ToDoIst – A Productivity Tool for Managing Tasks

l have fellow blogger Diane to thank for introducing me to ToDoIst, a productivity tool that’s all about managing tasks.

This a personal review about how I use the free version of the tool. It may or may not work for you, but it’s something to consider if you find you want to keep track of tasks you have to do – for work or play; business or personal.

The name comes from “To-Do List”, of course. Just remove the “L” — ToDoIst.

The synching between platforms is a breeze. No matter if I’m accessing my account from my Android, or from IE or Chrome, on a home computer or another system, all categories and lists appear whenever I go to access them.

Within the past week, ToDoIst has changed a bit (image below, left side is prior look; right side is new look)- boxes to tick off are now round instead of square, there’s a lot more white space, and  the tool recognizes more natural language when creating a recurring activity. (ie. if you say “every Sunday” it will know what you mean).


At a glance to the top left of the tool, I know how many tasks I have to do “today” and for “next 7 days”.

Glancing a little further down the left side, I see how many tasks per category exist. I have categories such as: Business, Personal, Work, Errands, and Volunteer. The categories come in handy when, for instance, I only want to see what Business-related tasks I have coming up, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or months from now.  And colors can be assigned to categories, so the visual experience is heightened. For instance, if I know my ‘business’ tasks are blue – it’s so easy to see how many blue items are listed!


I can create to-do lists for each project, too. Sometimes I list all the tasks at one time, have them all due ‘today’ and then, since it’s so easy, change the dates accordingly once I know I have all the tasks listed. Knowing that the list exists and that I can easily find it and review items at any time, gives me a peace of mind I hadn’t had before.

All of the right side of the screen is the actual list of to-do-items for today. To add an item it’s a simple click of the “+” icon at the top of the screen, writing a description, selecting a due date, and selecting a category (if I want). The item is added to the proper date and I don’t have to worry about it until I need to see it.

The premium version of ToDoIst includes features such as graphs to show you your productivity (how many tasks you had for a day/week/month vs how many you completed), and more.

Do you use ToDoIst? Or do you use another task manager app? Wunderlist, Remember the Milk, and Toodledo are others I’ve heard about but have not tried (yet).


LisaJJackson_2014Lisa J. Jackson is an independent writer and editor who enjoys working with manufacturing, software, and technology businesses of all sizes. She loves researching topics, interviewing experts, and helping companies tell their stories. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

19 thoughts on “ToDoIst – A Productivity Tool for Managing Tasks

  1. I love ToDoIst! Not so crazy about the new circles, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Recently I discovered my favorite new trick (new to me, at least) — the “after” scheduling specification. So if I should do something every two months, but for some reason this time I did it earlier or later than planned, it automatically makes the next due date two months after whenever I actually did it. So useful! I also really like how you can organize your tasks by project / type, so I can separate my house work and personal tasks from my various work tasks. The only thing it doesn’t do that I wish it did is sort the tasks for any given day by project, but it does sort by priority, so that’s minor.

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for highlighting all the ways Todoist is helpful! I love using it. My only problem is once in a while I forget to look at it! You’d think that wouldn’t be a problem, since I have it on my phone as well as my laptop, but I still forget to look.

    When I look at it regularly, it’s an amazing tool!

    I love reading about how you and some of our readers use it. There are always tweaks that make any app more helpful!


      • Asana offers a lot more options in general especially for the non-paid version. They have subtasks which are essential to my projects. They also merge better with time-tracking interfaces like Harvest. I think its a better “team” environment where as ToDoIst feels simpler for a more personal level. Just the general usability of Asana is more advanced. I feel like some people would think it’s “more complicated” but if you learn to use it, it actually offers a lot more options for you.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Todoist allows for subtasks but only one level, I think; that might not be enough for you. And yes, if you’re looking for time tracking or coordinating with multiple people, I can see how it would be too limited. Since I’m just using it for me and my projects and tasks are numerous rather than complex, the simplicity is a bonus. If I get to the point where I’m wishing for more options though, I’ll check out Asana.

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  4. Such productivity tools work extremely well but at the same time I feel like using them makes me dependent on such quantifications. I would much rather be self-efficient. I would imagine it would be great for incorporating habits though.

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