two children. My son is teaching Latin/French/Greek and Dutch Literature in the university somewhere and my daughter is specialized in helping family,children and young adults with handicaps to orient and integrate in the society in the hope of being able to live on their own. She’s a social worker. Beside writing and reading, I love gardening, traveling, hiking and taking long walks. That’s me and my life in a nutshell.

    • Hello, there. Always so nice to see you.

      I love your lack of fear and the way that you keep from having specific expectations. I think there is some deep wisdom in that approach, even as you pursue your desire to write and publish.

      And, congrats on getting your interior design company off the ground. That sounds like an exciting new adventure for you.

      Thanks again for being part of this weekend conversation. And thanks for your words of encouragement to sehunblackpearl. That was very kind of you.

  25. Good morning Jamie! Firstly, thank you for asking. This is a great post. As I am typing this response I am being attacked on the sofa by my two year old son. One of many distractions that take me away from my world of fiction writing. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Love him to bits.
    I am in fact new to writing and I am about to start chapter five of my first attempt at a psychological thriller. I’m finding it hard to get that valuable writing time that I crave. I work in business travel which keeps me busy 9-5 and come home to 2 kids. I must admit though I have been well and truly bitten by the writing bug and I just can’t get enough of it. The imagination, what a powerful tool hey! Thanks again Jamie. Good luck to all.

    • Hello, Mark. Welcome! 🙂

      Being attacked by a two-year-old sounds like great fun. My eleven year-old daughter still attacks me sometimes. Sadly for me, she often gets the upper hand now.

      Good for you to make time in your already busy life for writing. It’s never easy, but – as you said – if you’ve been bitten by the writing bug, you just find a way to make it happen.

      Love to hear more about what inspired you to write. Is it something you’ve done throughout your life, or a new pursuit?

      Happy writing and enjoy that little boy of yours. I know it’s cliche, but they do grow up SO fast.

      • Hi Jamie, he definitely keeps me feeling young that’s for sure! To be honest I am completely new to it all. I am really into watching psychological thrillers and tv dramas of that nature so quite recently I thought to myself if someone else can think of a clever idea like that, why can’t I? So I did! I’ve now made a start and can’t wait for everything to come together. I am really starting to feel my characters now which is so exciting. Keep the great discussions coming and thanks for your reply 🙂 Mark

      • Kids do help us stay young at heart, but that’s only fair since they are also often the cause of graying hair! 🙂

        If you haven’t already, you should check out Larry Brooks’ blog, Storyfix: http://storyfix.com/ He has a couple of excellent books on story “engineering” and “physics” which help explain how to structure a story in great detail. His approach is, I think, especially easy to apply to suspense and thriller stories. Make sure to check out his blog categories where you can easily link to specific series including “deconstruction” series which provide a play-by-play of how Brooks’ theories and tactics come into play in actual books you may have read or movies you may have seen. Super helpful. Hope you enjoy it!

      • Hi Jamie, thank you very very much for recommending Larry’s blog. Having had a quick look through, it is exactly what I need. Extremely helpful! Thanks again. Mark

    • Thanks.
      And always nice to see you here. (Seriously, I smile each time I see your name in the comments section.)

  26. Jamie #HUGSS

    I am in a dark place right now, but how could I resist reading the words of my favorite blogger?

    A little bit about me:

    I am Kitty, 33 turning 34 (so old – lol), live in Chicago and am constantly lorded over by my pup and my husband! lol

    I am confused and directionless, but writing makes me happy. After denying my love for words for 31 years, an Eating Disorder (Anorexia) forced me to rethink my dreams. In 2014, I acquired the courage to call myself a writer. (I as a Telecom Consultant in my past life, but neither did I enjoy the job nor did I contribute anything (save for one project in which I had a FABULOUS boss who trusted me, and I shone), so I was fired)

    I want to start dabbling in Travel Writing this year and Freelance Writing next year. I desperately want to launch my blog, but every time I think of the work involved, my heart plummets and I don’t do anything. FEAR, I guess.

    I enjoy helping my friends with their blogging assignments, but struggle with constant ‘writer’s blocks’ because of my unhealthy relationship with food and my poor body image. It’s hard for me to focus – actually impossible – and a goldfish has thrice my attention span!

    I want to read…I need to figure out how to read more. I hate not reading

    Anyway, I am just trying to give, do and be better every day…most days I fail, but a few good days compel me to keep going – and I LOVE YOU

    I apologize for my incoherent answer, but I am struggling a lot today #HUGS


    • Hello, Kitty.
      I’m sorry that you are struggling today, but I’m glad you chose to be here. It’s always nice to “see” you.

      It sounds like you have grown a lot and been through a lot, especially last year. (Hooray for finally finding the courage to call yourself, “writer.”) It’s understandable that you might feel most comfortable taking things slow as you figure out your writing journey. I would not worry too much about launching a blog, or any other “big” writing project. Start small. Find little pockets of time and just write in whatever way is most enjoyable to you.

      Writing is such an intimate and personal practice. And yet, the world (and the Internet in particular) is crammed chock-full of all kinds of loud advice, best practices, and 10-steps to do anything better, faster, bigger. It’s overwhelming!

      If you can, I encourage you to try to keep your journey as simple as possible. If you feel like your attention span can’t handle long bouts of focus (I love your metaphor about the goldfish, btw – fabulous!), don’t immediately attack projects that require long bouts of focus. Try poetry. Try flash fiction. Try writing postcards! 😉

      The only thing that will alleviate stress about “the work involved” is to give yourself the opportunity to practice. A lot. Eventually, you will find a groove and a way to ease yourself into it. But, for now, just play with the writing.

      At least, that’s how I’d start if I were feeling the way you’ve described.

      Thanks again, Kitty, for being here and for sharing so bravely and openly. You may feel incoherent, but your words are actually strong and clear.

      • Hugs back to you, Kitty.
        Your comment made me laugh a little, mostly because my “brilliant mind at work” is mostly me staring at the screen like an idiot. 😉

        Hope today is a better day!

  27. I continue to be amazed by other people’s activity levels, the energy they must have to do such a range and volume of reading and writing. To me, you are very productive from everything I read about and from you, so the fantasy novel will probably come when the time is right. Happy Spring!

    • I’m often amazed by the accomplishments of others, but each of us is pretty amazing in our own way. 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement and for being a positive presence here. Always nice to “see” you.

      Sending happy spring wishes your way, too!

  28. hello there
    i am ondiswa in south africa, am married with two girls. am a accounting student. i work as junior accountant in insurance industry. i am a writer, with four titles published. i am a blogger. i write fiction and non-fiction. i am busy with a drama book that i wish to turn into a series. it will be my first time publishing fiction online. my current online titles are inspirational.
    sadly i have not made any money yet online…still trying.

    thanks for this opportunity, its good to interact with other writers.

    my online home is found Here http://www.ondiswankosi.wordpress.com and my bookstore is http://www.amazon.com/author/ondiswa

    • Hello, Ondiswa. Thank you for coming by and for sharing a bit about yourself and your links. I am impressed by how you continue to write and create amidst everything else in your world. I hope that you find both joy and fulfillment in the writing journey, even when the stories you write may be about pain.

      Good luck with your drama series!

  29. Wow! It’s so interesting how much we can learn about each other from simply sharing a few great words. All of the responses here are simply awesome and although my own sharing is much smaller, I’m hoping you can get to know me here: https://galeweithers.wordpress.com/about/. I encourage everyone to keep reading, writing, sharing and simply going out and living life to the max – it’s the only one we’ve got 🙂

    • It is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I’m so grateful to each person who has taken the time to jot a few lines here and share about themselves and their work.

      Thank you for sharing your site. Perhaps you can send some of the beautiful sunshine from your Barbados up to us chilly folk here in New England. 🙂

      Glad to have you here and thank you for taking the time to read other folks’ introductions. Love that sense of community!

  30. I’m a youngling (and by that, I mean I’m 21) and earn my living as a social media manager for a motorcycle distribution company. I love motorcycles and I love social media (because I love studying human interaction without having to actually interact with humans all day, every day), so it’s a perfect fit. My boyfriend of almost two years is supportive of whatever it is I want to do, though I sometimes think he doesn’t quite understand what it is I want to do. That’s okay, though, because I don’t really understand either.

    We’ve also got a rottweiler who is about two and a half years old now and is convinced that you want to be sat on and licked 24/7. Which can be funny sometimes and absolutely annoying at other times.

    I graduated with a degree in Journalism in May. Neither of my parents graduated college, though they both attended. While it was never explicitly said that I needed to graduate, it was always sort of implied throughout my childhood that I was going to attend and graduate university. I finished the four-year program in three, simply because I was really, really done with the whole school thing. Ugh, homework.

    I’ve been imagining and writing stories for as long as I can remember, though I’ve never really completely finished one before. I hope that one day I’ll have a manuscript that I’m proud of and is ready enough to be queried out, but until then, I just keep pushing myself to finish something.

    I mainly write YA fiction and fantasy novels (or, what would be novels). I’m addicted to trying to create something a little dark and edgy, but not disturbing, that would one day become fairly mainstream, because I think all of the YA fiction that’s been coming out recently is a little fluffy. If I earned a yearly salary (or more) for my writing, I’d be a happy camper.

    I’m currently reading Heir of Fire, the third book in the Throne of Glass series, which I cannot put down for the life of me. It’s a little detrimental to my writing process, as some days I’d rather spend all my free time reading rather than cranking out some words for my own work, but c’est la vie.

    • Hello, Haley. Welcome!

      Thanks for sharing a it about yourself AND about your adorable dog. (I just followed you on Instagram, and I can totally see how that pup would be able to get away with pretty much anything.)

      I have to say that despite being, as you called yourself, a “youngling,” you seem to have a pretty well-balanced outlook on life. I love the mixture of social media, motorcycles, and YA. You sound like a cool character in a great story! 😉

      There are many days when I would much rather collapse on the couch with a book than sit at the keyboard and write. Today, for instance. It’s gray and drizzly and my daughter is across the room curled up with a Harry Potter book. I’d love nothing more than to join her, but today’s tasks include editing a client ebook and cleaning my house. Though … maybe the house isn’t *that* dirty. Maybe I could read instead of vacuuming.

      I’d love to know what other YA you enjoy. Sounds like you may have a liking for fantasy? Have you read Holly Black’s latest, The Darkest Part of the Forest?

      Thanks again for coming by. Nice to “meet” you!

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  35. My head is buzzing after reading 9 of your posts in one hit late at night. So let’s see if I can put this together coherently.
    I have twenty five years experience in marketing where I’ve used my writing to some extent. For 7 years, I’ve done the press releases and photography for the kids’ school, which has actually given me the chance to interview and photograph some high profile authors and sporting celebrities, which has been great.
    I developed a severe autoimmune disease which attacks my muscles after my daughter was born and I had chemo to treat a flare two years ago and this badly affected my time management and organisation due to chemo brain and so I have barely worked since. I am now starting to think about writing freelance focusing on the health area.
    I have been married for 14 years to Geoff and we have two kids Mister aged 11 and Miss aged 9.
    We also have two dogs…a Border Collie Bilbo and Lady, a Border Colllie x Cavalier.
    My favourite quote comes from Harper Lee in “To Kill a Mockingbird”: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
    I have a real heart for social justice and for helping people. Due to the world we live in, I have written about combating terrorism and bringing peace to our world. I belong to an international blogshare 1000 Voices for Compassion which has nurtured my belief in fighting for a better world.
    I also post at #SundayBlogShare and #WeekendCoffeeShare.
    I come from Sydney, Australia and now live at a beach in Greater Sydney. My blog has quite a strong Australian feel to it and I love sharing my country with the world.
    I hope this helps you get to know me a little better!
    xx Rowena

    • Thank you, Rowena, for sharing! 🙂
      I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your story on your About Page. You have a beautiful family – two-legged and four-legged.
      I’ve already mentioned (on one of the other nine posts you so graciously read and commented on) my admiration for your work ethic and passion given your health issues, but I’ll say it again. That you continue to work despite the obstacles life throws at you is a testament to how much you love what you do.

      And, I love that we have our marketing lives in common. That’s fun!

      Thanks for sharing. Very nice to have you here and to get to know you a bit.

  36. Hi. Your blog posts really speak to me and I would love to be part of your circle. They are very interesting and useful. My blog focuses on Romance and it’s sub-genres, and I have a weekly feature, “What Shall I Read Next.” Come check out my blog and you’ll see the types of content I post, as well as what items might be published:
    http:// kwolf114.wordpress.com

    I love reading and recommending similar books to the one just read; trying to transfer my love of the genre to like-minded people.
    Ever-changing topics include current information; opinion-pieces; author or book-related information; research on the genre; or just subject matter I wish to discuss with you. Please explore my blog, commenting on my posts, telling me what you think, and what you would be interested in hearing about or discussing.
    Will continue posting throughout this holiday season. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for being here & sharing a little bit about what you do.
      There can never be too many blogs about writing – all genres – and reading recommendations are always a good thing. 🙂

      Thanks again & I hope we’ll see you around the blog in the future.

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