Shareworthy Reading and Writing Links May 1

Try Something New

13092271_549604098559606_1815748772_nIt’s finally starting to feel like spring around here. Winter’s chill and damp are giving way to slightly warmer temperatures and sunnier skies. And even when it does rain, it’s the kind of rain that makes you think of green things and the joy of splashing in puddles. This is the season of renewal and growth. It’s a time when things emerge and unfurl. It’s the perfect time to stretch yourself beyond the usual confines of your daily routine and try something new.

It doesn’t have to be something earth-shattering. You might get your coffee at a different place, or share it with someone you don’t see very often. You might read a different genre of book than you’re used to, or listen to a different kind of music. Maybe you’ll get the chance to try a new activity like dancing, karaoke, or roller skating. Maybe, if – like me – you enjoy hiking, you’ll find a new place to explore. Or, perhaps you’ll try cooking a new dish, wearing a new style, or learning a new language.

It doesn’t really matter what the something new is, only that it’s new. New experiences challenge and inspire us. They help us look at the world with fresh eyes so we get a different perspective. They get our creative juices flowing. So, go ahead, give yourself the chance to try something new. You never know where the adventure might lead.

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 Books I’m Reading:

book finishing schoolI am absolutely loving Gail Carriger’s four-book Finishing School Series. I listened to the first book in the series a couple years ago and then picked up the second one, Curtsies & Conspiracies, this past March. I recently finished the third book, Waistcoats & Weaponry, and am already about a third of the way through the final book in the series, Manners & Mutiny. The audio versions of the books that I purchased on Audible are read by Moira Quirk.

These books are undeniably a guilty  pleasure, and one I’m not ashamed to admit to. Though they might be considered genre fluff by some, they are well written, well paced, and just a whole lot of fun. They have managed to keep this picky reader consistently engaged through all four tomes.

Once I picked  up the series again, I noticed that each time I finished one book, I was automatically (and immediately) purchasing the next book in the collection. This is an important observation because it speaks not only to the value of series, but also to the value of having multiple books in the market (whether they are part of a series or not). As I anticipated coming to the end of the Finishing School quartet, I explored Carriger’s other titles and found that she has another series called the Parasol Protectorate Series. These books feature a different set of characters, but take place in the same world. You can bet your bookish booty that I’ll be buying those as well.

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My Favorite Blog Reads for the Week:





Finally, a quote for the week:

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Here’s to trying new things, being your own person, and reveling in all your favorite guilty pleasures. Enjoy & I’ll see you on the other side! 
Jamie Lee Wallace Hi. I’m Jamie. I am a content writer and branding consultant, columnist, sometime feature writer, prolific blogger, and aspiring fiction writer. I’m a mom, a student of equestrian arts, and a nature lover. I believe in small kindnesses, daily chocolate, and happy endings. Introduce yourself on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. I don’t bite … usually.

12 thoughts on “Shareworthy Reading and Writing Links May 1

  1. Jamie, I love these sorts of updates from you. Thank you for sharing! It’s so nice to get great recommendations for things by finding out what others are reading and you manage that in an informative, visually catchy, and concise way! I’ll have to try something like this myself! Also, the Finishing School Series sounds great! I’m really drawn in by the titles. I’ll definitely be checking them out soon!

    • My pleasure! I love having people to share my “finds” with. 🙂
      I hope you like the Finishing School series – so much fun.
      And thank you kindly for your lovely compliments. I’m glad you like the presentation!

  2. Thank you dearly for sharing the link to my post. And like always, you never fail to update the readers with your refreshing lists. It’s a lovely thing to do!
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead.

  3. Sometimes a little “genre fluff” is just what we need. Reading is supposed to be fun! The Kushiell series by Jacqueline Carey was my fluff for a long time. Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts and links.

    • I agree. Reading is supposed to be fun! 🙂 And variety and diversity are also important – mix it up, right?

      Thanks for being here. Always nice to see you.

  4. Wow!! This is a treasure of ideas and inspiration. Thanks for constructing and sharing this one. Can’t understand if you are writing to cater to your passion or mine. Always glad to read you Jamie!

    • Sounds like our passions are aligned, so it’s a win-win! 😉

      So glad you enjoy these posts. Thanks for taking the time to say so.

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