Make Yourself Make the Time

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Total transparency alert: I almost bailed on this blog post. I came THIS close to emailing the crew and saying “sorry I’m swamped”. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s December. We’re ALL swamped. Every one of us is juggling a million balls right now. On top of all my regular to-dos and the extra tasks this season brings, I’m also dealing with the unexpected death of a friend, a lingering flare of a chronic illness and a desperate search for my Christmas spirit. Your list is likely different, but no less lengthy.


Image courtesy of North Charleston

These are the times when it is crucial to write. WHHEENN? The little voice in my head whines. Wherever you can fit it in. During times like these it’s common to push word making to the back burner. That’s ok, so long as you don’t turn the burner off.

Waiting in the carpool line? Jot down plot ideas, a character description or some dialogue. Train running late? Pull out your phone or a notepad and outline that essay you’ve been wanting to write. Will you finish it? No, probably not. Will it be instantly ready to publish? Definitely not, but it will be forward motion. Make yourself make the time then pat yourself on the back for doing SOMETHING writing related. Progress, not perfection, that’s the most any of us can ask of ourselves.

This blog post was written because my 10:30 meeting on Tuesday got moved to Thursday. This is truly a good thing because I wasn’t prepared for the meeting anyway. Which reminds me, I need to go do that.

Wishing you all five minutes to catch your breath and 10 minutes here and there to make some words. Cutting back is ok. Stopping is not.

Bonus Links.

Here are a few writing related things that might be of interest. Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any way for sharing these links. These are things that I appreciate and may or may not represent the opinions of my fellow NHWN writers. The Amazon links benefit NOAH, the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.

Writer’s Day 2016

For New England Folks, the New Hampshire Writer’s Project annual Writer’s Day will be held Saturday April 23, 2016 at Southern New Hampshire University. This is a great conference. Registration for Writer’s Day 2016 is now open!

Unraveling the Year Ahead

I’ve written before about goal setting. Every year I look forward to Susannah Conway’s Unraveling the Year Ahead this year is no different. The FREE workbook is available now available. Download it today!

New Books from Shannon Stacey and Lauren Dane

You can’t be a good writer if you aren’t also a good reader. It so happens that two of my favorite authors have new releases.

Shannon Stacey has TWO new releases.

Defending Hearts is the 2nd in the Boys of Fall Series about hometown football heroes returning to their roots and unexpectedly finding love. Photographer and world traveler Alex Murphy and farmer Gretchen Walker shouldn’t be a match, but funny how things work out.

Controlled Burn is the 2nd in the Boston Fire series. Rick Gullotti is wary when his landlords turned pseudo parents receive and unexpected visit from a granddaughter they never knew existed. Sparks fly as both work to protect two people they love. This story even has a touch of Christmas!

Shannon’s books always give me the giggles, the sniffles and some food cravings!

Lauren Dane’s At Blade’s Edge is the 4th in the Goddess with a blade series. I love the series. I want to BE Rowan Summerwaite when I grow up. She’s a badass vampire hunter who just happens to the human vessel for an ancient Goddess. Although raised by The First, the head of the Vampire Nation and married to the North American leader of the Vampire Nation, she is sworn to protect a treaty that keeps Vampires and Humans safe and living in peace. There are no sparkles in this story! There is only hot vampires, and a prickly heroine with a foul mouth and incredible blade skills. You could jump in here, but I recommend starting at with the first book Goddess with a Blade.

Happy Holidays!

11 thoughts on “Make Yourself Make the Time

  1. Encouraging post, good push to keep at it . “Desperate search for Christmas spirit” ails a lot of us – I think this whole Christmas thing has finally gone overboard with the consumer and “shoulds” connected to the end of the year. Good advice, lest January rolls in and we’ve lost some of our writerly-readerly habits 🙂

  2. Great post Lee. I have made the decision to be a more intentional writer in the past couple of weeks I have definitely found that just showing up is half the battle. Best to you and yours this holiday season!

  3. I write because its the FIRE which fuels my soul. Thanks for encouraging words. Keep writing yes if you ever stop you’ll start to die. I won’t say Happy Holiday although that is a secular wish I endorse. I will say instead May you find this Christmas that the Reason for the Season was not simply a good idea for a fun time but a remembrance of something truly incredible. Have a Happy Christmas and please investigate and open the BOX.

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  5. I don’t really have any special reasons for writing. I just like it and I simply want to improve my English and writing skills. Making time for it has proven challenging. My old blogs are a testament to that. But I just set up a new one with a new goal in mind. That is to “Just do it”. No matter how mediocre or short it is, a composition is still a composition. It’s better than nothing.

    Thanks for reminding us to put more effort into faithfully honing our skills.

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