Friday Fun – Favorite Weather for Writing

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: We’ve written before about our favorite time of day to write, but today we’re thinking about which kinds of weather inspire our muse – sunshine, rain, fog, wind? Is being snowed in more inspiring than a summer afternoon with the windows flung wide? Which of Mother Nature’s moods gets your fingers tapping on the keyboard?

JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: Rain inspires contemplation, wind makes me happily restless. I believe fresh air is a good ingredient for any art, including writing, so a day that invites open windows and provides a good cross breeze is a good day for penning my thoughts. Pretty much any type of weather other than what we’ve had this week – hot and humid – feels like a good fit for creative endeavors. This oppressive summer scene mostly makes me want to zone out in front of the A/C. But, a writer must write no matter what the weather, so despite the fact that my fingers have been sticking to the keyboard, I’ve still been tap-tap-tapping away at various deadlines. Yep – tapping away, and dreaming of crisp, clear fall days. 😉

photo by M. Shafer

photo by M. Shafer

Deborah Lee Luskin: No matter the weather, writing’s still work. It’s easier to work when I don’t want to go outside and play – and I like to play outside in all seasons. So rain, excessive heat, fierce winter – these are times I’m happy to be inside, staring out.




wendy-shotWendy Thomas:  I have to agree with Jamie and Deborah, as a writer I am forced to write in all kinds of weather in order to make deadlines so I make do with what I have. But the type of weather that *really* inspires me is very specific.

I grew up in the sight of water on the coast of Connecticut. There is no better day than an almost cool one (cool enough so you need to pull on an over-sized, ocean-faded sweatshirt) that is a little overcast and maybe even has a fine spray of salt water in the wind. There have to be seagulls flying and screeching overhead and it’s the absolute best if you are close enough to hear the waves constantly lapping at the shore.

Forever and always, those are the conditions under which I could write for miles.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Favorite Weather for Writing

  1. No matters what weather is out side, it inspires me to write when I’m very happy or very sad 🙂 I can’t stop my self to write in those situation. But specifically i like the weather of early morning.

  2. I get most of my initial ideas outside. The sunshine seems to inspire the magic in my head for Picture Books. The plot, editing etc can be done anywhere at any time as long as I’m inspired. I’ve never written in the snow as we rarely get it so I suspect I may be too busy playing in it to write! That’s research isn’t it?

  3. Good weather is for trampling outside, live up the good life, explore new horizons and enjoy the sunshine and nature. Winter is best suited for my kind of writing: moody, dark, somber and besides, I have more time then 🙂

  4. The weather where I am now is ideal: overcast with a gentle rain and occasional rolls of thunder. It’s almost a natural music that can be the backdrop to a quiet chapter or an intense scene in my writings.

  5. I didn’t scroll down far enough to see that you had posted your blog on weather and writing. I posted one on weather and inspiration! I promise I didn’t mean to copy! At any rate, I write best in cooler weather. To be at the writing desk with the cold outside and the fireplace going inside is truly heaven, and much writing gets done.

  6. A hot summer day outside in my enclosed porch enjoying all the wonderful vibrant colors of summer
    that inspires me to write. Great blog post. I’m now a follower of your blog here

  7. Any weather that inspired deepness in thinking makes me write. Mostly when I am outside and there is a vast valley or ocean, that is the time I have written or scribbled most of my thoughts.
    I have related dark clouds an rainy season to sorrow and that is another time I have written more! As I write this, I realize there are other time also that I have wanted to write. I guess, as most of you said, writing is a feeling and it may take its root in any type of weather.

  8. My most inspiring weather is that early morning dew that settles on the grass with the sun peaking out from the clouds first thing in the morning. I look out the window at the fog settled over the stream running behind our home and it brings me a certain peace that’s too calming to even describe. I do my best work then.

    Winter is a rough time of year for me. I shiver just thinking about snow!

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