The Act of Gratitude

Gratitude The Reason for the Season Not just nice to have, it's necessayDid you all read Lisa’s post on Monday? She and I are on the same wave length this week. Holidays are both wonderful, and stress soup. I want to focus on why gratitude isn’t just nice, it’s necessary.

Even in the most trying of times, there is something to be grateful for. Finding and focusing on that one thing can provide much needed peace, even for a moment.

Gratitude keeps us humble. Implicit in gratitude searches is being willing to say “thank you” in acknowledgment.

Gratitude is more attractive than entitlement. Enough said.

Wishing all of you, dear readers, a wonderful, gratitude filled Thanksgiving.


Julie Hennrikus, J.A. Hennrikus, and Julianne Holmes are all grateful for a lot this fall.




15 thoughts on “The Act of Gratitude

  1. I love the idea of gratitude as humility – it’s so counter-culture and maybe even counterintuitive that being grateful fills us up more than boosting ourselves up.

  2. Gratitude like Divine Love is counter culture. Daily gratitude not simply when the day is called ‘Thanksgiving’ but every day. We must overturn the culture of greed and self-seeking.

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