Accomplishments 2015

Last January, I published my list of writing WIGs for 2015. WIG stands for either Wildly Improbable or Wildly Inspirational Goal. Whichever meaning I use, WIGs are a stretch. In fact, each one of these goals was amazingly ambitious. And I didn’t accomplish most of them.

But, I did make progress on my writing and in my writing life. It’s like that saying, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you fall, you’ll land among the stars.” (I found this quote attributed to Les Brown , Norman Vincent Peale, and Brian Thomas Littrell,) While this is not even metaphorically true, since the moon is a lot closer to the earth than the stars are, it’s a nice image, and one that I find useful.

My WIGs for 2015 were definitely my attempt to “shoot for the moon.” Here are the stars I landed among (i.e., my writing accomplishments for 2015.) 

  1. Schedule and go on a writing retreat. I accomplished this as I attended my own writing retreat, although my original intention was to go away for a few days.
  2. Host 2 writing retreats. I accomplished this if I count not only the writing retreat I hosted in October but the NaNo Write-In I hosted at Rodger’s Memorial Library, Hudson, NH, in November.
  3. Write 250 words 5 days a week. I definitely did not accomplish this goal. BUT, I wrote at least 250 words many more days than I didn’t. I definitely increased my writing output greatly in this past year.
  4. Write (and post) at least one blog post each week. I did not accomplish this goal but I wrote more than one blog post every other week.
  5. Win NaNo (= complete 50,000 words on a novel in November, 2015.) I did it!
  6. Submit to Level Best books. Did not do this. Worked on the story through the winter but wasn’t even close to being able to submit it by the deadline in April.
  7. Attend Crime Bake. Did it! Had a great time. Learned a lot, enjoyed listening to all the amazing authors talk about their process and their characters. It was really fun and inspiring.
  8. Complete draft of nonfiction book. Did not do this but I have a lot more material written out than I did a year ago.
  9. Finish and publish hummingbird book. Nope. This one fell off my radar so I made very little progress with it this year.
  10. Submit to critique group every two weeks and critique others’ work thoughtfully. Well, I tried to critique other people’s work thoughtfully but I really lost my focus with my crit group this summer.

In addition, I won Camp NaNo last July, and I wrote a love letter to my son around his birthday. I can’t think of a better use of my writing time and I hope to keep writing love letters to him and to the other people in my life. Another accomplishment: I learned to dive right into my writing when I had a few minutes, which made my NaNo experience so much easier than it has been in the past.

So, there you have it: My aspirations and accomplishments for the year just past. I’m excited to be thinking about my goals for 2016 and my yearly review has, as usual, motivated me to keep moving forward.

What are your writing accomplishments for 2015?

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon: is a blogger, writer, life coach, and family physician. She’s plugging away at the writing life, enjoying every minute of it!

13 thoughts on “Accomplishments 2015

  1. You did really well with your goals last year; especially considering the number you set for yourself. Congratulations! My goal last year was to finally get up the nerve to start my blog (which I did) and this year my goal is to see it through to completion (write one short story a day for a year). Five months down and seven to go! Good luck everyone on your writing goals this year!

  2. Your post has inspired me to write my own list of goals for 2016. I tend to be kind of a wing-it person when it comes to writing, although I’m not that way about other things in my life. Writing is sort of a “when I get to it” part of my life, but this post has given me the kick to get as organized with writing as with other things–thanks!

  3. Diane,
    Thank you for sharing your WIG for 2015 (and explaining what WIG stands for, because I was asking in my head). 😊 I stumbled onto your blog some time ago (in 2014?), before my writing voice (muse?) fell silent due to difficult professional times; I discovered art in the meantime, to help me cope. Recently, I began to hear my writing voice again and am looking forward to my 2016 writing life. Having set a few goals (WIG?) for myself in 2016 that include both writing and art, your post reinforces my excitement to write again. Thank you for that! I look forward to following your progress this year.

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