Friday Fun – Favorite Place to Write (Right Now)

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: In bed, at the coffee shop, on the train, in the park, curled up on the couch … each writer has his or her favorite place to put words on the page. Sometimes, it’s about the specific location. Other times, it’s more a matter of general ambiance. And, most of the time, favorite writing places change with our moods and even our projects. So – what’s you’re favorite writing spot right now? Bonus: Tell us why it’s your favorite and whether it changed recently..

JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: Despite the fact that it’s where I spend most of my work day (writing websites, eBooks, blog posts, etc. for my clients), my favorite place to write is still the magical, rustic, steampunk-y desk that my beau built for me two Christmases ago. It’s a big, unapologetic mash-up of old wooden beams, leather harness pieces, wrought iron grilles, vintage crates, horse shoes, and miscellaneous odds and ends that have found new life cobbled together in an artistically inspired way.

jamie deskWhile I often brainstorm and make notes in odd places (on my phone while out walking a dog, sitting beside the riding arena while my daughter has her lesson, in bed during the middle of the night), when it comes to actual pedal-to-the-metal writing, I need a comfortable set up and quiet. In addition to being more-or-less ergonomically correct and located in my home, I have an idea that my desk may actually help strengthen my focus. After all, this is the site of all my “work” writing – be it for clients or my own blogging habit. I’ve become somewhat programmed to be productive when I sit here. It’s almost a Pavlovian response at this point. Desk = getting things done.

Also, I told my beau when he gifted me with this one-of-a-kind piece of art/furniture that this was where I would write my stories and – eventually – books. So, I’m kind of keeping a promise I guess.

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: Right now the spot is on my sofa. It’s a sectional, made up of several small squares. It’s quite comfortable with lots of pillow backs and free moving pillows to use as arm rests, table tops, lap desks, whatever I need at the moment to hold the laptop (sometimes) or notepad and pen (usually). It doesn’t come out well in pictures as it’s dark brown – all you really see are the various small blankets I have to cuddle up with.

I do enjoy writing in cafes if I find a comfortable seat, in the sun (or at least by the window).


26 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Favorite Place to Write (Right Now)

    • You bring up a great point. When my daughter was younger (and before I had cats to keep me company), I loved “escaping” to the local coffee shop or library to write. I needed to get out of my mommy headspace (and the looming piles of chores!) in order to focus.

      I still enjoy my out-of-home spots on occasion, but now that my daughter is older, I’m feeling more attached to my own space here in the home office. 🙂

      Good luck with your two year-old!

  1. What an amazing desk, Jamie! I love the cat bed attachment especially. If I had that desk, I would be at my computer all day long! (Oh wait, I already am at my computer all day long. I really need to invest in a more ergonomic set up.)

    Since I live alone (except for my cat), my home office is a perfectly quiet, peaceful place to write. I’m one of those people who gets almost nothing done if I try to work in public, like a cafe. With all that interesting and/or annoying stuff happening all around me, I can barely concentrate enough to write emails!

    • Thanks, Joy. It is a pretty special desk. One of a kind, to be sure. And I love that the cats (I have two) often join me. It feels like good creative karma to have them purring in such close proximity to my work.

      I find I have to be in the right mood to write in public spaces. I haven’t done it in a while, but I have had very productive sessions at my local coffee shop hangout. People always ask me how I can concentrate. My secret is that sometimes being out in public makes me feel like I have to live up to being a Writer (capital “W”) and at least *look* productive, and usually once I’m acting the part, I actually start being productive for real. Funny how that works. 😉

  2. It changes often.. Its just like something strikes up my mind and I write it immediately wherever I’m … Um the favourite spot is always my bed where I would lie leisurely and look up the walls for ideas to fall straight in to my head ..haha

  3. Orchid walls cast a magical glow in my favorite place to write. The rather large, gently used desk, was purchased at a garage sale, but it is the epitome of hospitality. It’s companion is a leather-type chair that welcomes me with open arms. In this place of whimsical majesty, life is granted to the things I write. I am free to write or just look around and know, “This is part of me!”

  4. Majority of my posts are in my little cozy 10 by 12 room. On the comfiest bean bag surrounded by peach walls, orange butterflies, yellow lamps and fairy lights above my desk which highlight important notices, study material and photographs pinned on the felt board. Buried deep in the bag and legs up on the bed with my laptop on my lap.

    • Love the comfy factor of your favorite place!
      And I’m going to say that each of us needs fairy lights … I definitely need some! (Adding to shopping list … perhaps for every room in the house.)

  5. In the morning by a window-with a tea if it’s raining or coffee if I’m sleepy. These days it’s most often in a coffee shop. Thanks for this post. Just made me feel warm and ready to write just thinking about it.

    • Ahhh … I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do love my tea. I find that when I’m settling in to write, my hand automatically reaches for the handle of my favorite mug. In fact, just writing about it has made me realize that I haven’t had a cup since this morning. I’m pretty sure it’s tea time and I ought to go fix myself a fresh mug!

    • There’s a particular kind of energy in coffee shops, isn’t there? I wonder why that is. All the caffeine, maybe?

  6. I find I write best away from home. I am too easily distracted by the things I should or could be doing around the house. As we are retired, hubby is also around most of the time, and his just being there is enough to throw my concentration and creativity out the window.
    We have quite a few lovely quiet places and parks around the lake where I live. So, when I can – ie when it not too cold, too hot or too wet, that’s where I go to write. Lately it has been a little bay not far from home, & I sit at the picnic table there, with forest behind and beside me & the bay before me. there is a road behind me, but I can ignore the traffic. There are usually no boats in the bay, so it is lovely and natural.
    I find that being away from people and in natural surroundings opens my senses and my creativity. When I can’t go to the lake, I might go to a café. If I stay at home, I have to close my study door and tell hubby not to disturb me. But sometimes the internet is too hard to stay away from.

    • While I do most of my writing at home, I admit to feeling the allure of your outdoor writing practice. Do you find that your writing changes with your location? I haven’t traveled much lately, but I’ve always found that a change of venue (even one close to home) changes my inspiration and even my writing voice. Sometimes, I read back over things I’ve written when away from my desk, and it doesn’t even feel like I’m reading my own words.

  7. My inspiration comes from being outside in nature. I do my best if I am on, or close to the water. I suppose I am somewhat Thoreauvian when it comes to gleaning my inspiration; however, once I have my thoughts recorded in a notebook (yes, I still begin with pen in hand and scribble in a notebook, as I believe there is something to be said about the creativity that flows from my mind, through my arm, and onto the paper before me); however, like you, Jamie, I will then return to my desk and transfer the scribblings from my notebook to my computer. If I am reading and responding to blogs, or on other social media mediums, I am always (okay, mostly) in my recliner.

    Happy Saturday!

    • I agree about there being something special about the connection of thoughts to paper through the act of actual writing, as in with a pen. I often have a very different voice when I’m scribbling in my notebook than when I’m hacking away at the keyboard. I’m not sure one is more “authentic” than the other, but it has always interested me that they can be so different.

      I am also inspired by nature. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a walk – even a short one – that didn’t deliver some kind of nature-themed metaphor or analogy to my writer’s brain. Mother Nature is an endless source of deep inspiration and whimsy. 🙂

  8. I love to have a clear vision of an open sky. Sometimes this is just a tiny wedge between the clouds. Walking in the forestry bring inspiration. Even when it simply comes to remembering friends and family and coming home and writing them a beautiful card or something. In this age of technology I have been astonished by how much this can mean. Outdoors is always my inspiration for both the spiritual writing and the fiction. Hope you spring is coming with warmth as promised. We are still having one of the warmest Autumns in memory. We do need the cold to settle the earth. Greetings to all!

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