Friday Fun – What Do You Look Forward to the Most in May?

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: The month of May has finally arrived, and with it, the acceptance that winter has finally ended and summer is on its way. It’s definitely a month of significant changes in the landscape and temperatures. What do you look forward to the most in this transitional month?

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: The thing I look forward to the most this month is the lilacs coming into full bloom. They only last a couple of weeks, but they are so worth waiting for. While  out on my walks, I’ve discovered many homes with lilac bushes where if the wind is just right, the scent carries quite a ways. There are light purple, dark purple, and white lilacs in my area. (The whites last a lot longer than the purples.)

May is definitely a beautiful month in New Hampshire. It’s when all the blooms and blossoms start ‘popping’ and the world shifts from browns to greens and so many beautiful colors. The longer days are fabulous too. I love getting up with the birds and watching the sunrise, knowing the chill in the mornings days will dissipate at the days progress. Sunshine is a wonderful mood enhancer and I find I’m quite productive on beautiful days.

JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: I’m with Lisa – I love the mood-enhancing affects of spring sunshine, the brighter mornings (and evenings!), and the delightful and awe-inspiring explosion of colors that burst forth at this time of the year. Though there are things I love about each season in turn, May is a particularly beautiful month because it is the fulfillment of the hope that we’ve been holding on to so tightly through the last dregs of winter. May is Mother Nature making good on her promises, and May days always make me feel like anything is possible.

May also offers me a new canvas for my Instagram habit. Though I strive to find beauty even in the dead of winter, there’s no season that shines with fresh wonder quite like spring. My daily walks are suddenly filled with an overabundance of photo opportunities. All around me, the flora and fauna are waking up, stretching, and unfurling. It’s a truly magical time. I love capturing tiny corners and moments of the grand explosion:

May Instagrams

I love the way that so many of these circle-of-life moments offer rich analogies about perseverance, the value of beauty, and the power of small things to make a big difference.

Diane MacKinnon, MD, Master Certified Life CoachDiane MacKinnon: I agree with everything Lisa and Jamie said, but the May day I look forward to the mostbasinheadsmall is the first beach day. If it doesn’t happen before Memorial Day weekend, I’ll know I’ll get there that weekend. The beach is one place I really feel relaxed, no matter what. Here’s a picture of one of my favorite beaches, Basin Head, on Prince Edward Island, Canada (where my family’s from.) The coolest thing about this beach is there’s a river you can jump into and it carries you downstream to the ocean. The person on the far right of the picture is watching people eddying out into the surf (you jump in further to the right where the water’s much deeper.)

Deborah Lee Luskin, M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin,
M. Shafer, Photo

Deborah Lee Luskin: This month I’m looking forward to being home after a great trip to Denmark, and watching the seeds I planted before I left break through the soil. The rhubarb is almost ready to harvest, and we’re expecting some future layers to arrive as day-old chicks by the end of the month, so farm chores are picking up. It’s time to bring my bicycle up from the basement, and I’m looking forward to climbing back into my scull after a three-year hiatus from rowing. These are all activities that sustain my work life, where I’m developing a book proposal, writing a magazine article, and thinking – always thinking – about the novel that’s been fermenting at the back of my mind for the past year.

All this and grilling and eating outside.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun – What Do You Look Forward to the Most in May?

  1. All of these posts are very inspired and so spiritual in their own way. They made me rethink my initial reaction to the question though. I too had thought of concrete elements of May’s gifts. After all, we here are all open to the newness of this month and the joys of the weeks to come; but, upon reflection, what I now look forward to is asking others the same question. So many people around me are discussing personal challenges or new employment opportunities but not the actual day-to-day celebrations we could be having that would enhance these beginnings. This oversight tells me that it’s so easy to spiral inward and forget to look at the exterior life around us.

    Deborah’s upcoming harvesting and returning to rowing, Diane’s thoughts of the beach, Jamie’s photos of new life, Lisa’s enthusiasm for the sunshine and waking with the birds—tactile, soulful, and nurturing adventures are more energizing to me than what gig I can get today or how soon my latest deadline will come and go so I am free for the next project. It will be enlightening to hear and read more answers to this question. The educator in me wants to learn more about how others react to the seasons.

    • And perhaps the best part is that when we look at the exterior life around us, we are gifted not only with a better understanding of and appreciation for the world, but also – in most cases – priceless insights into our inner world as well. It’s all connected, after all. 🙂

  2. It’s simply in knowing that the northern world is coming out of both its dormant and hibernation state. The winters are lonely with less light hours, the cold, snow and isolation with colours disappearing. I love the colours of new growth, the smell of freshly cut grass, being able to open my windows and allow the air to come through them. I feel alive in Spring.

    • Oh! I love the scent of spring – the rich, damp smell of dirt, green things, vernal rains. I walked a couple of dogs for a neighbor yesterday evening. The air was still fairly warm, but there was a light drizzle – not enough to make it through the leaves of the trees above us, though I could see the drops hitting the surface of the river. The scent of the air and the earth and the plants was intoxicating. Talk about energizing! Thanks for the reminder that spring is not all about sights and sounds, but also scents.

  3. Aside from working in the garden, taking long walks and hiking enjoying everything Spring has to offer, I am looking forward to the end of May so I can take my annual three weeks holiday on the first week of June.

  4. Love to read all your comments. May here in oz can also be very beautiful but for different reasons. After the heat of Summer May comes in usually with a more gentle touch. Swimming, and the beach is still a soul nurturing option and we always went on holidays the first week of May. March this year we had gentle rain. This has given us verdant green grass which is a bit unusual because the heat of Summer means autumn is more dreary. The only problem for our flowers and trees is that they are relaxing and our winter natives start to sprout and flowers bloom. If Summer heat returns even for a day they shrivel and must start again. Hopefully not this year. Gentle and beautiful is the season. Problem is Winter can come in with a BURST. No snow nothing beautiful or dramatic like that its just the winds can be cold and in some areas a drop from 30degrees to 1 in a couple of days can be a shock. For us here on our ridge we hope always for a gentle cold Winter, a warm not HOT Spring and then a Summer which takes its time…ie climbing one day at a time so that Christmas Time can be a real celebration and the end of year hot but not ‘oven’ in nature. Guess each of us love and value our surroundings and can see the beauty of it all. It all in perspective. thank you for this writing link. I love both the articles and the sharing.

    • Living in New England, I’ve had some experience with sharp changes in the weather. 😉 It can be disorienting and definitely take one by surprise. The only upside, I suppose, is that we’re never bored and the constant adjustment breeds a sort of resilience and adaptability. What doesn’t kill us … right?

      Wishing you gentle and gradual seasonal transitions!

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