Friday Fun – Publishing Without Celebrity or Loads of Cash

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: We recently asked you what questions you’d like answered in our Friday Fun post. Today, we’re answering the following reader question:


JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: You are wise, April, to be wary of anyone asking for “a large amount of money up front.” Unfortunately there are many charlatans out there who will happily separate a would-be author from her purse by making promises that they cannot keep.  That said, there are some trustworthy resources out there who offer real insight and guidance about the different publishing options out there:

  • While it is a self-publishing company, BookBaby has a strong blog presence that’s full of good information for writers who are considering the self-publishing option.
  • Jane Friedman’s blog is one of my go-to resources for professional publishing advice. Click the “publishing” and “self-publishing” topics in the tag cloud that’s in the right-hand column of her blog.
  • Joanna Penn also offers a lot of great advice and courses about self-publishing.
  • Dan Blank over at We Grow Media is another excellent resource – inspirational and informational.
  • Finally, you may want to subscribe to Writer Beware, a site that keeps writers one step ahead of those charlatans I mentioned earlier.

Though I don’t have any personal advice to offer, I hope that you will find some good tips and resources on these blogs. I have been reading each one for a year or more and can vouch for the quality of their content and their street cred. Good luck!

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: Jamie is spot on with her recommended resources and I hope you can find something in there that works for you. Write Beware is an excellent resource for staying current with the tricksters in the writing and publishing world.

Have you tried any magazine markets for your work? There might be an avenue there to publication with payment.

Deborah Lee Luskin, M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin,
M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin: Jamie and Lisa are both spot on. All I have to add is that it sounds as if you have a specific audience, one for which I believe there are several (many?) magazines and blogs where you might be able to place your work. You might start out with a guest blog and take it from there. (That’s how I ended up here!) But you also need to ask yourself what’s most important: reaching a larger audience? earning income? building a platform for a book? and take it from there. Good luck!


Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon: Hey aprilcoon, congratulations on completing your book! I think all the advice given above is excellent. The only thing I have to add is you might consider subscribing to Hope Clark’s weekly newsletter, Funds for Writers, which contains many resources for writers looking to publish their work. I have found it very helpful. Best wishes with your writing and publishing goals!

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Publishing Without Celebrity or Loads of Cash

    • Kindle KDP is something I’d like to learn more about. Seems there are people who love it, and people who hate it … always makes for interesting conversation. 😉
      Thanks for adding it into the mix. Great suggestion!

  1. I agree with Jamie and with @Honeylemon here. Bookbaby and Amazon Kindle are both good options for self-publishing, but I want to add another option. I recently came across Gumroad ( that also supports self-publishing for authors. Authors and artists can directly sell their works there (same as Kindle) to consumers. Same goes for certain websites like Crowdfunding is also an option. Mark McGuinness from Lateral Action (a good friend of Joanna Penn) also talks about self-publishing on his website, which you might be interested in checking out.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

    • Oh, sorry. My comment was cut off. I planned to say, there are also certain websites or small publishing companies that offer publishing packages at a discount but that might not be the best option for you.

    • How could I forget Mark McGuinness?!? I have read him for a long time, though he doesn’t publish as often as the other sources mentioned. I love his style.

      And thanks for the note re: Gumroad. I recently downloaded the app to access a class I purchased, but I didn’t realize they were also a publishing platform. I’ll have to look into that a bit more.

      Nice to have you here. 🙂

      • Hey! Nice to be here!

        And thanks for the comment as well! Long time lurker of the website, but first time commenter. I’m not sure if you remember me (you probably don’t), but we’ve crossed paths before. Big fan of yours, by the way! 🙂

      • I’ve actually spent the last few months on the topic of self-publishing as well since I may go down that route one day. I’m happy to help out fellow aspiring authors when and where I can by sharing any info I come across. 🙂

        There’s a website I came across today called Leafless. It’s also a publishing platform, in the same vein as Gumroad, Smashwords, Kindle, etc. There’s always the usual ones like Kobo and iBooks/iTunes, PayPal, etc. I might have to look into those and share what I find out. 😉

  2. As a Christian. I am acutely aware of the unusual difficulties facing those of us who (a) Write fiction – particularly historically accurate fiction but are also (b) Passionate Christians. While I know the market is absolutely flooded with Christian Teaching Books I would suggest the person who made the query try to get themselves known in a recognised Christian Market ie The Upper Room is a world-wide Christian Publishing House and they are only interested in primarily meditations ie: not preaching or teaching alone but with a real message about real people. They publish what they select and pay an small retainer. it’s a great way to get your name ‘out there’. Personally I write because I write and I surely don’t have the where withal to pay massive amounts but I was prepared to float a smaller amount before the first novel was published. (An assessment of work is always a great encourager and trial for future events.). If ever I can help I am available http:/

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