Friday Fun – Black Friday for Writers

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: So, it’s “Black Friday,” supposedly the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. Whether you partake of the retail madness that abounds for these twenty-four hours or not, it’s still fun to talk about gifts. SO – what’s on your writer’s wish list this season AND/OR what’s your favorite gift to give as a writer (to other writers, or to non-writer muggles)? 

JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: I usually have a pretty long list of writerly things I’d like, but this year there’s no one item I’m particularly coveting. Having just bought a house this summer, I’m feeling like that purchase kind of filled my gifts-to-me quota for the year. I wouldn’t say no to a working time turner, though.

For gifts that are more readily available in the muggle world, I liked the suggestions in Sabrina Taylor’s holiday-gifts-for-writers-and-entrepreneurs post on Craft Your Content. Each item in her list is something I already have, or would like.  I’m also always a sucker for new notebooks, like these from Word. Notebooks,  or these from Field Notes, or these waterproof ones from Rite in the Rain.

As for what I like to give – books, books, and more books. I love to choose books for each person on my list. I rarely give novels, but will often find great non-fiction choices that will hopefully deliver hours of pleasure after the holidays. I also love giving picture books as gifts for adults.

Oh! One more idea – Audible. I listen to a lot of audio books, and I have found my Audible membership to be a great value. I highly recommend this as a gift idea for any writer or reader on your list.

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: I love collecting fancy-to-me roller ball pens, mostly from Levenger. I’m a total geek for Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards so I can buy books. And I also love receiving new journals – of any kind. Renewal of writing-related magazines are always great, too.

Gifts for writer friends include custom-made pens; gift card packs; journals or calendars with specific topics (ie, a daily prompt, or a gratitude-specific journal,  or something with a theme) that encourage writing each day; once in a while a bookmark might be a great gift, too.

For non-writers, I find restaurant gift certificates to be good gifts — or gift cards to a spa for some pampering after the holiday.

M. Shafer, Photo

M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin: I love Black Friday. After gathering provisions for the Thanksgiving feast and weekend, Black Friday is a blessed day of rest when I don’t have to drive into town or buy anything. What a relief! That said, my husband’s birthday comes right on the heels of Thanksgiving, so the day before Thanksgiving, I picked up his gifts at Everyone’s Books, my local, independent bookstore. I chose all recent titles by friends and neighbors – which I’ll showcase in my next post here (Tuesday, December first).

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Black Friday for Writers

  1. I never take part in any sales because I hate crowds. I don’t even shop on weekends. The gifts I like to give are things that people really need or want. What I like to receive? A screen magnifier or computer eyeglasses.

  2. I love Moleskine books, and the ritual of opening them and flicking through the unmarked pages. Almost a sensual pleasure. This year everyone is getting home-made chocolates, because I feel like being creative in a different way, and I can get some really unusual ingredients to make things very special.

  3. I never partake in black Friday, or any sales to be honest. I couldn’t cope with fighting my way through the crowds – in any case I’m too polite and would probably allow everyone to push in front of me and end up with bugger all anyway 😨 in saying that I happily sent first born into town for a new kettle as old one decided to blow up yesterday – he left first thing this morning – haven’t seen him since – he’s probably squashed under the mob ……..

  4. Like impossiblebebong, I don’t do the Black Friday thing. I used to love going out and banging about in the crowds and malls, but now, I much prefer the quiet back porch and a book. Speaking of books! That’s the gift I look for. I will “strongly” suggest to my nephew and niece a book, or books, I might want. It makes gift getting easier for them…after all what does an eighteen year old buy for a 66 year old? Well, for me…books. Or audio. Last year my wife gave me the Archangel Shakespeare. The whole DVD set…OMG! It’s absolutely wonderful. My wife and I also shop for journals and I make sure to get a set of Black Wing pencils from Levenger. For my wife and family I try to get things they want or what I think they want! That’s usually a good bit of fun.

  5. Staying away from the madness that is Black Friday. Old books are the gift for me giving or receiving. Stories from the past with the smell of vanilla bean long forgotten in an old wooden apothecary’s cabinet.

  6. Black Friday has reached us here in Ireland as well, but unfortunately I had to be in work today, but I still managed to get some bargains in the online shopping world. I would not really get out among the crowds on a day like this, it would be too much for me I think. However I am on the lookout for a good journal, and it is much harder to buy these online because I love to touch and feel them, to me they must feel right I guess. Still trying to figure out what to get for my husband this year, what do you give to someone that has everything? Well, I usually figure something out.

  7. In a writer’s wish list what could be more than a good book. I will also present myself with a book. And some colourful pens that depend on my writing mood. I will give anyone what they can use or need. I also want to buy a good notebook.

  8. I must admit, some nice, good quality new stationery is so satisfying! It seems strange to some, but a nice new pen, etc. really gets me wanting to write with it.

  9. I gave my friend a journal to write in then added writing quotes randomly throughout the book to give her inspiration. knowing what other writers are going through always inspires me.

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