Resume Writing–Be Creative

PRACTICEOn Tuesday I taught two resume workshops, and also critiqued several resumes and cover letters. This Saturday, StageSource (the day job) is having a Job Fair at the Back Bay Event Center (11-3, free for job seekers, for arts administrators, designers, technicians, stage managers, more information here). The clinics were to help theater artists either brush up or create an arts admin resume.

Resume writing is creative writing. Not “making it up” creative writing. More “style matters” creative writing. How, you may ask.

  • Word choice matters. Active verbs. Using a thesaurus, and using it well.
  • Show, don’t tell. Under Skills, you can list things like “ASL proficient”. That makes sense. But listing “team building” as a skill is different than showing you have that skill your job listings.
  • You control your narrative. What jobs do you list? What is the story you tell with those jobs? What do you list under “Additional Experience”? What does that say about you, and your values?
  • How do you put it all together? What fonts do you use? How do you lay it out?

Now, I know this doesn’t make writing resumes fun. But it does let you use your writing skills (which are, after all, superpowers) to create change.

What other practical uses for creative writing have you found?


photo of Julianne HolmesJulie Hennrikus runs StageSource. J.A. Hennrikus writes short stories. Julianne Holmes is the author of the Agatha nominated JUST KILLING TIME, the first in the Clock Shop Mystery series. They all look like the woman on the right.


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