Friday Fun – Re-energizing during the day

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: We can be quite productive much of the day, but sometimes there’s an afternoon ‘slump’. How do you power through the lull in energy when you absolutely need to get something done?

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: It amazes me that some days I can zip right along and never even yawn. Other days, around 2:00, I feel like I physically hit a wall and need a nap. Power naps are fabulous for re-energizing, but not always an option when a deadline looms, or when working in a cafe or other location! When I need to shake off the cotton fog, a cup of green tea, an iced coffee, or some type of snack such as apple and peanut butter clears the cobwebs and let’s me keep being productive. A quick 10-minute walk outside in fresh air also works wonders. (A 5-hour energy drink might also do the trick, but I’ve never had one and figure it would keep me awake for days instead of a few hours!)


10 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Re-energizing during the day

  1. I use two methods: A strong cup of tea or a short walk. Sometimes both together or one right after the other. The walk helps get the blood flowing and gives you a few minutes to think through everything.

  2. Taking my dog for a walk or tea. But to be honest, the early afternoon has to be my productive time, as I collect my children at 3:30pm from school. Nothing like knowing time is ebbing away to give one inspiration…

  3. I try to avoid coffee, but occasionally will have a cup around 3. I drink a large glass of cool water instead. Then I take my dogs for a run. If I need to re-think something I will sit my rocking chair for a half hour listening to music and thinking.

  4. Interesting replies! we seem to agree mostly on tea and a short walk, while avoiding a drink that could keep us up all night! For me too, and if I’m in my home-office, lying down for not more than 10/15 min with deep breathing can sometimes be just the right thing.

  5. I would suggest taking your mind out for a walk instead. How about, apart from the cup of green tea/coffee/apple, we add into the mix the day’s crossword puzzle, or the Su-Do-Ku, or “Spot the 6 differences in these pictures”.
    Basically, you’re still at your desk, still looking busy, enjoying your afternoon cuppa/snack, disengaging from work but still engaging your mind in more creative, fun ways.
    That way both your mind and body feel woken up and energised. Trust me, once you get addicted to your daily crossword or Su-Do-Ku routine, you can’t get enough of it. Your mind jumpstarts and you get a quick adrenaline rush from solving the puzzle correctly.
    So, to begin with go for the simpler ones that are more up your alley and as you keep getting a hang of it graduate to the higher difficulty levels or else you will give up easily and end up feeling even more miserable about yourself than when you started out.

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