Friday Fun – Writing Victory

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: What writing victory did you have this week?

Lee Laughlin CU 7-13Lee Laughlin – Some weeks the victories are massive (YAY, I solved a major plot problem). Some weeks, like this one, the victory is in the slow and steady pace.  I wrote every day. I was at a workshop last weekend and I learned a lot, but it’s material that will take some time to integrate into my writing. I’m ok with that.  I’m counting this week as a win!

JME5670V2smCROPJamie Wallace: I love this question because it makes us stop and think about what we’ve accomplished. Too often, the life of the freelance writer is a non-stop race from deadline to deadline, with nary a pause to catch your breath, never mind pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But, it’s important to acknowledge even the small victories as you achieve them. Such acknowledgement goes a long way to buoying your spirits when the going gets tough or your confidence fails you.

My small (professional/copywriter) victories this week include successfully pulling off a couple of pieces (one for my column and one for a client) even though I had very little raw material to work with and landing my first project with a new client. On a personal note, I was more consistent with my Morning Pages practice, and had a small epiphany about a writer-related project/event that’s just in the planning stages. I hope that after Saturday, I’ll be able to add that I spent a few hours focusing on both that project and some long overdue free-writing. Fingers crossed!

Lisa_2015Lisa J. Jackson: My writing victory for this week was more editing-related as I had a 48-page medical course document to complete and a college blog article to revise. The first was a straight edit, the second was making edits after receiving feedback before the blog post is published. I managed to get entries into my 5-year journal each day this week, too! Little tasks, but big in that my days are quite busy with packing and putting stuff in storage so owner of condo I rent can start showing it. (I’m also, therefore, packing to move — getting a lot of cleaning and decluttering done!)

17 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Writing Victory

  1. I’ve recently decided to take a short (two-week) break from writing, in order to rejuvenate and refill the well. The fact that I’ve gotten through the first week without massive guilt and anxiety about not writing is a pretty big victory for me!

    • How do you do it? I’ve been feeling massively guilty these last months my writing’s been down to a trickle because of all sorts of interference. My big victory was finally… simply a new post a couple of days ago haha!

      • Well, I was ready for a small break since starting the blog six months ago and writing for it almost everyday. I’ve been battling strep throat, and my daughter has been having some health issues. It was time to step back and take a breather. The difference is, I wanted to stop for a while. If you want to write but are being interrupted, it’s tougher to deal with the guilt and anxiety. Every post you make IS a victory. Keep calm and blog on!

  2. I started going over a previous story I’d started and made it better (mostly because I am blocked on my novel). It was nice to get some words flowing, even if it’s not on the project I want to finish badly! 🙂

    • I guess it’s true what they say about the wisdom of always having multiple works in progress … if you get stuck on one, just switch to another! 😉

      • Usually I wouldn’t, I haven’t touched it since last year but I thought ‘Bugger it, I’m going back to that story because my novel is sending me crazy!’ haha 🙂

  3. I love questions like this. They make me stop and think. Walking around and living with the sequel to Marranga-Limga in my head is not easy. I thought the story was finished and now the challenge to bring a whole family into 2015! I doubt my ability BUT I wrote a lot of notes. Yesterday I started to type a chapter from these notes. Such a feeling of cementing the thoughts. Thank you for the blog and challenges and questions . Would love opinions from someone sometime (out there) who is not in my immediate circle of ‘understanding’. is the site if you want to view the brief outline.

    • “… cementing of thoughts …” That is a good feeling. Glad things are coming together! 🙂

  4. My writing victory was just getting something written on my blog this week. It’s been crazy and I didn’t think I would find time, or be inspired to write anything. I’ve only been at this a month and I have 50 followers… Felt good about that until I saw this group has like 54k or something crazy like that and I think- how the heck am I going to do that!? How would I ever keep up with all the posters I followed if I followed that many people? I don’t really know what, if anything, I’m going to accomplish by doing this anyway…

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