Writing & Yoga Workshop

Deb Luskin & Jen Frey are offering a Writing & Yoga Workshop, Writing to the Light, on Friday, November 13, 2014, at Newfane Village Yoga, Newfane, VT

Deb Luskin & Jen Frey are offering a Writing & Yoga Workshop, Writing to the Light, on Friday, November 13, 2014, at Newfane Village Yoga, Newfane, VT

Over the past few years I’ve found a remedy for the writing hazards of poor posture, stiff joints and loneliness through the practice of yoga.

My yoga practice began as a strictly physical endeavor: a way to exercise with others and regain the flexibility that’s hard to maintain after spending most of a day in a chair. But I quickly learned that elements of yoga, like breathing and staying present, were good for opening my writer’s mind. Now, I combine yoga and writing all the time.

My yoga practice includes difficult stretches, challenging balances, and killer core strengtheners. These help me build the flexibility, grace and strength to write from my heart with a still mind.

I know a lot of people turn to journals to plumb their emotional and spiritual depths; journal writing is good for that. I also know people who say they’d like to write more, but don’t have the time; and others who say they’d like to exercise more, but don’t have the will-power. That used to be me – and it’s what lead me to practice yoga, which helps me find my breath, balance and words.

We'll be writing about finding ways to maintain our light through the dark of the year.

We’ll be writing about finding ways to maintain our light through the dark of the year. (Deborah Lee Luskin, photo)

So, I’m delighted to be teaming up with my yoga instructor, Jenny Frey, to lead Writing to the Light, a workshop designed to nurture our internal light as the earth tilts toward the dark.

We’ll use yoga and breath to ground ourselves, and writing to illuminate a path through the coming dark. Jen’s gentle yoga practice will prepare us for timed writing to inspiring prompts. Using our deepest breath, we will then make our words audible and find strength in our collective ideas.

No prior experience necessary, just comfortable clothes, pen, paper, and a willingness to be still and discover.

The workshop will take place at Newfane Village Yoga on Friday, November 13, from 6-9 PM. The cost is $30. Register here.

M. Shafer, Photo

M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin is an author, blogger, and writing consultant with over thirty years experience teaching writing and literature to a wide variety of learners throughout Vermont. She’s been practicing yoga for a several years.


Jen’s core philosophy is that yoga should be available and accessible to all. She creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which a challenging flow is punctuated with warmth and giggles. Her goal is always to get you to try something new with a sense of humor. She embraces a versatile Vinyasa flow and modifies to suit all levels. Mindfulness and breath work are fundamental ingredients in her approach.
Jen began practicing yoga in 1998. What started out as a purely physical endeavor evolved into a pathway for life. Jen is a 500 RYT, she studied Fluid Yoga with Kevan Gale at Stil Studio, Boston.

15 thoughts on “Writing & Yoga Workshop

    • If this workshop goes well, we’ll be planning more! Vermont is a beautiful place to visit, but hard to get to by plane. Where are you flying from?
      And seriously, you can probably find a yoga studio and/or writing workshop close to wherever you call home. If not, start one!
      Thanks for your comment. All best, Deborah.

  1. Thanks for your comment. But Dabbler Beware: I started as a dabbler and am now an addict . . . would do yoga six days a week if I were either willing to give up being outdoors or give up writing (and everything else)! All best.

    • Maybe you could find like-minded people and do-it-yourself – or sponsor us to come after we do it in Switzerland (see above)!

  2. Well I also do yoga. I do not do it in a casual way. I am going great yoga poses and am participating in the Yoga State championship. I have doing it for months and usually start with basic postures at dawn time. I feel my body and mind clear and stable. How do you feel when you do yoga?

    • Yes, “clear and stable” is a good description of how yoga makes me feel. I didn’t know there were yoga championships – or that yoga could be competitive. Part of my practice is to accept my limitations even as I try to stretch past them.
      Thanks for your comment.

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